Just How to Remove Varnish from Wood Floors

The traditional design needs parquet floorings to be lacquered. It not just makes timber floorings a lot more appealing, yet parquet varnish likewise offers an additional treatment of timber, shielding from damages throughout day-to-day use. Parquet varnish is especially made to ensure that your flooring will certainly look remarkable for several years. Absolutely nothing lasts for life, so over a duration of time, the covering will certainly discolor and also break. To bring the flooring back to its initial look, the old varnish layer must be gently gotten rid of from the surface area.

This objective might appear rather simple to attain, however if you do not recognize the subtleties of the procedure and also begin functioning without getting some crucial academic information, you might totally as well as irrevocably mess up the wood flooring.

remove varnish from wood floor

3 Main Ways for Removing Varnish from Wood:

  • Applying chemical substances
  • Using mechanical devices
  • Heating the varnish layer to heat

Each of them has its favorable as well as adverse facets, so there is no global “one dimension fits all” solution. For each and every certain scenario, a specific technique of surface area cleansing is much better matched. The option must be based upon the make-up of the varnish with which the wood surface area was covered and also on the thickness of the layer. It is additionally essential to think about the kind of timber and also the product itself, for instance, various approaches are utilized to tidy floorings as well as an old cabinet.

Chemical Method

This is one of the most extensively made use of technique and also it is definitely excellent for tiny locations of timber. The variety consists of furnishings, porcelain figurines and also various other items, where the varnish layer is slim sufficient, as well as its elimination must be fragile. The required chemical material is available in 3 kinds:

Liquid or Spray

If just an actually slim layer of varnish ought to be related to the thing, after that this is your selection. The material fastly deteriorates from the surface area therefore, it can just be absorbed by the top layer of varnish yet does not go really deep. Making use of fluid on furnishings products as well as floorings that have greater than 3 layers of varnish might be meaningless.

Gel or Paste

When you require to refine a huge location, for instance, a parquet flooring, after that this set can be simply what you require. Gels are particularly reliable for getting rid of thick layers of gloss, they will certainly also benefit paint.


Powdery structures are rather comparable to gels in structure and also the attained impact. Prior to application, the powder should be watered down with water to get a pasty state. If you have a large DIY job that needs a great deal of compound, the powder will certainly be the most effective service. When powder becomes gel or paste, concerning 8-10 layers of varnish can be eliminated in one application. Simply act wise as well as adhere to the safety and security preventative measures showed on the product packaging of the item!

Applying the Chemical

You require to kindly dampen the brush in the thinned down structure as well as use it to the surface area. Use the chemical on every little section one-time just, it is needed to attain an also layer. If you wish to make the chemical job as promptly as feasible, produce a pressing impact by covering the dealt with surface area with regular polyethylene as well as leaving it for a minimum of 1-4 hrs. If the cover is clear, after that you will certainly have the ability to see plainly when the varnish starts to swell. When the shade transformed, it began functioning. When the chemical has actually worn away all layers, you carefully peel off the soft varnish with a spatula.

The following action is vital if you intend to look after your health and wellness due to the fact that you will certainly be eliminating the remains of the chemical structure, left externally of the timber. This is a demand prior to you will certainly be able to use a brand-new beaming coating. To counteract the chemical, a weak vinegar option functions simply great. Or you can also wash the surface area with ordinary water. It is much better not to overdo it with it, as the timber can not be also damp.

Mechanical Method

This choice includes scratching, as you will essentially require to remove the varnish layer, making use of various devices.

Mechanical Method


This is a sharp steel device with a comfy manage. Because of its unique framework, it supplies a solid result externally, raising the effectiveness of the job. In the lack of a scrape, also regular glass will certainly do. The glass needs to be frequently altered as it promptly ends up being candid as well as you can just function in handwear covers.



It is made use of when you require to eliminate a slim layer of varnish from a little thing. If it’s an item of high-grade furnishings, such as a cabinet or closet, after that you can make use of a sander, however plainly, it is not appropriate for huge flooring locations in large areas.

Any of the picked mechanical therapies are extremely dirty, however there are some benefits as well. You do not have to take a breath in the chemical make-up, the odor of which can stay on the wood item for a lengthy duration of time. For the timber itself, this technique is much better, as it is a much gentler one.

Thermal Method

For a large job entailing substantial areas and also numerous spaces, it is much better to call specialist service technicians with top-level tools and also job abilities. If you are up for a difficulty, you can attempt to get rid of varnish thermally. Please think about that this technique calls for a specific collection of abilities, mastery as well as a warm air weapon. The lacquered surface area swells and also gradually diminishes under the influence of the warmth. This is when it should be torn off with a spatula as well as got rid of. You can utilize a warm air weapon or a warm weapon to immediately increase the temperature level. They will certainly thaw the varnish quickly, yet their usage calls for mastery, since the job is accomplished with open fire. If overheated, the wood surface area might just melt as well as it will certainly for life spoil the look.

The usage of a specialist warm weapon is needed. Such devices sets you back a great deal – do not perplex an expert warmth weapon with a hairdryer. A hairdryer can never ever fume sufficient to thaw the varnish. Home heating can just be performed in an aerated location – throughout warm therapy, the varnish launches harmful materials that you will certainly be breathing.

Required Tools as well as Materials

Required Tools and Materials

If you pick the DIY course as well as wish to eliminate the varnish on your own, you will certainly require:

  • Chemical make-up in any type of more suitable type
  • Brush for using the make-up to the surface area
  • Container in instance of powder
  • Non-sharp spatula for removing varnish
  • Personal security tools

Do not disregard individual safety tools, as extremely solid chemicals are usually made use of. Make sure to place on handwear covers and also a mask, at the very least.


In the end, after your initiatives, the timber flooring will certainly await using brand-new layers of varnish. Attempting to eliminate the varnish on the chipboard panels might be a really negative concept, as this will just harm the surface area. Elimination of varnish layers is advised just for all-natural timber things. Picking a thermal approach for eliminating varnish, observe just how the gloss acts when warmed. If it does not fracture or swell and also begins to melt, assume swiftly and also make use of a chemical eliminator.

When getting rid of the softened varnish layer from a wood surface area, be added cautious and also do not make use of brand-new devices. The issue is that brand-new devices have specifically sharp sides that can harm the timber. If you do not have an old tool handy, blunt the sides of the brand-new one to stay clear of spoiling the flooring. Eliminating varnish from a timber surface area can end up being an easy-peasy job if you count on the directions. Offer your floorings a brand-new lease on life!