3 Things All Beginner Gamers Should Know About Dungeons and Raids in Wow

World of Warcraft never really goes away as it is one of the most popular video game titles in the history of the industry. Still, it is definitely the most popular and right up there with the rest of the trending news when there is a new expansion on the horizon, ready to be revealed. April 19 is upon us as we are going to learn everything about the next, ninth expansion today. However, patch 10.0 will be nowhere near dropping which leaves us with Shadowlands with months to come.

With that being the case, there is no time like the present for the newbies and the beginners to get on board and get the hang of things. If you want to prosper in the new expansion, it is high time you started raiding and pushing Mythic keys. And if you do not know how, stick with us as we reveal to you the things all beginner gamers should know about dungeons and raids in WoW.

1. Know the Instance

Source: wowwiki-archive.fandom.com

First and foremost, you should know which dungeon or raid you are about to do and never go in blindly. Each expansion comes equipped with a dozen or so new dungeons and a handful of raids. Old content is also still relevant thanks to numerous game modes and mechanics. This means that learning the bosses, the tactics, and the layouts of every single one is crucial. If you want to be a good raider and a Mythic+ key master, you must know every instance inside and out. The most important thing to know are the boss abilities and phases, because how else can you down the big bad if you lack the knowledge of their offensive and defensive traits

2. Understand Your Class and Role

By the time you start doing endgame content like dungeons and raids, you will have already played countless hours of WoW. This should mean that you know everything there is to know about your class and its role in a team surrounding. If you are a healer, you heal. If you are a DPS, you do damage. As a tank, you tank the enemies and protect others. Each class needs to focus on their own specialty, their own role in the team. If you try to do damage to the boss while healing, the heals will not be sufficient to keep your friends alive. Know what you are supposed to do in each situation with your class, learn the spell rotations, and you should be fine.

3. Do Different Difficulties

Source: theworldofmmo.com

Every dungeon and every raid comes with multiple difficulty levels. LFR and LFD are the easiest, then come Normal, Heroic, and finally Mythic difficulties. Mythic raiding is the epitome of top level players and it requires the most skill and coordination, as well as best gear. The bread and butter of daily WoW sessions are Mythic+ dungeons where each level is more difficult than the last. Before you do this high-end content, you have to complete the previous tiers as it is the best training you can possibly do. The experience will help you later and you will know what to do with each boss. If you ever feel like you need some help from the best of the best, you can try M+ carry and get the best gear before you start doing more yourself.