Can Solid Cologne Be Used as Beard Balm – 2024 Guide

If you love grooming, then you must have heard of solid cologne. It has gained popularity among men since the past couple of years. But many people still don’t know what exactly it is or what they are meant for. Do not worry, we have explained all that you need to know about solid cologne in this article.

Solid cologne is a type of fragrance that is blended in a natural wax like shea butter or beeswax. It will commonly endure longer than a spray scent. Usually, it comes in small containers which are very easy to carry while traveling. So, if you want to boost your confidence while going to a meeting, all you have to do is take out the little cologne from your pocket, rub it somewhere at the back of your ears or on your wrist and you are good to go.

It can be used at different parts of your body. Most commonly men apply it on their wrist, behind their ears, and on their neck. Many of them are confused if they can apply Solid Cologne on their beard. The answer to this query is indeed simple. Yes, you can safely use it on your beard. The best part is that it will help in conditioning and softening your facial hair. However, before buying any such product, you have to make sure that it doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients and should be cruelty-free.

How to Make Your Solid Cologne Last Longer?


Both liquid and solid perfume will change over the long haul, as fragile aromatics will quite often fade and more conspicuous base notes dominate. In any case, if you want to make it last longer, similar principles apply to both of these perfumes:

To begin with, don’t store or uncover your cologne container or jug for a longer period especially in hot weather. Whenever solid perfume liquefies and is reconstituted, its fragrant essential oil gets an opportunity to escape. For best outcomes, keep them at room temperature, however not more than around 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Second, don’t open your perfume in the sunlight. This is even more a worry for spray perfumes, as their fluid nature permits light to infiltrate completely and debase the essential oils – however even solid colognes can become dry and fragile when presented to sun for significant stretches of time.

Benefits of Using Solid Cologne

  • Not harsh on the skin:

Quite possibly the most clear advantage of having a solid cologne is that it is kind and easy on your skin. In many liquid perfumes, the main ingredient is alcohol which can irritate your skin and can also make it dry. Solid Cologne doesn’t incorporate alcohol in it (we have learned prior that they are made with normal wax), they cause no dry outs on your skin. The natural wax in these products helps in hydrating your skin for a superior looking shine.

  • Last longer than spray perfumes:


One of the main benefits of solid perfumes is that they last longer than the spray ones. It is because they do not contain water in them, rather they are made up of wax. You have to spray the liquid perfume multiple times but this does not happen with the solid cologne as it needs to be applied only a few times. You can build up the fragrance whenever you want on the same spot where you applied previously.

  • Almost no wastage:

We know when we splash the liquid fragrances, more often than not it winds up scattering. Thus, there is a ton of wastage of significant aroma. With strong scents, there is just about zero wastage, as they are straightforwardly applied on the skin. Additionally, a few fragrances can get diluted from the emission of body sweat, however a strong state scent will most likely not, as they’re anhydrous, meaning they contain no water. This is the explanation they last significantly longer.

  • Portable:

The small size and light weight makes it an ideal option for traveling as compared to a spray bottle. You can put it in your duffel bag or slide into your front pocket, permitting you to top up your fragrance over the course of the day when generally required. This likewise makes it a lot more secure for you while traveling on flights. Numerous airlines don’t permit containers of fluid or they will ask you to carry only a limited amount of it. However, you will not experience any difficulty keeping a solid cologne in your carry bag.

  • Weatherproof:


Since a solid cologne contains wax and is an oil based item that can endure most weather conditions impacts, taking a dip or getting caught out by startling precipitation won’t wash away your aroma. This product is water resistant, which means whenever any water drop will fall on you, it will glide from the part where you have applied the solid cologne.

A hot day is probably going to cause a liquid perfume to vanish rapidly, again solid cologne doesn’t have a similar issue because of the idea of the ingredients that are utilized and its enduring nature.

  • Privacy:

One more advantage of utilizing this item is the privacy that you will have. Also, by classification, we mean to say you can apply it unpretentiously without causing an over the top scene. Now and then when you are in a climate affecting many individuals – office, party, bar – it might very well be abnormal to take out your bottle of perfume and shower yourself with it. If you do as such, you tend to create a scene.


Solid colognes have become a popular essential for men. It helps in boosting their confidence. It comes in compact packaging, which is a plus point if you travel a lot. The best part is that it is water resistant. It can also be used by men to soften and condition their beards. Check out the above benefits to know more about them.