Finest Dust Collector for Woodworking: Top 10 Picks for 2024

After functioning away with your loud woodworking devices for hrs, the last point you seem like doing is tidying up the sawdust. And also while functioning, using safety glasses and also a mask can occasionally spoil the circulation of your job.

That is where dirt enthusiasts can be found in very helpful, as they safeguard both you as well as your job surface area from sawdust.

The ideal dirt enthusiast for woodworking is not simply one you can discover within your budget plan, however one that has some important top qualities that make it reliable at its work.

This is why we have actually assembled a listing of 10 such dirt collection agencies, so you can locate one that fits your demands flawlessly.



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WEN 3401 5.7-Amp 660

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PSI Woodworking DC725

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Our Recommended 10 Best Wood Shop Dust Collector

Let us study some in-depth evaluations on one of the most popular dirt enthusiasts you can solve currently, throughout different functions and also spending plans.

1. WEN 3401 5.7-Amp 660 CFM Dust Collector

First up is WEN’s orange and also white dirt collection agency, which features a 12 gallon bag, plus a wall surface install if you desire it. Its 5.7 Amp electric motor has the ability to manage over 660 CFM (cubic feet) of air each min.

With the 4″ dirt port as well as 6″ impeller, you can conveniently hook this dirt enthusiast approximately any one of your woodworking devices. Running this is a wind given that its 4 1- 3/4″ swivel wheels end up being secured area to ensure that there is no undesirable moving of the dirt collection agency while you are utilizing it.

While it is quite effective, it is likewise small and also mobile. It has a smaller sized dimension and also a carriage deal with that makes it simple to move in between work websites. This additionally suggests simpler storage space.

Especially, if you select the wall surface install alternative, you can conserve flooring room by removing the wheels as well as installing the system on the wall surface, after that simply get down the dirt enthusiast whenever you require to utilize it.

Getting right into the specifics, this tool evaluates 18.6 extra pounds as well as has measurements of 12.2″ by 12.5″ by 14.2″. It has a voltage of 120 V as well as an electrical power of 684W.

With every one of these functions, this dirt enthusiast aids you maintain the sawdust off your workstation, conserving you time as well as storage space.

Highlighted Features:

  • Wall place makes it obtainable for usage as well as very easy to do away with
  • Small dimension as well as lugging take care of make it very portable
  • Becomes secured area throughout usage to prevent any type of undesirable resonances
  • Has a really high CFM of 660 which enables it to accumulate dirt much faster

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2. STORE FOX W1727 1 HP Woodworking Dust Collector

Next up is the 2.1 cubic feet capability dirt collection agency from Shop Fox which has a 1 HP solitary stage electric motor, with a voltage in between 120V to 240V (pre wired with 110V button).

It attracts an amperage of 9A/4.5 An as well as has an air suction capability of 800 CFM and also a conventional filtering of 2.5 microns in its bag.

The dirt enthusiast’s mobile base actions at 15- 3/4 inches by 39- 3/4 inches as well as it evaluates 55 extra pounds out of the product packaging. Its general measurements are 16.5″ by 28.1″ by 19.6″.

This equipment will certainly assist your office remain tidy of sawdust as well as will certainly likewise boost the air top quality, to ensure that you can benefit lengthy hrs without damaging your health and wellness.

It is additionally rather mobile as well as can be connected from one device to the following beautiful promptly. All this gets rid of the demand for a long-term dirt collection approach which entails way too many pipelines and also air ducts.

The dirt enthusiast’s security button has a detachable trick to make sure that it is shielded versus usage by unapproved events.

This 110V button’s extra-large paddle and also lockout trick (detachable) supply optimal level of safety and security. Simply put the button paddle to transform it off, without stumbling for it.

Highlighted Features:

  • Keeps your working location tidy while likewise boosting the air high quality
  • Attaching to any type of woodworking maker is rapid as well as very easy
  • Has a high air suction ability of 800 CFM when accumulating timber dirt
  • Safety button with a detachable trick assists stay clear of unapproved usage

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3. POWERTEC DC5370 Wall Mounted Dust Collector

With an electric motor dimension of a conventional 1 HP and also a voltage in between 120V to 240V, Powertec’s wall surface placed dirt collection agency is a portable however effective device that maintains your work space tidy while conserving you time as well as area.

At the 120V setup, the electric motor’s amperage goes to 7 Amps and also at 3.5 Amps with the 240V setup. The electric motor’s rate is 3450 changes per min (RPM), as well as it has an air suction capability of 537 CFM.

Its inlet opening steps 4 inches and also when the dirt collection agency’s bag is blown up, it stands at 44 inches high.

