7 Best Woodshop Air Filtration System Reviews in 2024

Have you ever before went into a store as well as quickly seemed like the air has been drawn out of your breast? Well, we definitely have.

This occurs due to the fact that there is simply excessive dirt as well as contaminants airborne. If you possess or function in a store, make certain to cleanse it correctly, or you’ll shed possible clients directly away.

Now we do recognize that it’s not feasible to rest with a wipe all the time and also tidy constantly.

But not a problem, simply obtain the very best woodshop air filtering system you can discover and also obtain that cleansing work done nicely.

You can locate a number of these air filtering system gadgets around, however to obtain the most effective ones, have a look at our listed here.



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WEN 3410 3-Speed Remote-Controlled Air Filtration System

5 out of 5

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JET 708620 B AFS-1000 B Air Filtration System

5 out of 5

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Shop Fox W1830 Hanging Air Filter

4.5 out of 5

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WEN 3417 Industrial-Strength Air Filtration System

4 out of 5

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POWERTEC AF4000 3-Speed Air Filtration System

4.5 out of 5

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What is an Air Shop Filtration System as well as What Are the Benefits of Using It?

What is an Air Shop Filtration System and What Are the Benefits of Using It

Shops constantly have plans being available in as well as heading out the door. The doors as well as home windows additionally need to be maintained open.

All the consumers going into the store will certainly bring dirt together with them. There is absolutely nothing you can do around this.

Cleaning regularly is not perfect, however the good news is, that could not be essential either. You might obtain an unique air cleansing system for clearing out the exterior dirt as well as the timber dirt in your store immediately.

You can discover woodshop air filters that are made to clean up the air inside a woodshop.

Inside this air purification gadget are a functioning electric motor as well as a follower that turns to produce a suction airborne, which draws in dirt as well as all various other contaminating bits, hence maintaining the air tidy.

Below we’ll information the advantages of an air store purification system.

Removes the Toxic Particles to Protect Your Lungs

We suggest that you obtain such an air filter for your store that will certainly cleanse the air by eliminating all the hazardous undetectable bits in it.

If the dirt toxic irritants stay airborne, after that they might trigger a variety of light to significant health issue. By getting rid of the poisonous things, you can make certain defense for your lungs.

Must for Individuals with Skin Issues as well as Respiratory Problems

For any person struggling with delicate skin, allergic reactions, bronchial asthma, or various other respiratory system troubles, a store air filter will certainly be an excellent hero. You never ever recognize when a client will certainly drop ill from all the dirt flying around in your shop.

So it’s much better to be on the risk-free side and also obtain an air purification for timber store prior to anything takes place to begin with.

Able to Clean the Shop In Your Absence

Since bulk of the air cleansing systems include inbuilt timer, you can utilize the air purification system to clean up the space in your lack or when the store is shut.

Simple Set-Up And Minimum Maintenance

Air filtering system is extremely simple to establish as well as it will not take you long to find out just how this point functions.

Best Woodshop Air Filtration System: Top 7 Picks

If you are searching for the most effective air purification system for woodworking, after that look no place else however below. We have the most effective 7 air filters in the marketplace all accumulated with each other simply for your benefit.

1. WEN 3410 3-Speed Remote-Controlled Air Filtration System

We begin our listing with among the very best store air purification systems from our finds. We entirely trust fund this filter to be helpful to anyone that gets it-no exemptions. It has dual filters that interact to provide the air in your store the most effective filtration!

The pre-filter of 5 microns as well as the filter of 1 micron incorporate to eliminate whatever, beginning with huge dirt bits to the tiny plant pollen particles that easily wander in the contaminated air.

Start utilizing this filter, and also you will certainly quickly discover that you have the ability to take a breath even more quickly – you will certainly really feel fresh throughout the day.

We have to discuss that this filter is just ideal for areas that disappear than 400 square feet in dimension. The electric needs called for are 120 volts, 60 Hz, and also an existing of just 1 ampere.

This tool will certainly not establish you back by a huge cost, so we advise that if you have an area larger than 400 sq. ft., after that you obtain 2 of these WEN 3410 filter systems set up at the same time.

