Just How to Waterproof Wood for Bathroom: 4 Different Techniques

When timber is not dealt with, there’s a substantial opportunity it will certainly rot or warp gradually– specifically when it is available in call with water.

That’s why you require to discover exactly how to water-proof timber for shower room. Those tiny furniture or items in your shower room that are made from timber might require additional aid from a surface to not wear away. And also right here, we’ll educate you exactly how to make that feasible.

Waterproofing timber is not simple. You’ll have to take every solitary action and also aspect mentioned in this post right into account.

We’ll educate you 4 various methods to do it, along with exactly how to prepare every little thing so you can reach function asap.

Keep analysis as well as discover what you’ll require to do!

How to Prepare the Wood and also Yourself?

First as well as leading– ensure you have every little thing you require to obtain the waterproofing impact going. As well as indeed, you’ll need to begin by preparing the item of timber you intend to cover and also collecting all the safety and security things as well as devices required.

Prepare the Surface

Prepare the Surface

Wood items usually have irregular or incomplete surface areas. This creates water resistant coatings not to stick appropriately. Ultimately, the surface might drop or simply do not do its job. You’ll have to prepare the timber by obtaining rid of these flaws.

At the exact same time, you desire the entire surface area to be absolutely tidy, so you can use the water resistant blends simultaneously.

For both of these objectives, you’ll require the following:

  • 220- grit as well as 150- grit sandpaper
  • Broom or brush
  • Dustbin
  • Vacuum (optional)
  • Lint-free fabric

Once you have these things, after that wage the adhering to actions:

  • Start fining sand the entire surface area you wish to cover. Usage either 150 or 220 grit sandpaper. If the timber surface area is as well harsh, after that usage 150- grit. If the surface area is virtually smooth, after that 220- grit sandpaper will certainly be adequate.
  • Sand the surface area complying with the grain. Do not forget holes as well as complex or uneven locations. Attempt to cover whatever, so the entire surface area is planned for the waterproofing procedure.
  • Remove any type of remains from previous coatings. Obtain rid of blemishes.
  • Proceed to cleanse with a mop or brush. And afterwards down payment every little thing on a dustbin. You can make use of a vacuum cleaner rather to make the procedure quickly.
  • Finish by dipping the lint-free fabric on the water for a couple of secs and after that tidy the surface area off particles and also dirt. Adhere to the grain for much better outcomes.

You must be entrusted to a completely smooth and also ready-to-be-waterproof surface area.

If there are still blemishes and/or locations that really feel also harsh, after that you can duplicate the procedure. Do not fail to remember to leave every little thing as tidy as feasible.

Prepare Yourself

After collecting all the things and also preparing the timber surface area, after that you must prepare on your own. This is mainly concerning getting ready safety and security devices and also using the ideal clothing.

Here’s what you’ll require:

  • Rubber or silicone handwear covers
  • Safety mask
  • Sturdy boots or footwear
  • Long sleeve t shirt
  • Pants

Wearing all these items will certainly suffice to prepare for waterproofing timber. Do not wait, and also allow’s obtain going!

How to Waterproof Wood for Bathroom in 4 Different Methods?

While discovering just how to make timber water resistant, you must take into consideration a number of variables.

First, you require to recognize which surface area you wish to layer. You’ll need to prepare it complying with the previous area.

Second, you wish to have an appropriate location to function. We advise an exterior room like a deck, patio area, or backyard. If you’re seeking to waterproof an immovable wood things or flooring, after that ensure every home window about is open. Utilize a follower to distribute air.

Lastly, tidy whatever perfectly prior to beginning. Also if you do not need to prepare the surface area ahead of time, we suggest obtaining whatever as spick-and-span as feasible prior to beginning. This will certainly protect against any kind of mess.

Without a lot additional trouble– right here are 4 approaches you can make use of to water resistant wood surface area in your shower room:

Method 1: Waterproofing Wood with Oil

Waterproofing Wood with Oil

This is an outstanding method to water-proof timber, generally due to the fact that it provides a sensational outcome. Apart from that, it supplies exceptional toughness and also calls for little to no cash at. You can obtain any type of surface area waterproofed with oil without squandering your cash.