Besides the dirt collection agency itself, you additionally obtain a 2.5 microns dirt gathering bag as well as an installing brace (with screws as well as clamps for mounting it). You can install it on the wall surface, to your workbench, or to the flooring for simple storage space and also accessibility.

The security on/off activate this device makes certain that unapproved usage does not happen. Just remove the button secret and also secure it on the ‘off’ establishing when you are done collaborating with it.

Its 2.5 microns dirt collection bag has a drawstring closure that makes hooking it as much as the clamp extremely hassle-free. There is additionally a clear home window whereby you can check the dirt collection degrees.

Highlighted Features:

  • Mountable on the wall surface, flooring, or to your job table to conserve area
  • Hooking up the dirt collection bag is very easy many thanks to the drawstring closure
  • Has a good 537 CFM air suction ability to clean up dirt swiftly
  • Compact in its measurements yet still rather effective

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4. STORE FOX W1685 1.5-Horsepower 1,280 CFM

Another access from Shop Fox is their 1.5 HP and also 1280 CFM dirt enthusiast. This set is an extra effective alternative and also best for usage with bigger woodworking devices.

With its 2.5 micron common purification, you can maintain your woodworking location without sawdust and also particles.

The electric motor is solitary stage and also operates at an RPM of 3450, with 1.5 HP. It likewise has a 12″ impeller constructed from sturdy steel that can relocate air at concerning 1280 cubic feet per min.

The dirt collection agency is powder-coated, which indicates that it stands up to breaking, scrapes, rust, and so on. It is additionally rather multifunctional as you can utilize it in fixed setting, as a main collection agency, or as a mobile system.

This device’s 6″ inlet has a y-adapter which is detachable, plus there are 2 openings of 4″ size. You can make use of the y-adapter to link lines so you can utilize the dirt collection agency on greater than one woodworking equipment each time.

But if you do not require the y-fitting, merely eliminate it as well as make use of the 6″ inlet. And also if you require a smaller sized inlet after that simply cover off among the 4″ inlets as well as make use of the various other one.

The steel impeller and also powder finishing make certain that the device will certainly last a long period of time as it successfully works as most likely the very best timber store dirt collection agency available.

Highlighted Features:

  • Higher than ordinary HP and also CFM make it a truly efficient dirt collection agency
  • Y-fitting enables you to connect 2 equipments to it all at once
  • Has 2 inlet dimension choices of 4″ and also 6″ for adaptability
  • Powder-coated outside is immune to damaging as well as various other deterioration

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5. PSI Woodworking DC725 Portable Tabletop Dust Collector

This is a tabletop dirt enthusiast by the brand name PSI that is mobile many thanks to its reduced weight and also little dimension. It is extremely very easy to lug about in between task websites or job terminals.

The dirt enthusiast is a wonderful alternative if you do a great deal of woodworking tasks on your own however have a little workplace, as it can be established anywhere.

This is particularly a great alternative for gathering dirt throughout sanding, sculpting, shedding, or grinding timber. Essentially, any type of little woodworking task.

It is additionally a soundless maker many thanks to its integrated computer system quality followers which pull in dirt as well as particles without contaminating the noise of your work area.

Coming right into the specifications, this dirt enthusiast has a CFM of 725 and also works on an amperage of 1.29 Amps. Its maintenance-free followers each operate on a 110 volts follower as well as the equipment evaluates regarding 24 extra pounds.

With its base determining at 23″ by 8″ and also at an elevation of just 10.5 inches, this is the excellent small dirt collection agency.

The 2″ by 10″ by 20″ filter accumulates dirt while the side doors control air movement to make sure optimum suction.

It likewise has a leading hood constructed from polycarbonate plastic, plus a lugging take care of for practical transport.

Highlighted Features:

  • Perfect dimension for amateur woodworkers or little jobs
  • Noiseless followers reel in dirt without creating audio contamination
  • Small measurements and also bring take care of make it completely mobile
  • Has a high dirt gathering capability of 725 CFM regardless of being portable

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6. Store Fox W1826

Up following is an additional dirt enthusiast from Shop Fox, and also this time around it is their 1 HP electric motor wall surface dirt enthusiast. It operates 120V/240V (pre-wired at 120V), with its amperage of 7 Amps on 110V and also of 3.5 Amps with 240V.

This one has a clear home window on the dirt accumulating bag to make sure that you can assess just how much has actually been accumulated, plus a zipper under for simple disposal of the dirt and also particles.

When the bag is blown up, the dirt collection agency stands at 44″ high and also its 2.5 microns bag has a capability of 2 cubic feet. You can link the majority of little as well as moderate woodworking equipments to its solitary 4″ inlet opening.

