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To download and install VIA HD Audio Driver for Windows1064 little bit or32 little bit , you are attracted to utilize the main producer web page for vehicle driver downloads. VIA has not launchedany kind of audio vehicle drivers for this OS.

In that situation, the best choice is to utilize Windows 764 little bit or32 little bit vehicle drivers for the exact same. You can mount it in compatibility setting, if called for. Together with it, the VIA HD Audio Deck additionally obtains set up in Windows10 or 8.1 or 7.

Via Driver Download Panel Audio Windows 10

Via Hd Audio Driver Windows 7

The user interface might differ from OS variation to variation. For Windows 7, you can obtain just 2 kinds of audio vehicle drivers.

1. Using Envy24 PCI Audio Controllers

2. By Means Of Vinyl HD Audio Codecs

For old PCs, you can utilize the 2nd alternative.

Sometimes, the heritage motherboards and also audio cards work with Vista or XP or 98 or95 For these OS’ es likewise, chauffeurs are given.

You can obtain various sound codecs such as–

  • VIA A/C97
  • VIA Viny (or Tremor) Audio VT1612 A, VT1613, VT1616/ B, VT1617/ A, VT1618
  • VIA Viny Envy24 controllers
  • VIA A/C97 in VT8251
  • VIA HD Audio Codec VT1708
  • VIA HD Audio Codec VT1708 A
  • VIA HD Audio Codecs VT 1702 S, VT1705, VT1708 B, VT1708 S, VT1716 S, VT1718 S
  • VIA HD Audio Codec VT1708 B
  • VIA HD Audio Codecs VT2010, VT2002 P, VT2020 S
  • VIA HD Audio Codecs VT1812 S, VT1818, VT1828 S
  • VIA HD Audio Codec VT1708 S
  • VIA VX900 HDMI Audio Driver

To download and install these chauffeurs from VIA item web page, you can go right here.

Via Hd Audio Codec Windows

Sometimes, the Microsoft HD sound vehicle driver is mounted immediately in Windows10 It might not function with some motherboards and also audio cards.

With every computer system, you have default sound jack originating from the your CPU cupboard. Or else, to be safe, risk-free you can set up an audio card.

These days you obtain an USB audio card from Creative or Acer. This is offers great border audio as well as audio increase.

Sometimes, this default sound vehicle driver from Microsoft, might not work with brand-new or old motherboards.

The audio is missing out on or high quality is bad.

In that situation, you need to utilize the VIA HD sound codecs, which are the ideal vehicle drivers for your system.

VIA HD Audio Deck– Features in Windows 10 or 8.1 or 7

Once the VIA High Definition Audio chauffeur is mounted, the audio deck likewise obtains set up. It begins with Windows, if you do not alter the setups. Or else, you can invoke it from the Control Panel.

Via Hd Audio Deck Control Panel Windows 7 8.1 10

You can boost or reduce the quantity making use of the through audio deck. If you broaden the little arrowhead, listed below “default gadget”, you can see a number of various other functions for audio card or sound codec.

Via Hd Audio Deck Main Screen

This consists of–

1. Audio Speaker Setting as well as Test

2. Default layout– You can establish Sample Rate and also Bit deepness

3. Audio Equalizer

4. Ecological Modeling

You will certainly have various presets for audio equalizer modeling. You can additionally establish customized regularity and also can be conserved.

Via Hd Audio Deck Complete Features Windows

In the ecological function, you have various settings such as– Theater, Underwater, Club, Auditorium, Bathroom.

Note: But often these does not function, when you are not making use of the right sound codec. These attributes might not be sustained on your motherboard

My Configuration of Windows HD Audio

Is your Windows sound not functioning? The playback or recording tools might not be functioning or both. I have a Creative headset as well as desktop computer audio speakers specifically. Usually in the early morning I would certainly be utilizing the audio speakers to listen to the noise as well as the headset in the evening. I am utilizing the audio-jack or the 3.5 mm variation to attach both these gadgets to my computer system.

What is my Problem?

I had just the back-end outlet which was functioning, while the front one was defective. Every time I had eliminate the audio speakers connect and also place the headset jack and also do vice versa, whenever I desired to change equipments.

I’m making use of the Windows 8.1 64 little bit OS. Earlier when I moved from headset to audio speakers, I simply needed to get rid of one as well as place the various other, without re-booting. This remained in the 32- little bit alternative as well as in Windows 7 variation.

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But in Win 8.1 64 little bit variation, when I altered from one noise gadget to various other, my sound quit working.

How to Solve the Audio Issue?

The regular treatment when noise is not operating in Windows is to uninstall the audio motorist and also check for equipment modifications.

The mommy board that I was making use of was Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. G41 MT-S2P (Socket 775) The audio chauffeur I was making use of was VIA HD Audio When I referred the specifications the audio codec vehicle driver that is called for was– VIA VT2024 codec.

Via High Definition Audio Driver - Device Manager - Windows 8.1 64 Bit

Trouble-shooting Steps to fix this concern

I set up the above codec from VIA as well as re-started the system. The current variation was 6.0.101200 That really did not fix the trouble. Generally that resolves it. In 64 little bit and also with my particular gadgets as well as vehicle drivers, I was still having this issue.

Then I duplicated the above actions couple of times, without outcome. After checking out on the Internet, I discovered that there is a details problem with “ High Definition Audio Controller“. I had 2 such “ system gadgets” in my gadget supervisor

I was making use of the NVIDIA GeForce 210 graphics card. With the setup of that gadget, also audio chauffeurs obtained set up. I additionally attempted to uninstall them, yet of no vain.

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So, my following action was to uninstall both the “ High Definition Audio Controllers” as well as the “ VIA High Definition Audio” chauffeur. The Computer asked me to reactivate. After it was done, the above “controllers” and also “audio chauffeurs” obtained instantly set up.


I assumed the trouble would certainly be dealt with now. I still could not pay attention to the audio. When I examined the “Volume mixer” (acquired by right-clicking the audio symbol in the System tray), the playback tools were revealing sign that the sound is playing.

Then I mosted likely to “ Sound” product in Control Panel. In the “ Playback” tab I can see both the sound gadgets (headset as well as audio speakers) detailed. By default, the “headset” was taken as the default playback tool. Still the sound was not coming from headset also. I made the audio speakers the “ default” playback tool

Then I might listen to the sound. Ha, ultimately after some suffering, I repaired this trouble.


Hmm. I believed I dealt with the trouble, yet just partly. Whenever I eliminate the headset jack and also place the audio speakers jack, I still obtain the exact same issue.

In Windows 10, I’m not having actually any type of issues connected to VIA. You can constantly change from headset to audio speakers, making use of Sound Settings. I believe one can utilize the “ Update Driver” attribute for your VIA vehicle driver in Device Manager as well as search for the right vehicle driver.

So after that I needed to consider the exact same troubleshooting procedure once more, which was little bothersome. Often, I needed to re-install the audio motorist and also re-boot the system. I believe VIA, Creative as well as Microsoft must do something in repairing this problem.