There are 3 degrees of air movement rate that you can deal with. The electric motor will certainly supply a 300 CFM, a 350 CFM, and after that ultimately a 400 CFM based on your control commands.

Changing these rate degrees is no inconvenience whatsoever – many thanks to the RF remote controller that features it. You can utilize this remote to alter the rate degrees also if you are standing 26 feet far from it.

This remote does not require to have any type of straight line of procedure to sync to the filter, which’s a wonderful alleviation for every person generally.

Highlighted Features:

  • Has 2 filters – 1 micron and also 5 micron
  • Purifies both big and also small fragments from the air
  • Requires the typical minimum electrical energy to run
  • Noise degrees remain within 60 dB
  • Comes with a remote controller
  • Remote has an RF system that can regulate the rate setups without requiring a straight line of link

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2. JET 708620 B AFS-1000 B Air Filtration System for timber store

This one likewise includes a dual cleansing filtering system, and also this is specifically what you require. Excellent air purification for the woodshop system will certainly have dual filters that will certainly detoxify the air entirely.

Due to the twin filtration settings, 98% of 5-micron bits will certainly obtain filteringed system away, while 85% of all 1-micron bits will certainly likewise be eliminated.

When there is such a reliable air filtering system that extensively filterings system away bits of all various dimensions, after that you will certainly have the ability to take a breath fresher air than you had actually formerly been breathing in.

On the exterior of the tool, connected to its body, is one more filter called an electrostatic filter. This filter is cleanable as well as can be recycled as often times as you intend to.

This external filter captures all the large as well as beefy fragments that got on their method right into your shop. With this preliminary phase of filtering, the benefit the interior filters obtains simpler, so they last a lot longer than the air filtering system tools.

There are 3-speed degrees right here. Degrees begin with 556 CFM, most likely to 702 CFM, and afterwards lastly to 1044 CFM.

The remote that comes for managing these rate degrees has actually the included advantage of a timer established that can be really practical for you. You can establish the gadget to switch off on its own after 2, 4, or 8 successive hrs of job.

There are rubber feet below the gadget, that makes it with the ability of being placed on tables without the threat of scraped surface areas. You can additionally hang this up from the ceiling making use of the 4 eye screws on its body.

All in all, this is an excellent filter that is effective, resilient, and also simple to mount.

Highlighted Features:

  • Has 2 filters inside – a 1 micron and also 5-micron filter
  • Installation is incredibly very easy because of the eye screws
  • The remote has a timer established integrated
  • Electrostatic filter outside
  • Strong electric motor with unique overload defense

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3. Store Fox W1830 Hanging Wood Shop Air Filter

You are mosting likely to locate it a lot more revitalizing in your shop when you mount this air filter. It will certainly obtain all the dirt that delicately drifts around airborne – smoke will certainly be gotten rid of, so will certainly plant pollen and also dirt.

This filter’s air flow ability is 260, 362, and also 409 CFM – this will certainly displace sufficient of the air pollution in the space to stop creating health issue for any person.

The installment will certainly a lot aid individuals with bronchial asthma, allergic reactions, as well as level of sensitivity problems, and also the clients of your woodshop will certainly remain for a lot longer – hence, there will certainly most likely be an increase in sales.

The electric motor will certainly have 1200, 1400, as well as 1750 RPM. These turning rates make it the fastest follower we have actually talked about on this listing up until now.

The entire gadget considers regarding 31 extra pounds, and also the measurements of the filter have to do with 20 x 17 x 10 inches. This tool’s percentages make it simple to install it up on a wall surface or any kind of various other increased system.

You can conveniently get rid of the filters all on your own as well as swiftly obtain a substitute mounted without the aid of any kind of devices whatsoever.

There are 2 filters – a 1-micron filter housed within and also a 5-micron filter that’s housed outside over the gadget’s body. An excellent feature of these filters is that they are cleanable as well as can obtain spotless simply with simple water.

The 1-micron filter is a great fool – it will certainly get rid of all the small microscopic fragments from the air as well as make it completely freshening for you.

This Shop Fox filter is incredibly effective for spaces that have to do with 20 x 20 x 8 inches in measurement. They can completely cleanse the air 7.7 times within a hr.

