4 Ways to Preserve Your Bridal Bouquet – 2024 Guide

When your wedding flowers perish, it’s a bittersweet moment. Your wedding bouquet is a lovely memento of your special day that can wilt or die after a few days.

However, there are several ways to maintain your wedding flowers. The most important thing to remember about any of these options is that the sooner you decide, the better. If you wait more than a few days, your flowers may wilt or bruise irreparably.

Continue reading to learn how to keep your bouquet and bridal flowers fresh.

1. Press or Hang Flowers

Flower pressing or hanging has been used to preserve flowers for years, so this isn’t a “new” technique, but it has stood the test of time. Flower designers are increasingly using dried flowers and leaves. So, if you are choosing this option, consider yourself a trendsetter.

Hanging the flowers is an easy job. You can simply hang them in an airing cupboard or use a radiator to dry them.

There are a variety of things you may do with the bouquet once they’ve dried. Framing them, putting them into your wedding guestbook, displaying your pressed flowers in the back of a clear phone case, or even making them into petal paper are all options you can explore.

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2. Use Silica Gel

If you can’t afford to have it done professionally, you can dry your flowers at home with silica gel. Silica gel (like the little sachets you get in a new handbag or shoes) absorbs moisture from your flowers and keeps them looking fresh. You won’t get the same color retention as if they were done properly, and it’s not recommended for light-colored flowers, but it works, and it’s effortless!

You can find Silica gel in most craft stores or online, and it’s really easy to use it on your bouquet flowers. Cover your flowers entirely with the gel, being sure to get it in between the petals without sacrificing their shape, and store it in an airtight container in a cold, dry location for 1-7 days.

3. Use Wax

This method will not keep your flowers preserved indefinitely, but it will extend their life by up to six months compared to the other methods. Because the procedure is complicated, it’s advisable practicing a few times before using it on your wedding bouquet.

In a pot, melt paraffin wax and set it aside to cool. Dip the flower heads one by one in the wax until they’re thoroughly covered, then lift them out and hang them to dry.

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4. Freeze Dry Method

While freeze-drying your bridal bouquet is the most expensive option, it will look astonishingly similar to how it did on your wedding day. Ask your wedding florist if they have any recommendations or if they have anything in-house for this choice. After spraying the flowers with starch, the bouquet will be placed in a freeze-dryer to remove moisture gently. It may take up to three months for the process to be completed.

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And there you have it! Try one of these alternatives for a one-of-a-kind approach to ensure that your perfect bouquet lasts forever.