The 21+ Best KETO Vegetarian Recipes 2024

Why the hell not? The ketogenic diet is a controversial and new way of eating for some, but the truth is it works so well for me that I’m now doing it in a big way. When I’m done with my Keto diet and get back to normal eating, I’ll be sure to write all about it in a new blog post.

The 21+ Best KETO Vegetarian Recipes 2024 Keto and vegetarianism are in the spotlight these days. Vegetarianism is no longer the domain of the hippies and the religious zealots, but is now a very mainstream and mainstream movement. Many people are now adopting the vegetarian lifestyle as a way of improving their health and losing weight.

Vegetarianism is a growing trend in the 21st century, with many people choosing to cut out meat and dairy from their diets. However, this does not mean that you should miss out on all the great vegetarian foods!

Many individuals mistakenly believe that going low carb or keto implies you can only eat meat and fat. And, while they are a part of a low-carb ketogenic diet, they aren’t the only foods you can eat—herbivores and omnivores have plenty of options. Check out this collection of 21+ vegetarian keto recipes. Don’t panic if you’ve recently switched to a ketogenic diet and are feeling stuck, or if you simply want to spice things up and participate in Meatless Monday.

pumpkin pancakes sliced with a fork

We’ve compiled a list of 20 of our favorite vegetarian keto recipes—all of them are meat-free!

Is the keto diet suitable for vegetarians?

It’s a simple question with a simple answer: yes. While meat and fat are often associated with low carb and keto, there are plenty of different fat and protein sources that can work just as well for vegans and vegetarians; vegan keto is a little more difficult, but it’s still feasible.

Because vegetarian diets tend to be higher in carbohydrates due to the abundance of beans and legumes, whole grains, starchy and non-starchy veggies, and other carbohydrates, it requires a little more forethought to keep your net-carb count low and stay keto.

However, there is one area where you should focus your efforts: meeting all of your nutrient needs. If you consume a vegetarian diet, specific nutrients concentrated in animal-based items may be in short supply, however this is partly depending on the type of vegetarian diet you follow. In general, the stricter the vegetarian diet (i.e. vegan), the greater the danger of vitamin shortages.

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Vegetarian diets come in a variety of flavors.

There are actually six different ways to be a vegetarian:

  1. Vegan — eats no animal products of any type (eggs, dairy, fish oils, animal-derived or animal by-products); most vegans avoid honey, gelatin, and collagen as well.
  2. Vegetarian who avoids meat yet eats dairy and eggs is known as a lacto-ovo vegetarian.
  3. Lacto-vegetarians don’t consume meat or eggs, but they do eat dairy products.
  4. Ovo-vegetarian – eats eggs but avoids meat and dairy products.
  5. Vegetarian — a vegetarian abstains from eating meat but consumes dairy and eggs; comparable to a lacto-ovo vegetarian, but may also consume animal by-products such as honey, gelatin, and collagen; a vegetarian simply does not consume meat.
  6. Pescatarian — consumes fish and seafood, as well as dairy and eggs, but excludes chicken and red meat; this is a semi-vegetarian alternative.

Which type of veggie is the most keto-friendly?

There isn’t a clear solution here—the optimal vegetarian eating pattern for keto falls down to what works best for your body, as well as your food and lifestyle preferences.

However, the more broad and liberal your vegetarian diet is, the more keto options you’ll have, which can make mealtimes easier and more pleasurable (though entirely meat-free vegetarian meals are just as tasty!). 

When adopting a vegetarian diet that excludes most animal products (eggs and/or dairy), one thing to keep in mind is that plant-based proteins do not always provide a full amount of protein. Complete proteins have all 9 necessary amino acids needed to make functional proteins, whereas incomplete proteins lack one or more essential amino acids or do not have enough of them. 

Vegans and vegetarians rely on a combination of beans and legumes, grains, and seeds to meet their amino acid needs, but the difficulty is that they don’t fit into a low carb or keto diet when net carbs are low.

Keto Recipes for Vegetarians: 20+ of the Best

There are plenty of tasty keto vegetarian dishes to pick from, whether you follow a vegetarian diet or not. Here are more than 20 of our favorite vegetarian keto recipes!