It includes an easily-readable control board. It’s simple to utilize – you will certainly obtain a remote that will certainly make it even more practical for you to alter the electric motor setups.

Highlighted Features:

  • Has an electric motor that operates on a single-phase 120- volt electric motor on ⅛ hp
  • Three degrees of follower rate and also air flow ability
  • Both the internal and also external filters can be quickly gotten rid of
  • The internal filter can be cleaned as well as recycled
  • Efficient filters that interact to get rid of huge and also small sized dirt bits

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4. WEN 3417 Industrial-Strength Air Filtration System for Woodworking

Here’s an air filter that efficiently makes use of the power of its triple-fan rate degrees as well as cleans up the suffocating air in your woodshop prior to you can also start to experience it. Woodshops are specifically dirty due to the timber shavings flying around the area.

But you will not need to bother with that when you have this WEN 3417 mounted. This system works with all United States typical electric circuits – it calls for regarding 110 to 120 volts to operate a regularity of 60 Hz within a current of 3A.

The air movement modifications with the rate of the follower. You can regulate the air flow of the area at 556, 702, as well as 1044 CFM. This circulation capability will certainly suffice to easily clear out areas that have to do with 1000 square feet in dimension.

Turn the rate of the follower up when you are brushing up the space to obtain one of the most reliable usage out of this tool.

There are 2 filters inside the filter – one is a 1-micron filter that will certainly be housed inside the instance, and also the various other is a 5-micron filter that will certainly be housed on the external face of the gadget’s body.

There is a timer that features the gadget. By the benefit of this timer, you will not need to rest as well as wait on the filter to be finished with its job – the filter will certainly shut off immediately.

Highlighted Features:

  • Two filters inside for a quick and also detailed cleansing
  • Noise degrees remain within 63 to 68 dB
  • The timer assists you to be in control of the gadget from afar
  • Best for spaces that have to do with 1000 square feet in dimension
  • Comes with an RF remote that does not require a straight line of procedure to function

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5. POWERTEC AF4000 3-Speed Shop Air Cleaning System

This is one more filter that you can rely on. It has a three-way filtering system, and also it is quickly mountable. There are filters both on the within and also the exterior. These filters will certainly care for dirt as well as timber fragments of all sizes and shapes.

The filter outside is 5-micron, while that on the within is 1-micron in dimension. Huge dirt bits will certainly obtain captured up in the external filter, as well as the internal filter will certainly be risk-free from obtaining congested. It will certainly be much better able to remove the great dirt bits airborne.

Between these 2 filters, regarding 99% of the dirt in your space will certainly be gotten rid of to make certain you have a tidy room to inhale.

There are 3-speed degrees on the follower – these are 1200, 1400, and also 1750 RPM. You can utilize the remote to alter the setups as is needed.

The remote has a versatile line of procedure as it resolves infrared waves. It can sync with the filtering system from all space angles also if you aren’t in its straight course.

There is a timer with this woodshop air cleanser that operates in increments of 1 hr, 2 hrs, as well as 4 hrs.

Highlighted Features:

  • Three air movement prices – 300, 350, and also 400 CFM
  • Comes with internal as well as external filters for complete cleansing
  • Has a timer that operates in increments of 1 hr, 2 hrs, and also 4 hrs
  • Kit consists of all the equipment needed for placing

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6. Powermatic PM1200 Air Cleaning System

If you like the performance and also efficiency of alone modern technology, particularly, you must obtain this filter on your own. It has a two-filter system for removing dirt, yes, however that’s quite normal for the air filters.

What isn’t routine is what makes it attract attention – the timer that includes this filter can hold procedures for 9 hrs directly. No inconvenience of small-time increments is needed.

Reap the benefits of this equipment’s continual procedure as well as leave little fears behind as you mind your very own organization in the store.

Also, the remote will certainly sync with the gadget from any kind of angle or via any type of blockage in the area. When you do require to make use of the remote, you will certainly be able to do so at your benefit.

The 2 filters will certainly look after all dirt, smoke, and also plant pollen bits of all dimensions. Every little thing will certainly obtain captured up in the filter, also bits that are as little as 1 micron in dimension.