Here’s exactly how:

Pick the Right Oil

The very first point you’ll need to do is select the optimal oil. There are numerous kinds to take into consideration: tung, linseed, walnut, teak wood, as well as difficult wax oil.

We suggest teak oil for an elegant coating, as it looks fantastic. For longevity, hard-wax oil would certainly be the suitable option. If you desire a wet-like look, after that you will not be reluctant and also obtain tung oil. As well as finally, linseed oil can be superb for items.

As for downsides, walnut oil can be an irritant for sensitive individuals– so do not use it in surface areas that can be found in call with individuals’s skin. Hard-wax oil is long lasting yet often tends to leave a super-thick surface area. You’ll locate tung oil to be exceptionally costly. And also linseed oil can be a little harmful when using.

Each one provides a various outcome, so you’ll need to choose as necessary.

Create the Mixture

Once you’ve determined the suitable oil for your waterproofing, we suggest reinforcing the oil utilizing a sealer.

Here’s exactly how:

  • Go to the supply shop and also try to find turpentine and also apple cider vinegar. They assist to reinforce the oil as well as leave a good-looking surface area.
  • Pour oil in a dish as well as load it in fifty percent. Load a 4th of the dish with the sealer (turpentine). Include the remainder with the apple cider vinegar.
  • Mix up until the option is completely mixed and also looks glossy. This option needs to make the oil appearance thinner than previously.

With the mixture prepared, you can start.

Apply the First Coat

Start by using the initial layer of the mix. This will certainly establish the base so you can reapply later on as well as make the water resistant cover additional dependable.

Here’s exactly how:

  • Pour several of the blends in a dustcloth. Begin to delicately massage the cloth with oil on the surface area of the timber. This ought to leave a slim layer externally.
  • Try not to put the blend straight right into the timber. Bear in mind not to come in call with the mix as it includes turpentine and also can be poisonous. The oil itself can be harming to your skin.
  • Rub the surface area up until the initial layer looks also. Do not use excessive, however do not make use of insufficient either. In other words, do not allow the combination develop pools externally or the flooring, however likewise do not scrub also hard, so the blend sits tight.

Once you end up, the layer ought to be also and also thick sufficient, so it shows up. Bear in mind, just one layer. No demand to reapply on the locations you currently used.

Let It Dry

Once you’ve ended up covering the entire surface area with the very first layer, after that you require to allow it completely dry.

  • We suggest allowing the surface area completely dry for a minimum of 30 mins. This will certainly solidify the surface area a little so you can after that clean it off with a soft lint-free fabric.
  • Now allow the finish treatment totally for a minimum of 24 hrs. This ought to run out the initial layer as well as supply a minor waterproofing result. You can examine it by spraying a little water over. Clean it off entirely.

After 24 hrs, you can rub out the surface area once more– so you can proceed using the additional layers.

Apply a Second Coat

Once the very first layer is treated, after that you require to use a 2nd layer. Right here, you will certainly require to comply with the very same procedure as in the past as well as wait on the exact same quantity of time for it to completely dry.

  • Apply the 2nd layer as well as allow it completely dry for 5 hrs. The surface area needs to look thicker currently, and also entirely also.
  • Then sand the surface area a little with a sphere of steel woollen. Take care not to massage way too much as well as remove the still damp 2nd layer.

Then allow it completely dry for at the very least 24 a lot more hrs.

Let It Cure

After 24 hrs or a little bit a lot more, you’ll see exactly how the water-proof layers begin to take shape. This will certainly leave a quite surface area.

You’ll understand it is entirely healed as soon as you can pass your finger with the surface area, and also it will certainly really feel ultra-smooth.

This needs to take place in regarding 7 days or two. We advise not revealing it to moisture if you desire to stop any type of damages to the water-proof layer.

Method 2: Waterproofing Wood with Wood Sealer

Using a timber sealant is yet an additional sensible method for waterproofing timber. The benefits of timber sealants originate from their exceptional water-proof capability without leaving irregular surface areas behind. You obtain the level of smoothness as well as defense.

