How to download VLC player from Windows 11’s App Store

The Windows Store is a fantastic place for people who are looking to purchase new apps for their users. It’s a great way for users to discover new apps and get access to software they otherwise may not have.

The Windows Store is home to many apps, but few are as useful as VLC, the free and open-source video player. VLC is a popular and easy-to-use app that you can install on almost any operating system—including Windows 10. (The only exception is Windows RT—we recommend you install VLC on a PC instead.)… VLC is one of the most popular and useful apps in the Windows Store.

VLC is an award-winning cross-platform media player and streaming media server written by VideoLAN. The latest version of VLC player is VLC Media Player 3.0.1 for Windows and Mac OS X. After Windows 10’s release, the VLC player was featured in the Windows Store for users to install, but the Windows Store itself comes with restrictions. To install VLC player on Windows 10, you must first install the VLC for Windows tool. Once you have installed it, you can go to the Store and download the VLC player.


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  • The move to the new operating system was seamless for VLC Media Player.
  • On Windows 11, the player has a more fluid look with rounded corners.
  • VLC has been given snap options, just like the rest of the Windows 11 programs.
  • VLC looks and operates well on Windows 11, according to user feedback shared on social media channels.


Many of you were curious about how some of your favorite programs will transfer to Microsoft’s new operating system and, of course, change.

While certain apps will still not work on the new OS, many of our favorite apps are now available and look great.

What is the procedure for downloading the Win32 VLC from the Windows 11 Store?

You’ll be glad to discover that the Win32 version of the VLC player is now accessible on Windows 11 through the Microsoft Store program.

The Win32 version is more extensive than the Universal Windows Application (UWP), having all the codecs that everyone expects.

Follow these simple steps to download and install this app on your device:

  1. From the taskbar, go to the Micrsofot Store.


2. Type VLC into the Store’s search box and hit Enter.

3. Select VLC Win32 from the list of results.


4. Select the Install option.


The Win32 version of the popular player includes the following features:

  • Audio and video player
  • Player for audio and music
  • Synchronization of subtitles
  • Transcoding of files
  • Streaming
  • Tuner for digital television
  • Playback of DVDs
  • Player of audio CDs

On Windows 11, the VLC player has a more fluid appearance.

Consider the VLC media player, which is and has been the go-to choice for millions of users when it comes to video viewing.

The software has seamlessly converted to Windows 11, is completely functioning, and appears better than it has in the past. With a more fluid style and softened corners, VLC now matches the theme of the OS.


When you hover your mouse cursor over the maximize button in the top right corner of the VLC window, you’ll see various snap options, just as with all the other apps that call Windows 11 home.

This will allow you to pick how and where you want VLC to be pinned on your desktop, allowing you to view your favorite videos while doing other things.


Overall, this product appears to work smoothly, with no faults or flaws that we can detect at this time.

And, considering how smoothly it transitioned to the new operating system, it’s possible that it’ll continue to be the most popular media player for many years to come.

Windows 11 users have taken to social media to express their delight with VLC’s appearance and performance on Microsoft’s latest operating system.

The fact that many of the programs we’ve become accustomed to since Windows 10 are transitioning so smoothly to the new OS is fantastic news.

This might indicate that, in the not-too-distant future, all of our present programs will seamlessly convert to Windows 11.

What is the name of the media player you installed on your Windows 11 computer? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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A few days ago, Microsoft released Windows 11, and Windows apps are now available for download in the Windows App Store. One of the first apps is VLC (VideoLAN Client), a popular and free media player. There are two versions of VLC available for Windows. The Windows version is called VLC media player and it is free. The other version is called VLC for Android and it is also free. But, you can’t download VLC for Windows from the Windows App Store. But, there is a way to download VLC for Windows from the Android App Store.. Read more about vlc download for pc and let us know what you think.

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