The CFM matter goes to a good 537 as well as it can take care of one of the most effective woodworking makers quickly, with very little loss of fixed stress and also without using any type of air duct systems.

It fasts to begin with this dirt enthusiast many thanks to the placing brace as well as the secured screw system.

This enthusiast’s pleated filtering system has paddle brushes integrated that makes dirt gathering a lot more effective.

If the dirt is caking up and also obstructing the filter, just transform the deal with a number of times. This will certainly make the brushes clean up the filter of the caked up dirt and also dispose it right into the collection bag.

Highlighted Features

  • Great for utilizing with little and also average makers many thanks to 4″ inlet
  • Powerful sufficient to manage most equipments as a result of the excellent 537 CFM
  • Paddle brushes in filter clear out caked up dirt to make filtering smooth
  • Monitor the dirt collection degree with the bag’s clear home window

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7. JET DC-1100VX-CK 1.5-HP

This one from Jet has a 1.5 HP effective electric motor which comes lubed and also is cooled down by followers to ensure that it can be made use of thoroughly without warming up way too much.

Its vortex cone part enhances the chip splitting up and also gathering bag packaging attributes, making both much more effective.

Speaking of the collection bags, they are both simple and also fast to set up and also get rid of. For far better handling and also transportability, the dirt enthusiast has 4 wheels.

It has a collection ability of 5.3 cubic feet as well as a high CFM, which implies that it can relocate and also control the air rather quickly to absorb sawdust and also timber chips.

The dirt enthusiast has the ability to keep its efficiency for a long period of time as its filter does not end up being blocked too soon.

It likewise catches concerning 98% of 2-micron bits as well as 86% of solitary micron ones, maintaining your workplace extremely tidy.

This device’s 2 4″ dirt ports aid you link it to 2 woodworking makers at the exact same time, yet you can simply cover off among the ports if you require to make use of just one.

The filter manage revolves every now and then to make sure that dirt does not build up as well as end up being a carcinogen in time. It additionally has a good audio ranking at 80 decibels optimum.

Highlighted Features:

  • Has 2 4″ dirt ports for multifunctionality
  • Captures nearly all of 1 as well as 2-micron dirt bits
  • Filter’s manage turns to ensure that dirt does not build up and also congest with time
  • High HP electric motor is cooled quickly making use of inner followers

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8. Grizzly Industrial G8027 1 HP

At a really inexpensive price, you can obtain this 1 HP dirt enthusiast from Grizzly. It functions wonderful with woodworking tasks such as router tables, fining sand, forming, and so on. Unlike a normal store vac, this dirt enthusiast can deal with larger equipments while likewise being incredibly mobile in between task websites.

Its 1 HP electric motor attracts an amperage of 8 Amps and also is a solitary stage one with a voltage of 110V. The enthusiast’s consumption port procedures at a size of 4 inches, which is rather conventional, an attribute you will certainly discover in the most effective woodworking dirt enthusiasts.

In total amount, the device considers 56 extra pounds and also has measurements of 18.5″ by 26.3″ by 17″, which is rather small.

The paddle security button, in addition to its detachable trick, makes certain that just you as well as individuals you enable have the ability to make use of the dirt enthusiast.

Getting right into the specifications, this has a 30 microns bag filtering, a 9″ steel impeller (with radial fin), an air suction ability of 500 CFM, a base with measurements of 15″ by 25.5″, and also wheels under for smoother flexibility.

Its powder-coated outside makes it long lasting versus damage. When the 14.5″ (size) by 23″ (deepness) bags are blown up, the dirt collection agency is an excellent 63″ high.

Highlighted Features:

  • Small straight measurements aid it suit well in any type of office
  • Casters under of the base make it very easy to transportation
  • Paddle security button makes certain just accredited individuals can run it
  • Has a big filtering ability and also CFM for effective dirt collection

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9. STORE FOX W1687 3-Horsepower 2,800 CFM

One of the sturdy alternatives on this checklist, this Shop Fox dirt collection agency has an air suction ability of about 2800 CFM and also a 3 HP electric motor.

Though the electric motor is solitary stage, it attracts 18 Amps, has a voltage of 220V, and also revolves at 3450 RPM.

The quantity capability of its collection bag is 10.8 cubic feet while the fixed stress procedures at 14.4 inches.

Because of its powder covered body, you can feel confident that this dirt collection agency will certainly withstand damages because of scrapes as well as various other basic deterioration.

This collection agency features 2 30 microns purification bags which, when blown up, make it stand high at 78 inches. Its measurements are 51 inches by 23.5 inches by 22 inches while it evaluates an excellent 167 extra pounds.