At the exact same time, you can recoat, re-sand, or merely repaint the surface area as soon as you make use of a timber sealant. That’s why it is such a superb alternative to go with.

Last yet not the very least, waterproofing with a timber sealant uses one more benefit: it runs out super-fast. On the other hand with oils, sealers often tend to be fast-drying, which enables you to utilize them in much less than a day after application.

However, it is necessary to bear in mind that timber sealants can be extremely hazardous. You should take preventative measures if you desire to avoid any kind of undesirable damages. Use your safety equipment as well as operate in a very aerated atmosphere for a much safer experience.

Without a lot additional to claim regarding them, right here’s just how to utilize timber sealants for waterproofing:

Get a Wood Sealer

First as well as leading, make certain you obtain a timber sealant that truly fits your needs.

There are lots of kinds to go with, going from polyurethane to varnish, lacquer, and so forth. We advise varnish for its capability to supply a yellowing-free experience. It is likewise immune to UV rays and also can manage scrapes as well as continuous dampness. If you obtain aquatic varnish, after that you obtain an also stronger layer.

  • We advise varnish for locations that often tend to be revealed to a great deal of wetness.

Then you’ll locate polyurethane. It supplies among the neatest as well as best surface areas you can obtain. As well as indeed, it supplies high-gloss, low-gloss, soft shine, as well as several various other coatings as needed. A polyurethane sealant is additionally entirely immune and also can last for several years.

  • Polyurethane will certainly function marvels on anything that you intend to decorate while providing it a safety layer.

Lastly, you’ll locate lacquer. This is the toughest of the 3. Its scratch-resistant ability as well as dampness resistance are impressive. It has a tendency to yellow over time, specifically on light timbers. It is primarily suggested for darker timbers.

  • Lacquer would certainly be best for furnishings and also items that you get hold of or move constantly.

It is essential to bear in mind that all these sealants function in a different way. Have these in mind prior to picking:

  • They have particular objectives. A few of them are exterior sealants, while others are flooring sealants. Pick appropriately.
  • For restrooms, there’s absolutely nothing much better than aquatic sealants. This will possibly be varnish, however you’re still totally free to choose whatever you like.
  • Always bear in mind to examine their application approaches in advance. You might intend to make certain that you have all the devices in addition to the setting required to do so.

Once you have the optimal timber sealant, after that you’re prepared to begin using it.

Prepare the Sealer

Before you use anything, make certain you have the sealant all set to be used. That implies adhering to the directions on the container or container.

Usually, you simply require to mix for a couple of mins till the elements blend completely. You’ll be all set to spread it on the timber.

Apply a Coat

Now you can begin establishing the sealant externally. We advise utilizing a paintbrush for the very best outcomes. This will certainly make it a great deal much easier.

Here’s just how to continue:

  • Remove any kind of continuing to be dirt or particles on the timber surface area. Make use of a wet fabric to cleanse it one last time prior to using the sealant.
  • Now get hold of a paintbrush and also begin spreading out the sealer on the timber surface area. Bear in mind to comply with the timber grain as this will certainly leave a neater cause completion.
  • Don’t allow the item vaporize if you’re in a warm location. Bear in mind that you require to be added cautious with these items as they might generate fumes as well as harm your lungs.

The very first layer is currently on the timber, and also the item is practically all set.

Let the Sealer Dry

Depending on the sealant you selected, you’ll need to allow it completely dry.

  • Always adhere to the directions that include the sealant. Many sealants have a drying out time of around 4 to 12 hrs. You might require to allow it completely dry for no much less than 24 hrs to make certain it is entirely completely dry.
  • In the meanwhile, attempt to keep away from the surface area you covered. Do not order, touch, tip over, or merely relocate.

After the moment has actually passed, after that you will certainly obtain a glossy yet slim waterproof surface area to delight in. That’s not sufficient.

Clean the First Coat

Once the initial layer runs out, you’re all set to cleanse it as well as do away with the blemishes. For this, make use of a super-soft grit 320 sandpaper (or steel woollen) as well as a wet fabric.

