Top Wood Lathe Manufacturers: What You Need to Know

Fact, brands matter.

If you are looking for a kick ass wood lathe and want proper value for your money, then you’d better go for a renowned brand.

For popular brands always deliver. That’s why they have become popular.

So, which manufacturers are trustworthy?

Read on to find the answer. Here is my pick for top 5 wood lathe manufacturers:

Jet Tools

Jet Tools

This company had been found in 1958 by Leslie P. Sussman. Since then their only goal has been to produce products that satisfy the customers.

Their widespread popularity is the testament to the fact they have been pretty successful in achieving their goals.

Lathes produced by Jet Tools are reliable since they are rigorously tested before the launch to ensure constant quality.

Their lathes are perfectly able to produce precise symmetrical wood pieces.

In addition, they carry out wood turning operation with minimum sound production.

Why You Should Buy from Jet Tools

  • Performs operations smoothly
  • Incredible speed control
  • Does not vibrate



Powermatic is an acclaimed manufacturer of commercial wood lathes.

This company was born in 1921, when the founder of this company, Leonard F. Smith, Sr., decided to make a woodturning machine by himself.

If woodturning is the only means to earn your bread and butter, then Powermatic should be your go-to machine for truing wood materials.

It comes with an extremely powerful motor, variable speed control, and large capacity to meet the requirements of professionals.

They have recently modified the headstock and tailstock of their lathes to give a better experience to the ace woodturners.

However, most of their lathes are large and heavy. Hence, not portable.

Why You Should Buy from Powermatic

  • Sturdily built
  • Variable speed control
  • Can handle a wide range of projects

Rikon Tools


Rikon tools are known to produce user-friendly lathes and have a huge fan base.

Their lathes are adaptable and come with exceedingly easy features.

Their mini lathes are perfect for beginners who wish to pursue a career in woodturning as one can use it with basic woodturning skills.

Their products are reasonably priced. On top of that, they ship their products in a very short time.

Another praiseworthy aspect of this brand is their customer service. If you go through the Amazon reviews, you will find a lot of satisfied customers, who praised their customer service profusely.

Most of their lathes are light and can be carried with you for professional projects.

Why You Should Buy from Rikon Tools

  • Produces high-quality mini lathes
  • Easy to use
  • Allows you to change the speed quickly


Thanks to the electric variable speed motor, their laths have a terrific RPM speed range.

Its mini lathes are quick and do not weigh much. Yet they offer the large capacity and durability of a much bigger machine.

Most of the lathes include forward and reverse switches, which enable you to give the workpiece a premium finish.

Overall, their products are adaptable and long-lasting.

Why You Should Buy from NOVA Comet II

  • Durable
  • Provides precise finishes
  • Comes with an electric variable speed motor



Last but not least Delta is one of the leading manufacturers of the wood lathe in this industry.

They have been in this business for 90 years. So, yeah they know how to make a fine lathe.

With their machines, you can turn large pieces of wood and bowls as they have a huge capacity.

Wood lathes of delta come with a unique feature:

Patented belt-tension system.

It allows you more flexibility in shifting the speed range.

Why You Should Buy form Delta

  • Has huge capacity
  • Patented belt-tension system
  • Reasonable price

Factors You Need To Consider Before Buying A Wood Lathe

To make sure you purchase the right wood lathe for your needs, here you have some dynamics to follow. Be very careful, because these determines your pick.

  • Speed: some projects may require you to rotate the spindle at various speeds. Hence, it’s recommendable that you buy a lathe with adjustable speed.
  • Weight: heavier lathes are more consistent and don’t need any additional support. In contrast, lightweight lathes have a tendency to move out of place.
  • Type: depending on your needs and space in your workspace, you can either choose a benchtop lathe or a full-sized lathe.
  • Capacity: unless you are gonna work on only small projects, you’d like to check the capacity of lathe before making a purchase. A lathe with large capacities will allow you to work with bowls and large spindles.
  • Price: wood lathes aren’t cheap and can cost you a lot of dough. So, make sure you are getting value for your money. If you are a beginner, then don’t buy a commercial lathe as they can be pretty expensive. A benchtop lathe should be sufficient for you.
  • Motor: in order to work on a heavy workpiece, you will need a powerful motor. Otherwise, it could result in mistakes, damaged product, and broken tools.

Wrapping up

All of the above-mentioned brands produce top quality wood lathes.

Hence, no matter which one you choose, be assured that you are in safe hands.

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