7 Keto Breakfast Recipes for Vegetarians

1. 1g net carb Keto Pancakes

If you’re new to the keto pancake scene, prepare to have your world turned upside down. We took a traditional low-carb protein pancake recipe and increased the fat content to create the ideal keto pancake. On the outside, they’re crispy, and on the inside, they’re moist. For a fantastic protein-packed low carb vegetarian breakfast, add a dollop of butter and some sugar-free maple syrup.

keto macro cakes final

2. 4.5g net carbohydrates Vegan Protein Breakfast Bowl 

Looking for a quick and delicious high-protein breakfast? It’s chock-full of nuts, nibs, and hemp hearts, all layered on top of a decadent chocolate mousse. It’s a low-carb keto breakfast that’s great for on-the-go, post-workout, or just a lazy Sunday.

3. Low-Carb Waffles (net carbs: 3 g)

What more could you want from a dessert? It’s moist, rich, and absolutely delectable. Waffles are a morning classic, and we’ve made them keto-compliant by making them completely low carb. They’re a nutritious breakfast or a decadent keto treat when topped with sugar-free syrup or butter.

Waffles on a plate with a horizontal shot

4. Baked Indian Eggs with Masala – 6g net carbohydrates

Whether you like meat or not, you’ll like this twist on a classic egg dish. It’s a dairy-free and gluten-free dish with a rich blend of spices and perfectly cooked eggs over a spicy bed of tomatoes and onions. Do you need anything to soak up all of that delicious sauce? Combine it with our low-carb naan.

5. Hash Browns with Cauliflower – 3.2g net carbohydrates

Who says hash browns can’t be served for Sunday brunch? We’re not like that! They’re the right balance of crunchy and cheesy, and they go great with a couple of fried eggs. They might easily become your new favorite keto breakfast item!

cauliflower hash browns side broken

 6. 3g net carbohydrates Keto Overnight Hemp Oats 

The beauty of oatmeal is how varied and easy it is to prepare. But, in general, it isn’t low-carb keto-friendly–until now. Do you have a strong desire for pumpkin pie? You figured it out! Do you require more protein? We’ve got your back. Overnight oats are a quick and easy keto breakfast option when you have a busy morning ahead of you. We challenge you to choose a favorite flavor combination!

7. 2 g net carbohydrates classic French omelette 

You’re in for a treat if you’ve never tried preparing an omelette the French way. You obtain the right blend of a smooth outer skin and a soft, extremely buttery interior with just 5 easy ingredients. You’ll never go back to your old omelette methods for a simple keto breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

French Omelette final

8 keto vegetarian recipes for lunch & dinner

8. Curry or spicy Keto Egg Salad – 2g net carbohydrates

It’s all about the toppings and flavor in egg salad. We’ve got you covered whether you love spices and crunch or plain and hot. This delicious egg salad is a quick and easy keto meal. For a fantastic dipping vessel, pair it with our surefire keto crackers! 

7.75g net carbohydrates in Cauliflower Fried Rice

Bid farewell to Chinese takeaway! Even the best fried rice recipes will pale in comparison to this keto cauliflower fried rice. It’s quick and easy to make, full of nutrients, and you don’t have to wait an hour to get it!

adding the eggs in separately to cook them before mixing

10. Tofu Nuggets with Curry – 2.5g net carbohydrates 

Without the meat, bite-sized breaded goodness? It’s not possible! However, it is possible. These curry tofu nuggets are a great substitute for your favorite McDonald’s item. These nuggets are a surefire hit, whether you’re searching for a quick evening meal or a party appetizer.

11. 3g net carbohydrates Keto Pasta

We all know that pasta is a no-no on the keto diet, but what if it didn’t have to be that way? This gluten-free keto pasta is just as tasty and filling as regular wheat-based varieties, but with a fraction of the carbs. There are so many flavor combinations and sauces you can use to spice up this dinner, whether it’s meat-free or not!

12. Eggplant Manicotti with 6g Net Carbs

With this tasty and low-carb keto eggplant manicotti, Italian dinner night is back! It turns a high-carb staple into a gluten-free, keto-friendly variant that’s just as rich and delicious. It’s the perfect vegetarian keto supper recipe to make tonight because it comes together in only 30 minutes!

eggplant manicotti being plated and served

13. 1.8g net carbohydrates Low-Carb Bagels 

Do you have a craving for a freshly baked bagel but can’t afford to indulge in carbs? We’ve got you covered. Add an egg and cheese or a dollop of peanut butter and you’ve got yourself a low-carb dinner to die for. Breakfast, snack, and sandwich time will never be the same again now that bagels are back on the menu!

