Just How to Choose Wood Filament: A Complete Guide 2024

Wood filament is a sort of 3D printing filament that has actually gotten on the surge in recent times. Timber filament is made from timber powder as well as starch. The timber filament has an all-natural timber scent, which goes away after the very first time you publish with it.

It’s readily available in numerous shades and also structures, so this makes it very easy to make use of for any type of job you may be dealing with. Picking the best timber filament for your 3D printer can be challenging, as there are a great deal of aspects to take into consideration.

If you’re seeking even more details regarding timber filament, after that this article consists of 5 practical pointers that will certainly assist you make a notified choice when picking your timber filament.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Wood Filament

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Wood Filament

There are numerous alternatives offered when it concerns timber filament. Take a look at this article on just how to pick your finest timber printing filament:


Wood filament is made from timber fragments or timber flakes. Timber Flakes are a great option for newbies due to the fact that the form of timber fiber is less complicated to publish with than timber chips.

As timber chips have uneven forms that need even more ability as well as experience in support of the printer so as to get them to stick well adequate for printing.


Regular woodfill: Regular woodfill timber filaments are readily available in several shades, like off-white and also pink along with all-natural tones of browns as well as eco-friendlies.

It’s essential to keep in mind that routine timber filament makes use of the tiniest bits for printing. It ought to just be utilized with a high-temperature nozzle such as bronze or brass which can endure high warmth.

Taulman woodfill: Taulman woodfill is a great choice for timber filaments since it’s one of the most wear-resistant of all kinds, however this enhanced resilience includes a rise in printing time.

The slower print rate can be cancelled by decreasing infill to see to it that any type of prints you do take longer do not consume way too much filament. Teflon bits are made use of in order to make timber filament more powerful and also a lot more resilient.

Water-soluble: Water-soluble variation is additionally readily available and also has the very same advantages of routine timber filament, yet can be liquified with cozy water adhering to printing for simple elimination from your 3D printer!

This kind is wonderful if you’re brand-new to timber filaments or do not have accessibility to pure water and also desire timber filaments that are extra conscious water.

Bamboofill: Bamboofill timber filaments are a great option for printing timber items with smooth surface areas, such as lights or flower holders that require to be covered in varnish.

Because the surface area of this timber kind will certainly not have any kind of bumps like various other timber kinds would certainly which might create bubbles when layer with varnish.

Corkfill: Corkfill timber filaments are an excellent option for printing timber things that require to be completely smooth.

Because the surface area of this timber kind will certainly not have any kind of bumps like various other timber kinds would certainly which might create bubbles when layer with varnish or polyurethane.

Dowel fill: Dowel fill timber filaments are terrific for publishing things that require to be more powerful as well as a lot more long lasting, like manages or components of furnishings.

Because also circulation of products in this timber kind makes it more powerful than any type of various other kind!


Wood filament can be found in several wood-grain shades. Some timber filaments have a lighter shade for the last layer to make it resemble completed timber, while others are made with real dark timber such as walnut or cherry timber.

You can discover 3D printer filaments that resemble oak and also maple also. The lightest timber filament is generally birchwood which has an extremely light tone contrasted to various other timbers.

It likewise often tends to be less costly than the majority of the various other alternatives offered on the marketplace today due to the fact that it’s not as resilient when made use of without assistances.

Although some individuals choose utilizing this choice exactly due to the fact that they desire their prints to show up even more breakable and also all-natural looking than those created by darker sorts of timber filament.

Print Temperature:

Print Temperature

The timber filaments will certainly call for using variable warmth setups when printing, with a typical temperature level array in between 220-250 levels Celsius for ideal outcomes.

The real temperature level that you pick need to be based upon your choice yet it might additionally rely on various other aspects.

Such as just how much dust or particles there could be from reducing timber in your home versus utilizing pre-cut timber items.

Water Resistance:

Some timber filaments are treated with lacquer to make them water immune, while others do not have any kind of unique therapy.

If you desire your prints to be water resistant after that you must select timber filament that is currently covered in a clear layer. Or you can additionally make use of various other kinds of surface which will certainly secure the timber as well as stop it from soaking up fluids such as water.


Wood filament is a lot more flexible in nature than normal PLA timber filament as well as has a somewhat greater resistance to flexing.

Higher adaptability timber filament is much less most likely to damage or break, and also will certainly much better stand up to woodworking devices such as hammers or blades.


The rate for timber filament differs per kilo. The greater end of this range would certainly consist of some kinds of timber like walnut which has actually been thoroughly matured prior to being become timber filament especially for printing.

This procedure makes the timber a lot more powerful than routine birchwood yet likewise increases its price significantly also.

So if you’re trying to find a low-cost timber filament after that the timber with a much more all-natural shade as well as with no unique therapy would certainly be the very best choice.


Some timber filaments are environmentally friendly and also made from lasting timber resources. This kind of timber filament will certainly be normally cheaper since it’s more affordable to generate however the top quality could not be as high either.

Odor Free:

Some timber filaments have a smell. When selecting timber filament, it’s crucial to examine the odor initially prior to you acquire.

If the timber has a solid all-natural fragrance after that your prints might likewise come to be completely perfumed which can be undesirable for some individuals.

Spool Size:

The dimension of Spool is likewise crucial to take into consideration. You desire the timber filament spindle to be huge sufficient where you can swiftly as well as conveniently alter out your timber filament when it begins obtaining reduced.

Filament Diameter:

Filament Diameter

Wood filaments vary from 0.40 mm to 0.90 mm as well as are readily available at a wide range of sizes with one of the most usual being 0.50 mm, which is suitable for lots of timber devices on the marketplace today.