  • Before beginning, check out the item directions. It will certainly inform you specifically just how to continue.
  • If the sealant does not have guidelines, you will certainly need to gently sand the surface area to do away with the little disparities.
  • Finish by cleansing with a wet fabric to do away with the completely dry sealant deposits behind.

Now, you’re all set to use the 2nd layer. You might not require to use it in many cases.

Apply a Second Coat

The 2nd layer will just be required if the timber item is constructed from softwood as well as will certainly be utilized constantly or subjected to dampness. If it is made of wood and also it’s not going to be subjected a lot, after that a 2nd layer might not be required.

Here’s exactly how to use it if you determine to:

  • Use the paintbrush to use and also spread out about. This 2nd layer will certainly stick much less constantly to the timber as you will certainly be using it over one more layer. Be cautious not to spread out also roughly.
  • While using the 2nd layer, concentrate on providing an also surface. You need to not allow any kind of variance like over-applying or under spreading out occur.

Once you’ve used the 2nd and also last layer– you require to allow the timber surface area treatment for a long time.

Let It Cure

Curing a water-proof layer with sealer might take numerous days. You should not fret as well a lot.

  • Before putting the timber item on its location or putting anything over it– see to it is totally treated. We suggest waiting at the very least 24 hrs. If you can allow it treat for at the very least 48 hrs, that would certainly be also much better.
  • Always comply with the sealer guidelines for much better outcomes. It will certainly inform you just how much time you require to await the healing procedure.
  • After it remedies, after that you’re prepared to utilize it as you choose. You might require to recoat after a year or two. Do not be reluctant to do it if you desire to maintain the timber water resistant as well as cool.

There’s absolutely nothing else to do, you’ve effectively used the sealant to waterproof a timber surface area in your shower room.

Method 3: Waterproofing with Resin as well as Acetone

seal wood from water

Another method to water-proof timber surface is to utilize polyester material and also acetone.

This mix supplies among the best outcomes around. The water-proof layers can last approximately 5 years without troubles. As well as indeed, they will certainly stop also the smallest decrease of wetness from getting involved in the timber.

Lastly, polyester material along with acetone runs out exceptionally quick (often faster than timber sealants), so you obtain double the benefit. As well as due to the fact that it is slim, the surface area will certainly wind up extremely constant and also also, so there’s no demand to sand.

Here’s exactly how to continue:

Get the Right Resin as well as Acetone

First as well as primary, make certain you have the correct material. You will certainly need to choose in between laminating material and also completing material.

The distinction is that laminating flooring material lasts longer to run out and also typically leaves a somewhat softer surface area. On the other hand, ending up material leaves a difficult surface area initially, while running out a great deal quicker.

You might claim that laminating flooring material is for the initial couple of layers while ending up materials is for the last one. You can go for either one you like. Or, if you desire to do it appropriately, after that obtain both and also laminate.

Then you require the acetone. The entire function of acetone would certainly be to slim up the mix a little. You will not require a lot simply sufficient so the material is very easy to use on the timber surface area.

Then you’re prepared to prepare the blend.

Create the Mix

Now with the material on your hands, you require to blend it with the acetone. Below’s exactly how:

  • Pour several of the thick material in a dish or container. Compute what you’re mosting likely to require for the entire timber surface area.
  • Then include some acetone. Do not include excessive initially, gradually trickle some and also begin blending. Quit putting acetone when the mix is just a little bit thicker than water. If the combination obtains as well slim, after that include some even more material as necessary.
  • You’ll need to prepare this combination once again for the 2nd layer, so do not prepare way too much.

With the mix prepared, you’ll be readied to use it.

Apply the Resin

Here, you will certainly require a paintbrush. A soft-bristled brush or a paint roller will certainly additionally function, specifically if they’re old, and also you will not utilize them once again. Continue such as this:

  • Grab the tool for application as well as damp it on the combination. Begin spreading it around the surface area.
  • The slim blend will certainly be extremely squishy, so take care when using. Attempt to cover your arms and also general skin, so it does not touch you.
  • Once you’ve used the material, you can allow it completely dry. We suggest allowing it completely dry for at the very least 30 mins.

Once the very first layer runs out, you can continue to include the following one.

