4 Useful Digital Education & Communcation Tools

Without any doubt, living without technology in the 21st century is almost impossible. Because of that, people do not hesitate to spend a bit more money on different pieces of equipment that will make their life more comfortable.

The tools that have become viral among different groups of people are those that serve for digital education and communication. The educational pieces of information are spread much quicker thanks to these products. That is the reason why we decided to make a list of the most popular ones that will certainly be valuable for many. Let’s go!

1. Joyusing Document Camera

Source: lazada.com.ph

The document camera is probably one of the best tools that appeared on the market for education and communication. The way people name this type of product is not always the same. Some people call it doc camera, others name it digital visual presenter, etc.

The purpose of this tool is to make all the presentations more eye-pleasing. If you pick the right supplier or brand, you can be sure that interaction and visuals are going to be at the highest level.

The document camera is not dedicated to only one event. We can all use it in different places such as training rooms, video conferences, and classrooms. Because of that, we will give ourselves the right to say that document camera is multi-practical tool.

If this seems like a tool that would make your communication and work easier, then we suggest you check out joyusing.com. You will manage to see there a bunch of different digital visual presenters and choose the one that meets your requirements completely.

2. Projeqt

Source: q-dance.com

One of the tools that will certainly help teachers and tutors is Projeqt. Thanks to this tool, you will manage to create interactive multimedia presentations. The tool allows you to share knowledge entertainingly by embedding online quizzes, interactive maps, useful external links, and other stuff. The tool is suitable for a wide range of devices.

3. ClassDojo

Source: classdojo.com

The task of every tutor is not to share knowledge only. You will have to analyze and follow the student behavior and provide the necessary feedback all the time. Fortunately, tools like ClassDojo will allow you to do that with a couple of clicks.

There is an additional feature that you will certainly like. Believe it or not, ClassDojo allows you to give rewarding points to all the students that show a better attitude towards lessons. The students will get real-time notifications whenever you reward them.

4. Storybird

Source: pinterest.com

Last, but not least tool that you should know about is Storybird. As you could guess, this story is an extremely popular educational tool for all students that want to improve their reading and writing skills. The tool will allow you to improve your storytelling by designing interactive books. You can, then, turn those stories into blogs, print them, send them directly to the email of the student, etc.

However, the list of benefits does not end there. You, as a tutor, will also have the chance to provide feedback and organize classes with a couple of clicks. Thanks to the simple interface of the tool, you can be sure the communication will be at the highest level all the time.