No devices are required for the established in any way. You can accumulate the gadget all on your own with no added devices.

Another fantastic added function of this filter is that it indicates completion of its filters by beaming up a tiny light after around 200 hrs of purification.

Highlighted Features:

  • Will beam out light to show a demand for filter modification
  • Very very easy to mount the tool
  • Comes with an RF remote
  • The timer can benefit as much as 9 constant hrs
  • Has 2 filters that combinedly strain fragments of approximately 1 micron in dimension

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7. Rikon Power Tools 62-400

All of the filters stated thus far are terrific at accomplishing their procedures. If you are looking for the one that will certainly function the most successfully and also quietly, after that this one from Rikon Power is the one for you. The electric motor has actually a. horse power of ⅙, as well as it can function efficiently without making all that additional turmoil in the area.

It runs all the same as the others by cleaning up the air via circulation prices of 300, 350, and also 400 CFM. You can attain fantastic filtering via the 3 follower rates.

By the time this filter is finished with its task, your area will certainly be tidy inside out.

What you can do for the very best outcomes is established timer controls for as lengthy as you require. You can pick to maintain the filter benefiting 1 hr, 2 hrs, or perhaps for 4 hrs right. After the defined time has actually passed, the filter will certainly shut off on its own.

Highlighted Features:

  • Has 3 various time setups – at 1, 2, as well as 4 hrs
  • The electric motor runs at ⅙ horse power
  • The equipment functions successfully as well as calmly
  • Comes with three-speed degrees for 3 various circulation prices

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Number of Filters

WEN 3410 3-Speed Remote-Controlled Air Filtration System

WEN 3410

300/350/400 CFM

1750 RPM


JET 708620B AFS-1000B Air Filtration System

JET 708620 B

550/702/1044 CFM

Two filters – one routine internal filter and also a non reusable electro-magnetic filter plus a diffuser

Shop Fox W1830 Hanging Air Filter

Shop Fox W1830

260, 362, as well as 409 CFM

1200, 1400 and also 1750 RPM

1 micron internal filt1-micron micron external filter

WEN 3417 Industrial-Strength Air Filtration System

WEN 3417

556/702/1044 CFM

1-micron filter and also a 5-micron pre-filter

POWERTEC AF4000 Air Filtration System


300/350/400 CFM

1200/1400/1750 RPM

5-micron external filter and also 1-micron internal filter

Powermatic PM1200 Air Filtration System (1791330)

Powermatic PM1200

547, 706, 1196 CFM

Two filters

Rikon Power Tools 62-400 Remote Control Air Filtration System

Rikon Power Tools 62-400

300, 350, and also 400 CFM

Two filters

Woodshop Air Filtration System Buying Guide

Woodshop Air Filtration System Buying Guide

It’s simple to obtain cheated when you are purchasing an air filter. In situation you do obtain handed a poor one, it may take a couple of days for you to recognize that the air isn’t obtaining effectively cleansed.

So, to make you far better familiarized with this item, we have actually prepared a listing of variables that any type of great air filter should have.

Pay focus to them listed below!

Suitable Area Size

Big areas require more powerful air filters, as well as little spaces will certainly require lighter air filters.

To recognize which woodshop air purification system appropriates for the dimension of your area, you need to take a look at its CFM.

The CFM worth stands for the quantity of room in an area that the filter will certainly have the ability to tidy within a solitary min. A larger CFM worth indicates that the filter is indicated for larger spaces, and also the other way around.

Domestic or small regular-sized stores will certainly be excellent with filters that have to do with 300 to 450 CFM, while massive commercial workshops will certainly require filters with a series of 1000 to 1700 CFM.

Number as well as Size of Filters

This, certainly, establishes just how the primary filtering system of the gadget will certainly function. There will generally be 2 filters mounted in these tools – a filter outside and also one on the within.

The external filter will certainly have a dimension of concerning 5 microns, as well as this is where the initial layer of filtering system will certainly occur. All the big dirt fragments will certainly obtain captured in the display that’s inside this.

The internal filter will certainly have a dimension of concerning 1-micron. This will certainly record all the great fragments that flew right with the external filter.

