Best Lightweight Video Editing Software To Buy With The Lowest CPU Usage

Today I will review some of the best lightweight video editing software with the lowest CPU usage. We will talk about the price of each software, how much it uses the CPU, and how it compares to other software on the list.

Video editing software is a category that’s constantly changing, as new programs emerge to offer new features. Of course, when new versions of programs are released, it always brings with it the challenge of deciding what to keep and what to adapt.

Video editing is the process of creating a video by mixing video clips or images together from a wide variety of sources. This process can typically be split into two distinct parts: the capture and editing of the video footage and the post-production of effects. The software chosen in this article is capable of handling both tasks equally well, and the choice is up to the user.

With computer editing making inroads into video production, the video editor has evolved into a true wire-puller, transforming miles of raw material into a refined art. Furthermore, the widespread availability of a variety of video editing programs has made editing more accessible than ever to groups of first-timers or seasoned stagers. However, in order to accelerate or simplify your editing job, you may need to lighten up your gear.

As a result, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best lightweight video editors that you can use to boost your business, including:

  • An straightforward UI makes it simple to use.
  • Overall, system resources are used sparingly, putting minimal strain on your machine.
  • Access to all sources is free and open, with simple yet strong editing capabilities.

• Ability to convert an infinite number of codecs and formats

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The Best Bet for a Lightweight Video Editor is VideoProc.

It’s better late than never, and VideoProc is here to help. The stunning formats-endorsed one-stop editing tool combines hundreds of high-end editing tools, provides a high level of inclusivity for both novices and experts, and enables you to edit and polish your cinematic works. The editor is designed to provide you the best editing experience possible.



Compatibility and Versatility

This video editing solution could provide a quick and seamless workflow on both Mac and Windows devices, regardless of the old or new versions. You have the intuitive ability to edit an hour-long movie in minutes, thanks to level-3 hardware acceleration.



The light video editor comes with a tiny 42.5M installation package that takes just a few minutes to set up on your device. It uses approximately 1GB of RAM, which is much less than its competitors, who use at least 3GB of their system capacity.

When rendering a 4K movie, typical video editing applications may use up to 100% of the CPU, whereas VideoProc only uses up to 60%. The average is 33% to 40%, and the temperature stays at 33 degrees on average, but rises to 51 degrees if you don’t utilize GPU acceleration.

The highlights stand out among the many aspects.

It’s small in size, yet it packs a punch in terms of functionality.

With a wide range of changes, the light video editor may let you develop and polish your work without having to worry about stuttering or crashes:



VideoProc has the following features:

  • With Full Hardware Acceleration, it can convert data 47 times quicker in real time than its competitors, with no CPU overheating or misuse problems.
  • When it comes to batch video conversion, it’s stress-free, and it’s equipped with a constantly reconfigured bitrate goal for effectively compressing movies to tiny sizes.
  • Excellent ability to render big UHD 4K/8K movies without sacrificing quality
  • Cut, combine, trim, enable or extract subtitles, apply effects, rotate and flip, and more basic but effective edits may help you elevate your video.



Lightworks is a superb lightweight video editing program that was born out of professional film editing software. It is hailed as the key to unlocking the realm of video editing. The platform offers a broad range of capabilities, supports a wide range of formats, and allows users to quickly produce and polish films. This editing application, which runs on Mac, Windows, and Linux, is split into two versions: Lightworks Free and Full-Featured Lightworks Pro, with the former having limitations in some functions such as 4K video support and export, while the latter has full access. However, the free version is more than enough to satisfy the needs of the majority of customers. It is unquestionably an excellent video editing tool.



  • It uses less space on your smartphone than the average.
  • It’s jam-packed with features that you can use in your film.
  • Support for Adobe After Effects plugins
  • To nail certain blockbusters, use basic tweaks.


  • The UI may be intimidating to the uninitiated.
  • Some capabilities, such as 3D rendering, timeline rendering, project sharing, and exporting, are only available in the premium edition.

VSDC Video Editor is a free video editor.

VSDC is a lightweight non-linear editing (NLE) program that can handle high-resolution video on both Mac and Windows. It enables users to create a variety of simple video edits as well as sophisticated post-production:

  • Cutting, splitting, combining, trimming, cropping, resizing, quality and resolution adjustments, video stabilization, conversion, speed change, text and subtitles insertion, and so on are all standard features.
  • Advanced features include a built-in screen and speech recorder, as well as motion tracking, color correction, masking, blending modes, video effects, audio, and an AI art creator.


This free video editor has flaws while being strong and excellent. The overpowering interface has room for improvement. People have complained that problems and crashes occur from time to time, and that they are unable to preview the video in the editor, which is very inconvenient. Furthermore, exporting videos, particularly 4K changes, is very slow.


Avidemux adds visual effects to editing and converts video to different formats. It is a lightweight video editor with free open source that enables users to perform basic tasks in a very simple manner. The project system, which includes SpiderMonkey and the JavaScript engine, is the main highlight. Users may save a file containing their project’s many choices, settings, selections, and preferences. It’s available on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.

Unlike anything else, the software covers the whole editing process. It’s more of a simple video modification program that simply allows you to clip, combine, and change video formats, making it a good choice for novices.



  • Interface of the Spartans
  • Options for optimal encoding
  • Take up very little space on your computer’s hard drive.


  • The batch procedure is currently unavailable.
  • It’s quite easy to crash when editing.
  • There isn’t a timeline or any specific tool panels.


With the arrival of the digitally visual age, video editors have sprung up all over the place, raising the stakes for video production to new heights. As a flood of information rushes in or goes out every second, these editing tools have developed and evolved to provide consumers with the most up-to-date taste and experience. A lightweight video editor is to a creative what armor is to a fighter. You will win the game if you travel light. Choose one and get started on your project!

When you are shooting video, you need to edit it with minimal CPU usage. In fact, the entire video editing process, from the camera to the final video, should not use more than 10% of your CPU utilization. This is because you will waste a considerable amount of money if your computer is running at 100% usage all the time. A common video editor that is light on CPU usage is Video Converter Plus. You can download it for free from the link below.. Read more about best video editor for low-end pc without watermark and let us know what you think.

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The lightest video editing software is Sony Vegas Pro 13.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What is the minimum CPU for video editing?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The minimum CPU for video editing is a dual-core processor.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What is the best video editor for low end PC?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The best video editor for low end PC is Windows Movie Maker.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the lightest video editing software?

The lightest video editing software is Sony Vegas Pro 13.

What is the minimum CPU for video editing?

The minimum CPU for video editing is a dual-core processor.

What is the best video editor for low end PC?

The best video editor for low end PC is Windows Movie Maker.

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