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Coach Krista Schaus is a professional athlete, writer, and fitness coach. You may have seen her on our show, Booty Call, or you may have seen her compete on the 2018 Crossfit Games Regional competition.

Coach Krista Schaus is a certified personal trainer and certified weight loss coach who specializes in helping women lose weight. She has created a one-of-a-kind program that gives women the tools and support to embrace their bodies and get the results they want. Coach Krista is equipped to help women maintain a healthy lifestyle, especially when it comes to their weight. She is a certified personal trainer from the American College of Sports Medicine and the certified weight loss coach from the International Coach Federation.

Coach Krista Schaus, certified personal trainer, is an athletic and inspirational fitness coach who works with athletes of all ages and abilities. She coaches clients from all over the world, and her clients include professional athletes such as Mitch Richmond and Trevor Ariza. Coach Schaus has been called a “passionate, motivated and knowledgeable trainer”, and her clients all agree!

I know how excellent the trainers are since I work with them every day.

Christa Schaus, one of them, will be introduced to you today. So that you, too, may learn about it.


Consider a former cop who is also a powerlifting champion. In your mind’s eye, what picture is forming?

Most likely not.


Consider a skilled interior designer who also loves documenting the outcomes of cooking with fresh, local food. So, what do you think?

Most likely not.

Christa Schaus here. It challenges assumptions, breaks stereotypes, and broadens our understanding of what is possible just by being ourselves.

It should come as no surprise that she excels as a head coach.


Consider Christa to be a sort of senior coach.

It is, without a doubt, still young in calendar years. She offers a depth and breadth of expertise to her position, as well as the vision and wisdom of an elder, as an award-winning athlete, long-time strength coach, and NP veteran, not to mention an experienced mom.

This vision and knowledge guide her as she builds our expanding team and maintains an emphasis on “coolness-based coaching,” as she refers to it.

It’s a coaching approach that looks for the best in clients and works to build on their achievements rather than criticizing them for their shortcomings. A teaching approach that does not undervalue, reject, ridicule, over-demand, or destroy.

In summary, this is a long cry from the fear-based training that still exists in certain segments of the fitness business.

This is a significant departure from Christa’s prior coaching style. And that’s a far cry from the coaches she had as a young athlete.

That is precisely my point. Because Christa Schaus’ life revolves on learning and development. She would not have been satisfied if she had not looked for blind spots, investigated the findings, lightened the darkness, and unearthed unexpected riches.

Worse, it has lost its identity.

Changes are being integrated. Understanding the process of change. This became one of Krista’s abilities over time.

She had a blog a few years back. This concept is well exemplified on the site.

I was a strength coach for the PICP, a university professor, a police officer, a national bodybuilding champion, and a powerlifter.

Who I am: A member of the team and a coach, a mother and a wife, a weightlifter and a spiritual lifter.

Take note of the distinctions. Their titles are listed first. His societal leadership position, as well as the visible proof of his outstanding abilities.

The second list is more concerned with interpersonal connections. As well as the body, the soul or spirit is affected. Not on worldly success markers, but on what she gives to others.

Christa claims that she put a lot of effort into the labeling. But I’m just one person.

She was accustomed to being led by other people’s views. She wanted to be seen as a victor.

For her, health, energy, and harmony now seem to be much more essential objectives.

She continues, “It’s always essential to me to be a role model.” The model, on the other hand, is of a different type. I’ve achieved a state of balance. She then smiled with a sly grin. I’m not someone who takes themselves seriously.

Despite this, she remains the same person in her heart. Let’s not overlook the parallels between these two lists. Qualities that remain constant in the face of change. Constantly.

It is, above all, a job. Krista has always been a devoted, committed, and extremely diligent team player, regardless of the job or the game.

In addition, strength training is emphasized.

Without a question, physical strength.

After all, she’s been a die-hard lover of iron since the late 1990s, when she first found it. She has won numerous national championships in powerlifting and bodybuilding as a result of her dedication, and she is now a promoted strength and fitness instructor at the famous Poliquin Training Centre.

Physical strength, however, isn’t the sole kind of strength. Krista works with starch as well. The sort of bravery that comes from hard work and commitment to a cause. Long-term experience has given me a profound knowledge and empathy.

She gained this power after years of consistent training.

She also has the unique capacity to sense, perceive, and attract it in others.

To give it life.


