Just how to Paint a Mirror Frame: 2 Simple DIY Techniques

Mirror, mirror on the wall surface, why would certainly you not look right in any way?

Oh, my queen, it appears to me, my plain-old structure is out-of-sync!

A mirror is a required component of your house decoration that can perk up a space simply by making a look behind-the-scenes.

But does every mirror have that power?

Turns out, mirror FRAMES are the unhonored heroes that make the entire appearance of your area collaborated in a breeze!

However, it’s not that simple to toss a framework away simply to alter its appearance, is it?

Perhaps, it’s a family members treasure you intend to maintain. Or, a bosom friend has talented you that framework and also you actually do not wish to be get rid of that for emotional worth.

Whatever the factor might be, the very best means to transform the appearance of your old structure is to repaint over it!

How to repaint a mirror framework that looks skillfully done without finding the mirror also a little bit?

Let’s dive right into it!

Materials Needed For Painting Mirror Frame

1. Sandpaper


If your painting a surface area, after that the old layer has to be eliminated.

To do that, you will certainly require great or 220- grit sandpaper. As soon as you smooth down all the bumps in your paint with sandpaper, the brand-new layer will certainly stick extra conveniently and also look far better as soon as ended up.

2. Blue Painter’s Tape And Newspaper

While in the procedure of repainting the structure, you can not ignore the mirror either!

To aid safeguard a huge mirror, we recommend utilizing blue painter’s tape and also paper to cover the entire surface area and also tape it firmly in position.

3. Cloths

It’s an evident one, to be truthful!

You will certainly be dealing with paint.

So, we are presuming there will certainly be great deals of spills and also goes down! And also to clean up that up, it is available in helpful to have some tidy cloths close by.

4. Small-Bristled Brush

Depending on what kind of approach you choose, you will certainly require a brush to tint your structure.

While there are a great deal of ranges readily available on the marketplace, we recommend opting for small-bristled ones. In instance you select to collaborate with a luxuriant item, it will certainly aid obtain your paint around every space as well as edge!

5. Safety Gear

You will certainly be dealing with chemical elements that could damage you if it gets in your eyes or skin.

For this factor, we wish you take essential safety measures as well as make use of safety handwear covers, safety glasses and also job meticulously constantly.

6. Screwdriver

It’s less complicated to deal with a mirror-less framework.

so, if your mirror can be eliminated as well as you pick to operate in this way, you will certainly be requiring a screwdriver to chill out all the nuts and also screws.


Would you such as to utilize chalk paint or spray ones?

Or are you a lot more likely to for the antique appearance?

Depending on your choice, you might require numerous various other active ingredients such as wax, white/coco chalk paint, level surface leading layer, spray paint etc.

Prepping The Mirror Frame For Painting

Before beginning to repaint, you will certainly require to prepare the surface area well.

Follow these actions to obtain your preparation done!

1. Tidy The Surface

Clean The frame
  • Take a tidy dustcloth and also get rid of any kind of dirt that’s on the surface area of the structure.
  • Too dirty? After utilizing a dry-dusting, utilize a moist towel to clean down the surface area.
  • Let the surface area air-dry prior to going on to the following action.

2. Eliminate The Frame If Possible

  • Is the structure detachable? If you see any kind of visible screws around the mirror, after that it most likely is! Utilize a screwdriver to get rid of the stand.
  • If there’s no noticeable method of eliminating the framework, take it to a glass-professional and also ask if he can do the job for you. You can repaint the surface area without getting rid of the framework as well if you desire.

3. Secure The Mirror

  • To conserve your mirror from obtaining stained, cover it with a paper as well as make use of a painter’s tape to affix it simply listed below the side of the mirror.
  • In the instance of tiny mirrors, you could have problem handling both the tape as well as the paper. Because instance, usage oil jelly to cover the mirror.

4. Sand The Old Paint

  • Use sandpaper to smooth down the surface area of the stand. Make certain to cover the entire location.
  • In instance the old layer begins to obtain damaged, please proceed as you will certainly be painting the surface area anyhow.

Painting Techniques For Different Mirror Frames

Got the stand all prepped and also all set?

Now, it’s time for you to pick which look you favor to go with!

Technique 1: For General Frames:

Typically, there are 2 various paints individuals utilize to tint a mirror structure: Chalk Paint as well as Spray Paint.

1. Exactly how To Paint A Mirror Frame With Chalk Paint

  • Use typical chalk paint to layer the stand. You will certainly require a little brush to use paint externally.
  • Apply 2 slim layers of paint utilizing the brush in a to and fro activity.
  • Make certain to overlap the brush strokes to prevent making the joint lines noticeable.
  • Wait for 4 hrs.
  • Then use one more fresh layer of chalk paint to make it a lot more irreversible. You might need to duplicate this procedure 2-3 times depending upon just how smooth you desire it to appear like.

2. Just How To Spray Paint A Mirror Frame

  • Give your spray container an excellent shake.
  • Hold the container around 30 centimeters off the surface area and also begin pressing on the spray switch.
  • Make certain to relocate your hand in a to and fro movement to cover every room.
  • Wait for 1 hr and also use a 2nd layer of shade to boost the structure completely.

