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This is a post about a new certification for people studying to become IT professionals. It has been designed to put students on a track that will allow them to obtain a Level 1 (CompTIA Security+). The goal of this certification is to help students jockey to get to a better job within the industry, or to help them get that first job in the IT field. I got this certification last year, and now I am doing Level 2, and planning on becoming a Level 3. I plan on writing this blog as more information on the certification becomes available.

So, you’re getting ready to start your career in IT, and you can’t help but wonder, “What should I do to become good at this?” You want to start right out of college, but you’re worried your professors will laugh at your lack of experience, or that you’ll have to wait until you’re in your mid-twenties to actually start learning something. Imagine if you could become a certified professional in IT in just a few months!

Use the title to describe this entry. Let me explain that the level 1 certification is for the Android app development course that I teach.

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During the second semester, there were a number of students who had not yet passed their certification test. Many of these students were asked why they had not yet passed, and their responses were varied. Some were lazy and preferred to take the easy way out. Others felt that they would not pass the test and were therefore not motivated. A couple of students were concerned about what to do after they failed the test.. Read more about google level 1 scenarios and let us know what you think.

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