What Are the Benefits of a Horizontal and Vertical Router Table?

Who does not want ease in working and excellent quality in a finished product? If you are into carpentry, you already know that to enhance the easiness and quality of your work, a router table is necessary.

When you go through some woodworking router reviews, you will find that they are mainly of two types, namely horizontal and vertical router tables. 

Each of them provides different benefits to the craftsman, who also depends on their working types. Though both types of tables offer almost the same service, the difference lies within the bit placement of them.

These tables feature a vertically mounted router. On the vertical router table, the bit is vertically up. Whereas, on the horizontal router table, the bit is placed parallel to the tabletop. Read on to go through the benefits of these router tables.

Benefits of a Horizontal Router Table

We have pointed out a few benefits of a horizontal router table for woodwork. Here we are starting with the great advantage of it-

Benefits of a Horizontal Router Table

Crafting Heavy Furniture

Are you worried about dealing with bulky furniture in the time of working? Let go of all your worries with a horizontal router table.

Often heavy and robust wood pieces require a machine or larger saw to craft out furniture from it. But owning a horizontal router table will make your task easy.

For an instant, tenons are heavy to work with. But placing the large tenon on the router table vertically and by adjusting the table, you can easily reach the area you need to give shape, modify, or cut.


It is designed in a convenient way so that intricate wood operating becomes easier, such as working on the edges of narrow or long pieces. This routing table is also regarded as perfect to mortise and tenon.


You can use it for long molding as well as it requires parallel router bits to the table. Hence, accuracy tends to be more with a horizontal router table.

Adjustment of Bits

Working on the edges need precision. In a horizontal router table, you can adjust the bits as per need while the working piece is fixed on the tabletop. This is a way to ensure that you get an efficient cut without any trouble or damaging the workpiece.

You can also adjust this by lowering or raising it on a pivot. In case the pivot fails to provide the required accuracy, you may need a fence.

Benefits of Vertical Router Table

Why not have a look at the benefits of another type (vertical) of the router table now? Here you go-


Crafting Smaller Furniture

It is more strenuous and challenging to work on smaller pieces of woods and crafting furniture out of that. To have a trouble-free work on small wood pieces, using a vertical router table can be unbeatable.

Thus, this table is great for crafting smaller furniture and other such wood pieces that you can fit on the table.


Unlike a horizontal router table design, its design is also convenient but to work on small, even smaller, and delicate or nearly fragile pieces.

Operating or performing intricate cuts, peel, or mortising on the small wood piece is no longer difficult if you have a vertical routing table. Being handy, you can carry it to the worksite or keep it in your personal home workstation.

Precise Cuts and Final Touch

The vertical router table even assists the carpenters to get precise cuts and carvings. So it would be a wise choice to use this machine when you are performing the final step of your work on a delicate piece of wood.

Carve, along with extreme perfection, precise modification, or peeling off a thin layer can be done meticulously with it. This accuracy will let you fit the locks or joints securely of your project. Of course, it offers more precision than a handheld router.

Final Words

Be an amateur or professional; the router table is an essential part of your woodworking projects. Both vertical and horizontal portable router tables have their own benefits along with ensuring precision.

In general, they help to handle some critical wood tasks that seem quite impossible without this machine.


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