What Do Native Americans Use For Good Luck?

Native Americans are famous for many things, especially for their creativity. They make fantastic artistic items that are popular among people these days. One thing that most people are curious about is what they use for good luck. Almost every community has its symbols and signs to depict various meanings.

Native Americans also have some significant symbols that they use for different purposes. The Healing Hand symbol plays an essential role in their lives as it reflects good luck. In this article, we will discuss this symbol in detail.

Apart from good luck, this sign has other meanings too. One must know these things to understand their culture in detail. If you are interested, keep reading this article till the end.

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Let’s now talk about the good luck symbol, The Healing Hand, without wasting any more time.

How did the Healing Hand symbol originate?

Native Americans have a deep history and culture that only a few people know about. There are a lot of things that everyone should research and understand. The Healing Hand is the most significant sign of their lives. It has a great influence on these individuals.

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  • The hand sign: This symbol involves a hand and a spiral. Both have different meanings. If we talk about the hand specifically, it depicts the history of indigenous people. In other words, Native Americans were fond of artistic and handmade products. They used to produce colors independently and create masterpieces by using them.

All the artworks reflect their culture, heritage, and emotions. So, art played a crucial role in their lives. They used to paint their hands with these colors and leave an impression of them on trees or shelters. Therefore, they couldn’t think of a life without art and colors.

According to these indigenous people, the hand in this symbol depicts the energy and life of a human being.

  • The spiral sign: This good luck symbol also includes the spiral. The thing is that this spiral has multiple meanings. Also, note that it was commonly used in the past by them. Maybe that is one of the reasons that it is still popular.

As we mentioned before, multiple meanings are there behind it. You can understand which one is relatable in a particular situation. It can symbolize development, change, journey, or growth. Now, it depends on the person to select a meaning that relates to their situation and what they want to achieve in their life.

  • The combination of the hand and the spiral: This combination is not as challenging to comprehend as it seems to be. You can analyze the meanings of both signs and come to a decision. But according to the Native Americans, the combination symbolized power, good luck, and protection.

The significance of this favorable combination is something that describes the lives of the natives. If you know their history, you might have an idea of the same. Otherwise, people often fail to understand why it plays a crucial role. The life of these indigenous people in America was always challenging. Due to this, they wanted to encourage people to remain robust, no matter the situation. Almost all the symbols and signs of this community signify the same.

What are the deep meanings of the healing hand?

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Now, you have some knowledge regarding the elements used in this powerful combination. Let’s discuss all the meanings in detail here-

  • Strength: Strength is necessary for every human being to live a life without getting hopeless. Native Americans also think the same. They couldn’t live their lives without having the courage to fight their enemies. According to these people, without having powerful hand skills, nobody can fight anyone. So, the warriors often used this combination to remind themselves of the strength they had apart from the weapons.

The surprising thing about this symbol is that it is still prevalent. People also used them on the dead bodies of animals, especially horses who died in the war. It is because they wanted to mark them as courageous. If we think deeply, it is an excellent way to respect human beings who fight for their lives.

  • Positive energy: Being positive is something that only a few people can achieve. Native Americans always paint the healing hand sign on the dead bodies of warriors. The primary reason was to provide them with positive energy for their spirits. This belief is so old that some people aren’t aware of it. You can now see the whole picture of why this combination was significant and still is. Some people still give healing hand charms and other things to others for good luck and positive energy.
  • Power: Earlier, people used the healing hand symbol to prepare them for the wars. According to the Native Americans, the healing hand imprinted on their shields or weapons reminded them of the power they had. Whenever they saw the sign, they used to feel more powerful than before. Apart from that, there is also a saying that enemies used to get intimidated by watching it. It shows how meaningful the symbol was to the native Americans.
  • Spirit: The spiral in the healing hand depicts the spirit that helps guide other people in making certain decisions. That is why people love to imprint it on their bodies.

The Bottom Line

Almost every community or group of people has some signs and symbols of great importance. The thing is that some people don’t understand the meanings correctly due to a lack of knowledge. Now, you have understood which symbol is meant for good luck for Native Americans.