How Often Should You Rotate Your Mattress – 2024 Guide

You must have heard many people saying that you should flip your mattress quite often, so that the longevity of the mattress increases and it retains its shape. It is critical to follow mattress maintenance advice, to ensure that it continues to provide the maximum benefits and lasts longer than expected.

When we talk about following maintenance advice, there are a lot of things to consider. For instance, washing the bedding every week, using a mattress protector, getting the mattress vacuumed once in every three months, etc. Just as we all follow the general rules laid down by our mattress manufacturer, we should not ignore their advice of flipping the mattress.

Yes, flipping your mattress is crucial to ensure that it lasts long and stays in adequate condition till the end. If you want to buy a cost-effective mattress that lasts long, check Keep reading to know more about flipping your mattress.

Why Consider Flipping Your Mattress?

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We sleep on the same mattress, on the same side, night after night, and therefore, the weight of the body stresses the mattress. That said, with time your mattress wears and tears out and may also become uneven in several parts, due to the weight of our body imposed on it.

Rotating the mattress more often is advised since it will help keep your mattress more even. Moreover, by flipping the mattress gets switched to the other side that is less often used. That said, the top layer will be fresher and you will get to sleep on the side that is used less.

However, you should know that you cannot rotate every type of bed that is available in the market. Also, it includes the ones that are specifically crafted to provide support to some specific body parts. Hence, check with the mattress provider, whether or not your mattress can be rotated or not. If it can be rotated, then you should consider it as an essential task, so that your mattress lasts long.

The Frequency of Rotation

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When it comes to the rotation of your mattress, consider changing its sides every three to six months, based on the kind of mattress you are using. This time frame applies to mattresses that are bought recently, or you are not using for several years now. However, if the mattress is very old, you should consider its upside down position every three months. Every bed manufacturer has their own set of rules and guidelines and you should follow them when flipping it.

Frequency of changing its sides is something that you should pay attention to. We recommend you to set a reminder so that you don’t miss out on the timeline. However, you will not have to flip the mattress that is not used much. For instance, the mattress of your guest room is not required to be rotated more often, as much as you would rotate the mattress of your bedroom.

Also, if you use a memory foam mattress, then you will obtain greater benefits by flipping it regularly, because the memory foam deteriorates faster than a hybrid mattress.

The Bottom Line

Not all mattresses are the same, hence you should always check the label on it for proper instructions. Rotating the mattress is something that keeps your mattress fresher and enhances its lifespan.