A timber filament that gets on an added big size of around 180 mm will certainly function well for bigger prints or those that utilize their printer with even more regularity.


The most vital point when selecting your timber filament would certainly be what printer you have due to the fact that not all printers sustain publishing with timber filaments.

For instance some printers may need timber filament to be heated up prior to printing as well as hence need a warmed bed. Be mindful when picking a timber printer.

Advantages of Disadvantages of Wood Filaments

There are numerous reasons you may wish to acquire timber filaments for your printer such as:

Aesthetic appearance: Wood filaments are offered in wood-like browns and also whites. The timber filament prints can have a wood-like structure or look because of the all-natural pigmentation of timber.

Stronger than various other product: Wood filaments use greater tensile stamina, so they may be much better for publishing jobs that need even more pressure like takes care of on devices or components of furnishings.

Quality: Wood filaments are created by several sorts of business at numerous high quality degrees. It’s crucial for you to recognize what kind of firm you’re buying from prior to getting anything.

Easy to publish: Wood filaments are an even more flexible product for printing, which suggests they need much less preparation job as well as establishing prior to you’re able to publish on them.

Authentic timber scent: Wood filaments provide a genuine timber odor when they are extruded as well as published.

Cheap: Wood filaments are less costly than various other kinds of filament. For those searching for a less expensive option to PLA as well as ABS filament, think about making use of timber filament.

Safe for children: If you have kids that such as to make points on their printer, after that timber filament could be a much better selection for you.

You can offer a remarkable completing touch by fining sand down or by repainting them. Timber prints additionally have a tendency to look better when left unpainted and also incomplete.

Disadvantages Of Wood Filament:

Uses just for reduced temperature levels: Wood filament can just be published at reduced temperature levels than various other products, indicating you need to locate a printer that can publish with timber filament.

Bothersome odor: Wood filament scents like fresh cut timber when printing which might trouble some individuals close throughout lengthy prints.

Flammable: Wood filament is combustible so it is advised to maintain timber filament prints in a trendy, aerated location.

Frequent cleansing: Wood fragments will certainly build up on your print bed as the timber filament vaporizes which implies you’ll require to cleanse it more frequently and also be a lot more attentive in timber filament storage space.

Cause unequal layer elevations: The timber bits inside the timber filament can trigger unequal layer elevations when printing which suggests you’ll require to maintain a close eye on your printer display throughout longer print work.

Ooze: Wood filament can exude out of the timber nozzle throughout printing which might be a concern for printers with restricted room.

Common Applications Of Wood Filaments:

Replacement timber: Wood filament can be made use of as a substitute timber, such as in furnishings and also auto components.

Wooden art work: Using timber filaments enables you higher imaginative control than various other kinds of wood-based prints.

Design example board: Wood based examples are best for showcasing your layout service a wood history.

Cabinet doors or cabinet fronts: Wood is a timber that can be utilized in several means to improve the appeal as well as ambience of your house.

Cabinet door sticks out versus any type of kind of kitchen area decor due to the fact that it’s made from all-natural product which has structure and also deepness that establishes it aside from various other phony options produced today by maker procedures.

Laser inscription: Wood filament enables laser inscription on timber surface areas with no kind of damages to the product.

Wooden playthings: Printing timber filaments onto wood-based products makes it feasible to layout, manufacture and also market wood playthings that are secure for youngsters.

They do not include damaging compounds like lead paint or various other harmful chemicals which could or else stop them from being cost all.


1. Is Wood Filament Biodegradable?

Answer: Yes, timber filament is 100% eco-friendly.

2. What Wood Types Work Best With Wood Filament?

Answer: Most timber kinds function well with timber filament, yet some unique as well as premium timber kinds do not function well since they are also difficult to squeeze out.

3. Just how Do You Measure The Diameter Of Wood Filament?

Answer: You can utilize a caliper, micrometer, or accuracy screw scale to determine the size of timber filament.

4. Are Abrasives Necessary For Printing?

Answer: Abrasives are typically not required when publishing timber, yet they might be included if you desire your hard copy to have an extra refined appearance or really feel.

3d Wood filament has a tendency to sand normally without an added unpleasant used throughout manufacturing so it’s much less most likely that this will certainly require to be done by hand after that utilizing devices like sandpaper as well as steel woollen as required prior to paint or discoloring the item.

5. Just How to Use Wood Filament?

Answer: First select the dimension of the nozzle. Stabilize the temperature level of the warm end to timber pla filament extrusion temperature level.

Disconnect the timber Filament From the extruder as well as press timber filament right into the warm end. Reconnect Filament to extrusion setting up.

6. What is the Alternative of Wood Filaments?

Answer: Ceramic and also Metal filament is typically much more preferred amongst the wood-filament neighborhood, that makes it hard to locate a great equilibrium of timber options.

Wood can be soft or difficult, altering applications for each and every key in mind. Soft timber is simpler to find by than wood since there are timber fragments in virtually every wood-type.

7. Just How To Replace Parts For A Wood Extruder?

Answer: The timber filament style of our timber printer is an all-in one system, which indicates that there are no changeable components or accessories required throughout printing with the exception of a common M12 x0.


Wood filament is an excellent selection for any type of 3D printer since its toughness, versatility and also longevity make it a perfect product to utilize. Examine hand illustrations. We’ve seen a boost sought after for this item, which implies it can be tough to discover sometimes. That’s where we are available in! With our overview on timber filaments, you might obtain your hands on some high-grade products that will certainly last longer than typical plastic or steel options.