14. 1 g net carb Keto Chaffles

You’ve most likely never heard of the term “chaffle,” but it’s going to transform your life. Cheese and waffles are a delectable and crave-worthy combination that will knock your socks off (and everyone else that tries it). Use it as a sandwich bread, a hamburger bun, or a pizza crust substitute! You may make it sweet or savory—the options are unlimited.

a keto chaffles sandwich using ham and a sunny side up egg on a blue table cloth

15. Broccoli cheddar soup (four grams of net carbohydrates)

Soup is a perennial favorite. On a cold winter night, it’s warm, comfortable, and a must-have. This soup is as easy to make as it sounds, and it highlights the two primary ingredients: broccoli and cheese. It takes less than 30 minutes to make and can be frozen (though we have a feeling there won’t be any leftovers).

7 keto vegetarian recipes for snacks & sweets

16. 4 g net carbohydrates Cauliflower Hummus 

This cauliflower hummus will be a hit whether you dip low-carb crackers or raw veggie sticks in it. It makes a creamy and delicious dairy-free keto dip by substituting cauliflower for the conventional high-carb chickpea base. It’s the ideal snack with a strong flavor profile.

celery being dipped into a bowl of cauliflower hummus

17. Avocado Fries in the Air Fryer – 3g net carbohydrates 

When potatoes aren’t an option, there’s a better and even more delectable alternative. Avocado fries are a delicious side dish or snack to serve to friends and family. They’re delightfully crisp and satisfying when you’re needing something salty!

18. Devilled Eggs with Avocado – 1 g net carbohydrates

Devilled eggs are a delicious appetizer or snack. They’re easy to make, flavorful, and high in protein, and no matter what you put in them, you can’t go wrong! The mix of egg, avocado, cayenne, and a hint of lime, on the other hand, gives a basic party staple a Mexican twist.

19. 0.5g net carbohydrates Easy Keto Energy Balls

When a craving strikes, energy balls are the ideal grab-and-go snack or quick munchie. These keto energy balls take less than 30 minutes to make and are high in protein and fat to keep you satisfied. They’re chewy and sweet, and they’re ideal for a quick snack or breakfast.

bowl of keto energy balls with coconut flakes and chocolate chips

20. Tiramisu Keto – 5g net carbohydrates 

Who doesn’t enjoy the combination of coffee and chocolate? Traditional Italian tiramisu is creamy and delectable, but it’s also high in carbohydrates. This variation makes a deliciously tempting (but nutritious) keto treat with handmade lady fingers, coffee, and a dash of rum.

low carb keto glasses

4g net carbohydrates Dark Chocolate Pecan Tart (#21)

This is the dessert for you if you want a healthy yet tempting dessert that won’t ruin your carb count. It’s creamy, crispy, rich, and incredibly tasty. It’s guaranteed to be a hit at all your dinner parties, with a rich and dense chocolate filling and a crunch from pecans!

22. 0.7g net carb Keto Fat Bombs

For keto dieters, fat bombs are a must-have. They’re as easy to make as they are delicious, using only four ingredients. They’re the ideal alternative for a quick snack or something to take with you on the go. This dish is a protein-packed fat bomb, but try these cookie dough fat bombs for a change of pace! Whatever way you look at it, you’re going to adore them.

There are plenty of tasty keto vegetarian dishes to try that don’t include meat, regardless of your vegetarian eating pattern. We’re continuously testing recipes and seeking for new ways to add a vegetarian flair to beloved keto meals, from bowls and bakes to crackers and cakes. Who says meat eaters get to have all of the fun?

Do you eat a ketogenic vegetarian diet? If that’s the case, leave a comment and tell us about your favorite simple keto vegetarian recipe!

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Due to the high content of carbs and sugars in most vegetarian dishes, it is especially important to choose low carb and low sugar recipes when you’re on KETO or LCHF diet. Here are some vegetarian recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack, which are both Keto and LCHF friendly.. Read more about keto recipes with macros and let us know what you think.

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