Reapply a Few More Coats

After allowing the initial layer completely dry, after that you require to reapply at the very least 5 even more times. Since the mix is rather slim, you’ll require to use the layer a number of times for the very best outcomes.

Here’s exactly how:

  • Reapply by preparing even more mix. Bear in mind, the material must obtain nearly as slim as water. A little thicker than that will certainly additionally do the work, particularly if you’re making use of laminating flooring material.
  • Let each layer of material completely dry for at the very least 30 mins. When including the following layers, take care not to scrub the surface area rather than spreading out the mix. If you scrub as well hard, you might harm the previous layers.

After the last layer, you can include some fluid wax, so it attains a glossy impact. You will certainly have to wait for it to heal.

Let It Cure

Once you’ve used whatever, after that you ought to allow it heal entirely. This will certainly set up the entire surface area.

  • Because of just how slim it is, the material blend will certainly heal in just 6 hrs. You might wish to leave it alone for 12 hrs if you wish to see to it that it remedies entirely.
  • Then examine it to see if it functions by splashing some water over it. The timber should not be influenced in any way, as well as the surface area ought to ward off the water rather.

If indeed, after that you’ve effectively waterproofed a wood item with material and also acetone.

Method 4: Waterproofing with Stain and also Varnish

The last and also ideal method to make water-proof timber furnishings is to make use of tarnish as well as varnish. While varnish is really a timber sealant, coupling it up with discolor supplies an entirely various impact– so we needed to include it as an extra approach.

This takes place due to the fact that varnish normally leaves a remarkably glossy impact. And also with discolor, it makes the timber appearance darker, which includes a distinctly stunning impact.

The water resistant result of varnish with discolor is suitable. And also indeed, they run out remarkably quick, which leads to among one of the most hassle-free approaches.

Here’s just how this functions:

Get a Stain as well as Varnish

You’ll discover a number of sorts of varnish and also discolor to obtain. We advise browsing properly.

Some spots are interior-grade while others are for outsides. Make sure to select the ideal one according to the sort of washroom furnishings or item you’re covering.

You might additionally wish to select in between darker as well as lighter tones. It depends on you, relying on the coating shade you wish to accomplish and also the sort of timber you’re covering. We generally advise a little darker tones than timber.

At the exact same time, you might not require to obtain a tarnish as well as varnish in various sets. You might discover stain-sealant items around that deal both items blended currently. This includes an added touch of comfort, so you will not need to prepare the blend ultimately.

Prepare the Mixture (If Necessary)

Mixing the varnish with the tarnish is not as well difficult. Simply follow this procedure:

  • Calculate in your head just how much varnish you’ll require to cover the entire surface area. Put it on a pail or dish.
  • Now include a couple of declines of tarnish. Do not include way too much as it can wind up thinning the varnish as well as making it extremely tough to use later on. Be mindful.
  • Mix the varnish as well as tarnish till the mix modifications shade totally to something in between the shade of the varnish and also the discolor.

Now you’re prepared to begin using the mix.

Apply the First Coat

Again, you’ll require a paintbrush or something of such. This will certainly assist you use the mix extra conveniently on the wood surface area.

  • Slowly dip the paintbrush on the combination. Begin cleaning it on the timber surface area in an uniformly method.
  • If it is a big surface area, after that attempt adhering to the grain, so it looks much better over time.

Once you’ve covered the entire surface area, after that you’ll require to allow it completely dry. 4 hrs will certainly suffice.

Remove the Excess

After the initial layer has actually dried out, after that you must do away with the excess as well as deposits. Below’s exactly how:

  • Find an item of fine-grit sandpaper, 220 or better. Clean it throughout the wood surface area gently, obtaining rid of variances and also extra of varnish.
  • Leave the best surface area you can so the 2nd layer can make the surface area much more also. This will certainly additionally aid it to stick conveniently.
  • Finish by cleaning up with a somewhat wet fabric. Attempt to remove any kind of deposits, dirt, or particles externally.

Now you can use the 2nd layer.

Apply the Second Coat

The 2nd layer will certainly be a little bit a lot more difficult to use due to the fact that the surface area is currently smooth. It should not be also tough either.

