Dos and Dont’s of Hiring a Stretch Limo for Your Wedding

Stretch limo is definitely one of the most popular options for important events such as a wedding. However, it is also used on other occasions involving business occasions, prom, bachelor party, etc. This way, you will reach the desired destination without any problems, and all the time you will feel like you are in a fairy tale. You will also enjoy numerous countless benefits if you choose the best company.

This choice brings with it only comfort and convenience, timely and safe arrival, and bold impression. Before making a final decision, consider a few of the most important factors. This way you will not make mistakes. Read on for a few dos and don’ts to help you enjoy the benefits of limousine rental service even more for one of the biggest days in your life.

1. Find out the price


Depending on your wishes, find out the approximate price of the services that the company provides. Whether you have a limited budget or not, it is very important that you do this at the very beginning. First of all, you must not allow the company to charge you more than it should. Secondly, the price of a company can say a lot about its services.

Although cheaper services do not have to mean poor quality, very low prices can suggest you that there is underlying reason and that is yellow flag. This way, you will not encounter unpleasant surprises such as unexpected invoices. You can check most of the prices online, because mostly companies publish their prices so that everyone has access to them. It is good if you can get in touch with them to be sure. As you can see at, reputable companies offer you chance to request free quote. That way you can find out everything that interests you, not just the price. All this needs to be done for the purpose of better organization.

2. Don’t rush

Even if you check everything and get a tempting offer, wait a while. Check at least a few more companies so you can compare them, because each of them has a different business policy. This applies not only to prices but also to services, certificates, drivers, routes, etc. Remember that prices do not have to be fixed, but can be paid by the hour. Each item can be different and so leave nothing to chance but explore. In this way, you will have access to all the possibilities and make the decision that works best for you. For example, have a wish list in your head, but let it be realistic expectations. Next, select a specific company and write the pros and cons next to their names. Opt for the one that has the most pluses.

3. Read reviews


Company websites do not contain all the information you need. Even if you get in touch with them you can’t get everything you actually need. Fortunately, you can use reviews or recommendations. If you do not have someone to recommend the right professionals, take advantage of all the benefits of reviews. It’s a surefire way to find out the real truth about all companies.

However, you have to be careful here as well. Why? In addition to companies being able to write reviews about themselves, there are people who will intentionally leave false comments.

In both cases, you can easily find out what is false and what is true representation. For example, fake reviews usually mean too good comments and ratings. Remember that a comment must have a rating, but also an explanation. So focus more on the text that is written and do not hesitate to contact some people for more information. It is important to do this so that you do not have to deal with suspicious companies, because this is the most important day in your life.

4. Do not wait last minute to book stretch limo


The sooner you start planning a wedding, the better organization you will have. This way you will not forget anything and you will process even the smallest details. That is why it is important that you take care of this part of the plan on time, and book the company you like as soon as possible. Not only will you be sure to get the term that suits you but you will also get better quality. It happens that the company also meets the needs of people who book only a few weeks before the wedding, but then you can get a worse option. If you do it on time, the companies will have enough time to prepare everything and you will have more choice. Especially if you live in the big city. It is not the same to try to find limousine service Toronto and in some small city. So start on time to avoid unnecessary stress.

5. Know the exact number of people


Before choosing a company, you need to know how many people will be with you in the limousine. This information is very important for everyone, because it can affect the service you will receive.

It is also important to note whether these people will be with you at all times or the driver will have to stop during the journey in order for more people to get in or out. So, you have to decide when it comes to the details of the plan. This way there will be no last minute extras and improvisations.

Remember that all this can affect your special day, and you certainly do not want something to go wrong or waste time on some situations. Of course, you always plan an extra time. People will not simply fly in and out of the limousine, so always expect things to last at least 15 minutes. We must not forget the bride’s wedding dress, which can be so big that it can even take up several seats in a limousine. That’s another reason to know the number of people and tell the company. This way she will confirm your plans to you.


If you have decided on a limousine on your wedding day, you have made a great decision. All you need to do is take into account certain factors that can fix or ruin your most important day. To have a nice experience, follow a few dos and don’ts we’ve brought to your attention.