The dirt collection agency’s 13″ well balanced steel impeller with radial fins has the ability to relocate 2830 cubic feet of air every min, that makes it a giant that is suitable for establishing with one or several woodworking devices.

In regards to its inlets, there are 5 in overall. The four 4″ vast inlets, you can likewise get rid of the suitable as well as utilize the big 8″ inlet with an extra sturdy device. When not being used, the 4″ inlets can be topped off.

The sturdy plastic dirt collection bags are multiple-use numerous times however are likewise rather cost effective to change when you really feel the demand to.

Highlighted Features:

  • 2800 CFM and also 3 HP electric motor make it the excellent sturdy dirt enthusiast
  • Plastic dirt collection bags are sturdy as well as can be made use of time and again
  • Comes with 5 inlets in overall (four 4″ and also one 8″) for multifunctionality
  • Very effective dirt collection agency, ideal for making use of with much heavier makers

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10 Jet JCDC-3 3 HP Cyclone Dust Collector Kit

Last yet not the very least is Jet’s 3 HP dirt enthusiast package. This is a cyclone dirt enthusiast which considers a tremendous 242 extra pounds and also has the ability to catch larger timber particles.

Its dirt suction is consistent to the factor where the dirt is carried to the collection bag also prior to the particles stream is available in call with the filter. For much heavier particles, there is a 66 gallons collection drum.

Using its remote controller (which uses superhigh frequency) you can run this dirt enthusiast from also 50 feet away. Its pleated filtering system (which captures 1-micron bits) is cleansed rapidly as well as conveniently with the twin paddle handbook system, while its cylinder filter reaches 99% of 2 micron timber fragments.

Easily the very best dirt collection agency for woodworking in regards to sturdy job, this determines up at 54.7 by 30.1 by 38.5 inches as well as has a voltage of 230 V. Because of the straight place filter, system performance boosts while any type of constraint of the air flow is removed.

You can additionally utilize the remote to establish a timer on the dirt enthusiast for 2, 4, 6, and/or 8 hrs.

Because this is such a big device, there are rotating wheels beneath it which will certainly assist you relocate around to where you require it in your office.

Highlighted Features:

  • Use the remote to allow the collection agency benefit hrs in your lack
  • Collects larger particles individually in a 66- gallon collection drum
  • Constant dirt collection makes it function super-fast as well as effectively
  • Swiveling wheels under assistance make the huge device portable

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Woodworking Dust Collector Comparison Table



Air Suction Capacity (CFM)


Inlet Quantity and also Size

WEN 3401 5.7-Amp 660 CFM Dust Collector

WEN 3401

660 CFM

Super mobile at 18.6 pounds.

One (1) 4″ dirt port

SHOP FOX W1727 1 HP Dust Collector


800 CFM

Moderately mobile at 55 pounds.

One (1) 4″ consumption opening.

POWERTEC DC5370 Wall Mounted Dust Collector


537 CFM

Moderately mobile at 40.8 pounds.

One (1) 4″ inlet opening.

SHOP FOX W1685 1.5-Horsepower 1,280 CFM Dust Collector


1280 CFM

Heavier at 108 pounds. Has a mobile base.

One (1) 6″ inlet as well as 2 (2) 4″ inlets with Y-fitting.

PSI Woodworking DC725 Portable Tabletop Dust Collector

PSI Woodworking DC725

725 CFM

Super mobile at just 24 pounds.

Does not utilize a pipe; air surprise sawdust from office.

Shop Fox W1826 Wall Dust Collector

Shop Fox W1826

537 CFM

Moderately mobile at 50.2 pounds.

One (1) 4″ inlet opening.

JET DC-1100VX-CK 1.5-HP Dust Collector

JET DC-1100 VX

1100 CFM

Weighs 133 pounds. Has swivel wheels for much better handling.

One (1) 6″ or 2 (2) 4″ dirt ports.

Grizzly Industrial G8027 1 HP Dust Collector

Grizzly Industrial G8027

500 CFM

Moderately mobile at 56 extra pounds (with wheels).

One (1) 4″ consumption port.

SHOP FOX W1687 3-Horsepower 2,800 CFM Dust Collector


2800 CFM

Limited transportability with swivel wheels (167 pounds. weight).

Four (4) 4″ inlets or one (1) 8″ inlet.

Jet JCDC-3 3 HP Cyclone Dust Collector Kit

Jet JCDC-3 3

Constant and also effective dirt suction

Limited mobility with incorporated rotating wheels (242 pounds.)

One (1) 8″ or 3 (3) 4″ link ports.