  • Apply complying with the very same procedure for the initial layer. This time, attempt being also extra cautious as not to spread out the varnish also a lot. Attempt doing it extremely gently.
  • Let the 2nd layer of tarnish completely dry for at the very least 5 hrs later. If you can allow it completely dry for a bit a lot more up until the layer is not sticky any longer, then that’s also much better.
  • After the 2nd layer, you might use a 3rd one if you seem like it. This will certainly include an also thicker water resistant layer, so you obtain double the security.

This layer will certainly make the timber appearance completely various (possibly darker) as well as will certainly supply a respectable water-proof impact.

Let It Cure

After using the last layer, you will certainly require to allow the entire surface area completely dry for at the very least 3 (3) days. This will certainly make it tough and also make certain you can begin utilizing it without troubles.

  • Test the surface area by splashing some water over it after a couple of days. If the timber repels it, after that you’ve efficiently used the water resistant layer right into the timber.
  • If it is a flooring or comparable location with great deals of web traffic or consistent rubbing, we advise allowing the varnish/stain completely dry for a minimum of 5 approximately 7 days.

Now you can delight in the entire wood surface area with complete water resistant capability. You will not be let down.

How to Protect Wood from Water in Bathroom

From discovering just how to secure the timber from water to maintaining hardwood and also making it last much longer– safeguarding timber at some point ends up being a crucial point to do. Below are a couple of methods to do that:

1. Oil and also Lemon/Vinegar


It appears counterproductive, yet it functions.

Adding basic food preparation oil with some vinegar or lemon right into a combination will certainly provide among one of the most wood-preserving fluids around. Not just it safeguards versus water damages, yet they likewise maintain the timber and also make it scent a great deal much better.

Especially if you have discolorations on the timber, this will certainly be an excellent method to cleanse it. Simply prepare some by including oil and also lemon with some vinegar right into a sprayer and after that put it on the tarnished timber. Clean it off to obtain rid of the discolorations. It must function marvels.

2. Repair Issues at the same time

Did a pipeline break inside your shower room? Do not allow it remain damaged for long.

Is your sink splashing water around as well severely? Repair the water stress, so it does not spread out that much.

Whatever the problem might be, ensure you can repair it prior to it’s far too late. Allowing most water concerns in your washroom take place for also lengthy can be harmful, specifically to timber.

3. Waterproof Consistently

We revealed you a number of approaches to make water resistant timber that can last a number of years each. Still, you must waterproof once again every when in a while.

A slim layer of water resistant product will certainly suffice for every single year or 2. That will certainly maintain the water-proof ability at max as well as avoid any type of sort of water damages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you’re made with the washroom furnishings waterproofing procedure, allow’s resolve several of your questions. Right here prevail concerns lots of people make concerning waterproofing timber:

1. For how long does it Take for the Waterproof Coat to Cure?

Ans: It relies on the kind of layer you’re making use of. Oils might need approximately 14 days to heal totally. Sealants often tend to heal in a day or more. Varnish needs approximately a week. As well as material with acetone remedies in 24 hrs and even much less.

2. Will these Waterproof Methods Last?

Ans: Yes, they will certainly last a minimum of one year with continuous usage. We suggest recoating at the very least when every 2 years as a result of that, so you can maintain the timber surface areas secured.

3. Can I make use of These Waterproofing Methods on Other Materials?

Ans: Yes. Polyester material, for instance, is an usual choice for covering concrete floorings as well as various other surface areas.

4. Are these Methods for Waterproofing Wood Safe?

Are these Methods for Waterproofing Wood Safe

They’re secure as long as you take the correct preventative measures. Utilize your shatterproof glass, handwear covers, boots, trousers, as well as mask to remain risk-free.


If you obtained right here, it indicates you’ve reviewed the whole post, as well as it likewise suggests you’ve found out exactly how to water resistant timber for shower room.

And all that suggests it is time to act. Choose the perfect technique, obtain the products, as well as begin finish those timber surface areas currently.

You will not be sorry for waterproofing your shower room wood furnishings or surface areas. It will certainly make every little thing last a long period of time!

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