Additionally, some filtering system tools have a 3rd filter outside. This is called an electrostatic filter, as well as it is really magnificently effective at catching dirt fragments by utilizing its electrostatic fees.

Strength of the Motor

Without a solid electric motor, also the most effective woodshop air filtering system would certainly be completely ineffective.

The electric motors that can creating excellent sufficient cause this situation generally are of 1/3 hp or ⅕ hp. If you have a large, commercial woodshop, we would certainly suggest you take an electric motor that runs on ⅙ or ⅛ HP.

Take an appearance at the RPM worth of the electric motor. RPM worth describes the rate at which the follower within will certainly turn. The majority of electric motors have variable RPM worths. A risk-free variety for routine woodshops is 1200 – 1700 RPM.

Noise Produced

Since you’re maintaining the tool inside your woodshop, we make certain that you desire it to be as silent as feasible.

For commercial timber stores, perhaps a loud filter will not make much of a distinction, yet if you have a tiny woodshop, after that the sound degree is most definitely a variable for you to think about.

For tiny stores, your filter should have a variety of concerning 25 – 35 dB. In the instance of a big range store, you can go with a filter in a variety of 40 to 70 dB.

Additional Features

Additional Features

If you desire extremely reliable cleansing, you must obtain a tool with 2 even more attributes in addition to being a three-way filter system. These 2 functions are a diffuser and also an exhaust follower.

The diffuser will certainly assist by expanding the tidy filteringed system air faster over a broader area. On the various other hand, the exhaust follower will certainly assist you regulate the instructions in which the air will certainly drain.

Tips to Use And Install a Shop Air Filtration System

Wood store air filters function best when they’re accumulated on the ceiling. The issue is that they’re incredibly heavy – if one in some way drops, after that you’ll be done for.

We have actually taken a collection of useful pointers from various other woodshop air filtering evaluations, and also they could aid to make the installment procedure simpler while likewise making it a lot more safe and secure.

  • Use a high ladder to make sure that you do not need to have problem with getting to the specific elevation. The ladder ought to suffice to offer you some assistance while you’re functioning.
  • Do not make use of toggle screws since they are lightweight as well as could come off. Usage strong joists rather.
  • Check the spacing in between the joists prior to you pierce the pilot openings in. In some cases the joists do not have appropriate spacing in between them, and also this could make points far more challenging for you to handle if you figure out far too late.
  • Use some tape to maintain the hooks protect on the ceiling as you function the remainder of your means with the installment. This will certainly maximize both your hands as well as aid you function much better.

People Also Asked

1. Is the Air Filter The Same As a Dust Collector?

No, the dirt collection agency just eliminates large dirt particles, whereas the air filter eliminates both huge and also great dirt fragments.

2. Isn’t CFM and also RPM the Same Thing?

They are not the exact same point. CFM is an action of the quantity of area that will certainly be removed by the follower within a min. RPM is a procedure of exactly how quick the electric motor transforms the follower.

3. What is the most effective Indicator of An Air Filter’s Performance?

The requirements of its electric motor as well as the filters’ dimension are both points you have to ask about previously getting a filter.

4. Where Should I Install My Air Filter for the Most Efficient Filtering?

First of all, it will certainly be much better to position it over head degree. If you desire a basic cleansing of the entire air in the space, area it near the ceiling, as near to the facility as feasible.

5. Just how to Extend the Life of the Filters?

How to Extend the Life of the Filters

You need to cleanse them on a regular basis if you desire them to last a long period of time. External filters are harsh, so you can simply clean them in water as well as completely dry them out appropriately prior to placing them back in.

Inner filters are a little bit fragile, so you should not clean them. You need to eliminate the dirt from them by blowing warm air with the filter with a hairdryer.

Final Words

If you’ve been running a woodshop for time, you currently recognize that air filters are definitely needed.

The finest woodshop air filtering system will certainly not just aid your health and wellness; it will certainly additionally cleanse your room to ensure that clients remain much longer in your store.

It’s in everybody’s benefit that you obtain a great air filter, so pick one from the checklist as well as obtain it for your store today!

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