Dust Collector for Woodworking Buying Guide

Listed listed below are some crucial attributes that you ought to watch for when acquiring the very best dirt enthusiast for woodworking.

Size of Your Woodworking Machines

Size of Your Woodworking Machines

When purchasing a dirt collection agency, you require to see to it that it will certainly have the ability to suit every one of your woodworking makers. This implies monitoring on the inlet dimensions as well as amounts of the device.

The basic inlet dimension on a dirt enthusiast can begin with 4 inches as much as 8 inches or even more. Undoubtedly, the larger your woodworking device, the larger the inlet size you will certainly require.

If you service a little range with standard woodworking equipments, you need to be great with a solitary or double 4″ to 6″ broad inlet system.

However, if you have a wide variety of equipments of numerous dimensions, you must choose a dirt enthusiast that has a great variety of inlets of numerous sizes to fit you.

Air Suction Capacity

This is determined in CFM in a dirt enthusiast. The greater the CFM, the faster and also a lot more reliable it will certainly go to capturing dirt and also placing it away.

Usually, a CFM of 500 or above will certainly assist you maintain your work space tidy while you collaborate with little or tool woodworking makers for a number of hrs.

However, for larger devices or even more durable tasks, you need to select dirt collection agencies with greater CFMs as they will certainly have the ability to catch dirt as well as particles for a longer time and also at a better capability.

Related: Good top quality woodshop air filtering system evaluations

Dust Collection Capacity

Speaking of dirt collection capability, an additional point to inspect prior to you obtain a dirt collection agency is just how much dirt and also particles its bags can accumulate prior to they require to be cleared.

Again, the larger your woodworking device or task, the even more dirt collection capability you will certainly desire. With smaller sized makers and also jobs, you can maintain the bag hooked for days prior to it fills sufficient to be dealt with.

However, as typically as you can, attempt to utilize the bags meticulously to make sure that you can recycle them.

While dirt collection bags are not also pricey, it is much better for both your pocket as well as the setting if you can recycle them in between longer periods.


There are a lots of dirt enthusiast alternatives on the marketplace which are called mobile as well as small. These are the ones which have a conventional HP electric motor as well as ordinary CFM.

So, if you are an amateur woodworker that enjoys DIY, you can relocate this around your workspace quickly to gain access to various jobs.

But also larger dirt collection agencies which evaluate thousands of extra pounds can be mobile. The majority of durable dirt enthusiasts will certainly include swivel wheels on their base to make sure that you can relocate them about on level floor covering conveniently.

Of program, these bigger makers are no place near as simple to deliver as smaller sized and also much less effective ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is a 1 HP Dust Collector Powerful Enough?

Answer: While a 1.5 HP dirt enthusiast would certainly be the excellent beginning factor, a lot of the noticeable dirt enthusiasts make use of a 1 HP electric motor which functions completely well. It can improve timber chips as well as dirt rather rapidly yet you can absolutely do far better with a greater spending plan.

2. How Much CFM do I Need For A Dust Collector?

Answer: For a dirt enthusiast, you do not intend to go any kind of less than 300 CFM with smaller sized devices (like a scroll saw) as well as 900 CFM for bigger ones (such as a timber planer). This can gather timber chips, shavings, and also bigger fragments efficiently.

3. What is the Advantage of A Cyclone Dust Collector?

Answer: Cyclone dirt enthusiasts have a number of benefits over normal store vacs as well as dirt collection agencies. They utilize displays which strain dirt. This enhances the performance of dirt collection while likewise lowering the upkeep degree of the gadget.

4. Should I Get a Single or Dual Intake Port Dust Collector?

Answer: This relies on just how huge a range you service with timber. If you are an amateur, you can escape making use of a dirt collection agency that has a 4″ inlet that enables you to connect one equipment at once. Experts ought to choose for double consumption ports as well as variants in dimensions.

5. Why Is A Dust Collector Necessary?

Answer: Obviously, a dirt collection agency releases you from needing to cleanse your workplace after each woodworking session. It additionally shields your body due to the fact that you do not have to mistakenly breathe in sawdust or obtain it in your eyes.

Final Words

With a top quality as well as long lasting dirt collection agency, not just are you conserving on your own time by not needing to tidy up your work space, however you are likewise shielding your wellness versus the risks of breathing in small timber bits.

In order to discover the very best dirt collection agency for woodworking within your budget plan, you ought to attempt to obtain one that has some required functions such as a great capability enthusiast bag and also a high electric motor HP and also CFM.

Other than that, any kind of dirt collection agency from the above checklist will certainly produce a really beneficial equipment to have for a woodworker.