Top 4 Spots to Visit in Vietnam

Vietnam is a fascinating country filled with gorgeous landscapes and buzzing cities. If you are planning a trip to this side of Asia, Vietnam must be on top of your list. Take at least three days to explore the most relevant spots. Don’t miss the snow-capped mountains and green valleys. Also, locals will want to … Read more

What is Vasectomy and the Different Types of Vasectomies?

A vasectomy is a surgical procedure involving cutting the tubes carrying sperm to the penis from the testicles. The procedure can be done in an office, hospital, or clinic setting and takes about 30 minutes. There are two types of vasectomies: 1. Traditional vasectomies Traditional vasectomies involve making an incision on the scrotum and removing … Read more

What Are Stage Trusses And Their Benefits?

You might have often seen that a structure like a stage has bars to support it. However, it is not easy for about two to four bars to support the entire structure, especially if there are movements and consistent reverberations. To support the bars, there are nodes attached to them. Trusses are triangular connectors along … Read more