How Do You Beat the Mage Tower in World of Warcraft – 2024 Guide

Players all over the globe prefer playing World of Warcraft because of many reasons. The primary one is that every stage is exciting. The players couldn’t resist playing this game. If you are also a consistent player, you might know how amazing this game is. There is one battle that most players fail to clear: The Mage Tower challenge. Many players struggle because they don’t know the strategies to be used in the game. This article will discuss all the necessary things that players need to know about the Mage Tower challenge.

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If you are eager to know more about beating the Mage Tower challenge, let’s get started with it.

How to beat the Mage Tower challenge?

You might already know that the Mage Tower battle consists of seven challenges. Every player should be knowledgeable enough to use the strategies carefully. So, here are some tips that might be beneficial for you to follow:

1. Use your items by analyzing everything

Sometimes, while playing, you don’t realize that many weapons will expire soon. Due to this, you lose the essential ones within a short period. If you want to succeed in beating the challenges, you should always use items expiring soon.


2. Planning is essential

If you enter the Mage Tower challenge for the first time, you must consider planning. You can get rewards from the weekly quests. Some bonuses might help you in beating this challenge. So, you should get as many benefits as you can before participating in the same.


3. Take a few breaks

Some players often get desperate while playing the Mage Tower challenge. When they lose, they try it again and again. It is because they get frustrated. Well, this frustration won’t help you in any way to win the challenge. The only thing that might benefit you is being patient throughout your play. When you no longer get stressed, it means you are close to achieving your target. Therefore, taking a few breaks is crucial when it comes to playing World of Warcraft.


4. Try boosting your character

You can participate in those quests that can improve your character’s performance. It is necessary to do it before the Mage Tower challenge as you can beat it easily.


The Bottom Line

We hope now you understand how to clear the Mage Tower challenge in simple steps. It doesn’t matter if you are new to playing this one. You can beat it with confidence.