Technique 2: For Plastic Frame:

Plastic frameworks are a little bit complicated. Shades do not intend to stay with this product effectively. You require to prime the plastic well prior to paint over it.

How To Paint A Plastic Mirror Frame

  • Use a guide created for plastic products to prepare the surface area.
  • Purchase a good-quality acrylic paint and also select a dark color for the very best outcome.
  • Or you can blend numerous shades and also produce a personalized distinct shade!
  • Paint the surface area with the wanted shade.
  • Use a slim, transparent shade to polish in addition to the skim coat.
  • Wipe off the excess polish as well as await the completed outcome to find out!

C. For Antique Look:

Would you such as to have a rustic ambiance in your space? Possibly a weathered-looking mirror structure may capture your interest after that!

1. Means To Paint A Mirror Frame Antique Gold

  • To obtain an expensive design, you can gold fallen leave a mirror framework. Prepare the surface area with a shade guide called “Bole” and also allow it completely dry.
  • Apply a gold-leaf adhesive externally.
  • When the adhesive is half-dried as well as becomes a clear shade, placed a gold fallen leave externally and also allow it stick.
  • Press down on the fallen leave with a brush as well as eliminate any type of air gurgles it might produce.
  • Cover the whole stand while overlapping the gold leaves on top of each various other.
  • Seal the entire point with an antique polish ahead as well as your antique mirror structure prepares to shake!

2. Refine To Paint A Mirror Frame Antique White

  • Prepare the surface area with an excellent guide.
  • Apply white paint spray/chalk paint to cover the surface area. For the initial layer, do not stress over covering the entire surface area at one go.
  • The 2nd layer need to have the ability to cover all the vacuums. Make certain not to exaggerate it to the factor it creates huge drips.
  • Let the structure completely dry awhile.
  • Once it’s totally dried out, use a layer of wax onto it.
  • To include the antique appearance, take an item of sandpaper and also begin scrubing it along the sides.
  • Try to make the created lines as well as contours look a little bit weather-beaten with this method.

3. Paint A Mirror Frame Antique Silver Color

  • Purchase a metal silver paint as well as spray the stand with it.
  • Keep the container a minimum of 1-foot far from the surface area while splashing.
  • Start off with a slim layer to make sure that the shade does not look way too much exaggerated.
  • Wait for a couple of mins for the shade to completely dry normally.
  • Apply the 2nd or 3rd layer relying on just how you desire the structure to resemble.
  • Keep the stand in an awesome, dust-free location to completely dry later and also await 24 hrs prior to touching it once more.
  • You can additionally use a synthetic glossy layer to make it look extra eye-catching!

Steps For Finishing Up

Steps For Finishing Up

You are virtually done! Excellent work coming this much!

Now it’s time to cover points up.

1. Clean The Mirror

  • Wipe the mirror tidy. If you’ve used the oil jelly prior to, utilize a paper towel to clean it tidy.
  • Apply a glass cleansing remedy to make it get rid of any kind of deposit.
  • If there’s any type of unintentional paint trickles on the mirror, clean it tidy with the paper towel.
  • You can likewise make use of a level razor blade to scuff the paint off.

2. Eliminate The Protective Layer

  • Remove all the painter’s tape as well as paper.
  • Make certain the surface area is totally completely dry prior to doing this action.

3. Place The Mirror In Place

  • If you’ve eliminated the mirror from the structure, it’s time you place it back. Begin by existing the stand down on a level surface area.
  • Install the mirror with the aid of screws as well as a screwdriver.
  • Put it in your wanted area and also appreciate the last appearance!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Paint do I Need Use to For a Mirror Frame?

Answer: It depends upon your choice, in fact. If you ask us, we would certainly suggest spray paint as it’s a lot easier to make use of also on a little surface area. Spray paint offers you a smoother surface than acrylic shades do on wooden/plastic surface areas.

2. Just how do You Give the Mirror Frame a Soft Look?

Answer: That’s an intriguing idea! If you are opting for a soft, comforting appearance, we recommend using a pearl polish after you are done repainting the surface area. This will certainly likewise guarantee your stand has a glossy appearance!

3. Just how do You Prime a Mirror for Painting?

Answer: It’s ideal to use a shade guide in slim strokes as well as ensure it covers the entire surface area equally. After using one layer of guide, enable time in between to completely dry it out and after that use the 2nd layer later.

For dark-colored structures, we recommend grey guide as well as for light ones, make use of a white guide for the very best outcome.

4. I Want to Have a Textured Look. What Should I do?

Answer: You require a salt clean for this. Take a container of paint as well as include the salt blend right into it. Mix it well and also utilize the shade as explained in the post. You will certainly have a perfectly textured stand in completion!

5. What is Dry-Brushing Technique?

Answer: Dry cleaning method offers you a rustic want to your stand. To do this, initially, you require a surface area on which you can rub out your brush. Dip your brush right into the shade can as well as get rid of a lot of the paint onto that surface area. Use the remainder of the shade to the stand and also it will certainly appear as an antique item in the long run.


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Spread the love, make whatever lovely around you and also quickly sufficient, the globe will certainly pay you back with lots of joy in return!

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