How to use Third-party pps in Windows 11?

Windows 10 comes with a built-in PPP protocol, which allows you to use your devices as a modem to connect to computers, printers, and other devices using the data network. You can create a private network using your phones or tablet, and connect other devices to it. When it comes to the latest operating system, … Read more

‘Just Make Sure He’s Doing OK’

It was a typical evening at home; a bunch of friends (myself included) had gathered together to watch a movie. However, as we relaxed on the couch, we realized that our friend had become so engrossed in the screen that he was ignoring everyone else. A simple, “hey, you ok?” was enough to bring him … Read more

Red Matter – Review –

The latest game in the Metal Gear Solid series is here, and it’s a risky move. The game follows the story of Big Boss, a character who was left for dead years before by a rival group. The game spans multiple timelines, and the new time period takes place in the year 2014—a time when … Read more