The most deep constant is change. Krista has every detail down to a tee.

She’s gone from a hardworking, conscientious child to an angry, rebellious teenager; from a tough cop to a patient listener to an intuitive visionary; from a champion powerlifter to a bodybuilder to a powerlifter again; from a single teenage mother to a wife and mother; and from a divorced bride in shock to a young middle-aged bride in shock.

This is just a brief list of their many forms.

She knows what it’s like to go through a profound inner transformation, which is unsurprising. It learnt to bend, stretch, and grow under strain over time and with experience, rather than breaking.

Just when I believe I’ve accomplished my objective, that I’ve figured out who I am, that my abilities are solid, and that I’m fantastic – bam! She claims that something occurs that alters her sense of reality. However, it is constantly moving in the correct direction.

It demonstrates our executive team’s resiliency and adaptability, which they can then demonstrate to their customers.

This is critical since many of our customers come to us in the middle of a personal crisis. Divorce, a new baby, a new career, or an impending wedding are all common reasons for seeking out a coach.

People naturally believe they are just there to reduce weight or get in shape.

Then, she adds, when we deal with them, they change much more than they anticipated. They seem to be coming apart at times.

We can assist them in coping with the ups and downs as coaches. We may take them somewhere where they can compare themselves to who they were and who they are now.

Krista specializes in this kind of integration.

Consider his recent marriage. Scott, his high school lover.

We used to harm each other when we were fourteen. She claims that’s what youthful love does. They reconnected more than two decades later via a fortuitous social media link, and she ultimately became his coach.

Krista was well aware that she was taking a risk. She laughs as she adds, “He’s not the kind of guy who wants to be a coach.” A guy who owns a construction business is not the sort to seek or take guidance readily.

She also believed she was putting her heart at danger.

She, on the other hand, isn’t afraid of a challenge. As a result, she brought him to work with her. And after a few months, they found that they had fallen in love all over again, somewhere in the middle of diet guidance and exercise programs.

She describes it as “nearly miraculous.” This is a true update.

If you’ve ever been wounded by someone, you need to pay close attention – and a particular degree of dedication.

But there’s an obvious feeling of achievement when you’ve known someone for a long time. Who recalls you as an adolescent and young adult? Who can appreciate your many context shifts?

When it comes to love, it’s the same as when it comes to sports.

Krista just decided to compete in powerlifting again.

She stepped away from the game. But after a time, she recognized it had become an essential part of who she was, and she was able to approach her sport with a new maturity and perspective.

It’s similar to how she approaches her job. She said that many people have asked her whether she misses coaching. But I haven’t completely abandoned my training. In fact, I became more involved in coaching.

She continues, “I feel like a tree.” Parent. The leaves are bigger. And wider, deeper roots.

Christa must change her perception of nature.

She’s frequently seen on the trails when she’s not at the gym or the cooking. She is always astonished by the beauty of the world around us as a frequent traveler. And she captures this beauty in photos, works of art, and, most importantly, in her own home.

She claims that physical space has a significant impact. That is why she enjoys designing and creating warm and welcoming environments. Places that are both relaxing and stimulating in the perfect way. Places that make whomever enters them sigh with delight.

Our coaches were able to discuss their achievements and ideas with the introduction of semi-annual talks around a campfire.

These chats, which are virtual coffee gatherings that promote communication and cohesiveness among our team members all around the globe, are just one of Christa’s numerous ideas as head trainer.

The majority of them are modest enhancements in and of themselves. However, like a well-designed home, they lead to far bigger and deeper changes over time, strengthening our team members’ connections with one another and enriching their work with our customers.


Mines have been removed. One of Christa’s favorite things to do is this.

They are often observed digging in the dirt when out walking. Make surprising findings.

She quips that it’s all about discovering anything in the earth. She has an amazing knack for discovering hidden riches because to her intuition and fast awareness.

Our customers – and our trainers – are in the same boat.

She inquires, “What strength can I discover in you?” What work do we need to undertake in order to make progress? What changes are on the horizon, and how can we best prepare you?

She thinks it’s remarkable how we may surpass our own expectations. Set a high standard for yourself. Don’t fall prey to preconceptions and misconceptions. Don’t undervalue your abilities.

It is a philosophy that is loyal to her and gives her happiness. She wants to share her experience so that others may benefit from it as well.

Learning. Take a step forward. Grow a pair.

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