The Latest Mobile App Development Trends 2024

There are many three year plans in the mobile app development industry. Some companies take a three year approach to developing the latest and greatest mobile app. Others think about their mobile application project development in a year. It all depends on the company’s goals, how they measure their success, and what they want to … Read more

How to change Windows 11 startup sound the easy way

This week, I had to replace a computer that had a broken speaker. The volume of the startup sound was way too loud because it was drowning out the personalization items, such as Cortana, which is by far the best part of Windows. Luckily, it was relatively easy to change the startup sound, and this … Read more

How to Transfer Google Photos to Amazon Photos

Google Photos is one of the most useful features to emerge from the Google ecosystem since its introduction on Android and iOS devices back in 2016. In fact, it has become the go-to storage solution for many people. Unfortunately, the feature is not available on Amazon’s own devices. But that’s okay, because there’s a way … Read more