How to Replace and Put a Chain on Chainsaw?

For a chainsaw to do its job properly, its chain needs to be in first-class condition. However, one common problem with just about any electric chainsaw is that it requires maintenance, especially to avoid problems such as corrosion and breaking of a chain.

Despite taking care of your tool, over time, there will be wear and tear, and you will have to replace the chain. But how does one do that?

How Will I Know If a Replacement is Necessary?

In the following conditions, you should consider a replacement:


Cutters Reduced in Size

If you see that cutting teeth and cutters are roughly about the same size, it is time to consider changing the chain.

Cutting Teeth Are Broken 

If this chain has hit something that is rough, such as a rock, it could break down cutting teeth. Take note of the area carefully; if you see missing teeth, then it is time for a replacement.

Saggy Chain

It should be possible for you to tighten this, but if you fail to do so, the chain will no longer be taut against concerned chainsaw’s bar. As a result, there will either be too much or too little to pull.


Filed Down Cutting Teeth 

With time, cutting teeth will get filed down, which is fixable with a chainsaw chain sharpener. However, if the teeth become too short to sharpen anymore, it is time to replace your chain.

How to Remove a Chain?

Even if you have never done this before, if you follow instructions carefully, you will notice that the process is pretty easy. First of all, pull the chain break towards yourself, which will release the chain.


Using a tool, remove two bolts present and keep them safely near you. Next, remove the clutch cover, which is also known as a side casing, which will expose the entire chain and bar.

Next, remove the bar from the tensioner of the chain and pick chain off. Make sure to have a pair of gloves on to avoid getting hurt by any sharp parts. Take the chain off the nose of saw first. After that, take the bar off without touching the clutch sprocket.

How to Put on a New Chain on Chainsaw?

  • First and foremost, make sure that you have measurements and specifications of the old and new chain. You would not want to purchase something that does not fit your machine. For future reference, keeps specifications noted down somewhere.
  • The fitting has to be right for your saw to function perfectly. Firstly, adjust the tensioner by screwing it properly. Thread the hooked teeth of chain onto the saw’s bar. Begin with sprocket’s backside first, and then move on to the top of the bar, then the front nose, and then around it.
  • After that, put tension in the chain and start replacing the side cover. Next, put the bolts back on with your hands. When tensioning is done right, you can still pull the chain away from the bar by a small distance. However, it should not be so much that the chain comes off.
  • Once you are happy with the progress thus far, take a tool and safely tighten the bolts. Make sure that the chain is not hanging by the saw’s side. That would mean that fitting is not right.


Since a chainsaw is a sturdy and handy tool, you need to know how to replace its chain when the occasion arises. The instructions above should help you with this process.

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