5 Tips and Tricks for Improving Your PVP Skills in World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft (WoW) by Blizzard Entertainment is without any doubt one of the most popular video games of all time. Still, after more than 15 years since it first released, it has millions of active players who are playing both the newest expansion Shadowlands, and World of Warcraft Classic. There is so much to do in the game that you can never be bored. Even if you dislike the newest story content or the gameplay system changes that always appear and change, you can play through the old content again and visit the zones for nostalgic reasons.

However, no matter how many things you can do, it still mostly revolves around combat and battling against enemies. WoW has two distinct gameplay options to offer. The first is PVE, and the second is PVP. PVE stands for Player Versus Environment, and implies battling against scripted computer generated enemies. They vary in difficulty considerably and the hardest of all are reserved for the endgame content and high-end raiding.

On the other side is the PVP content, which means Player Versus Player and is pretty self-explanatory. In this article we focus solely on this part of WoW and talk about how you can improve your skills. PVP requires a wholly different set of skills than PVE does and you have to do quite a lot if you mean to win regularly and be one of the strongest heroes on Azeroth.

How PVP Works in WoW

In Warcraft, most things revolve around the ever-going conflict between two warring factions, the Alliance and the Horde. Each of these has a separate set of races who represent them in the world and who battle for the prestige and glory of their faction. In the PVP side of WoW, this is important because it is the basis of the conflict in the lore. You can battle players from the opposing faction in the open world if you come across them. There are special zones where PVP is always going on, and those where you can turn world PVP off. However, this is not the main way to fight other players.

Two distinct modes exist in WoW, arenas and battlegrounds. In Arenas, you fight in 2v2 or 3v3 matches that put you in one of many gladiator-style arenas all over the in-game world. Your team is matched with opponents of similar or equal skill. Any two combinations of classes are possible, but some complement others much better and you need the right composition to win. Battlegrounds are large-scale battles with 10 or 15 players per team in standard arenas, while epic arenas pit 40 players from each faction against each other.

How to Improve

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As mentioned, there is a lot you need to do in order to improve your Player Versus Player skills in World of Warcraft. It is a very complex game with a lot of stats to figure out, spell combinations to learn, and the right moves to make in a split-second scenario. In the following section we talk more about the best tips and tricks to know. If you need extra help and you want to be as best as possible right from the start of your PVP journey, make sure to buy boosting.

1. Know Your Role and Stick to It

There is nothing worse in PVP when players are not doing what they are supposed to. Be it in arenas or battlegrounds, or even open-world battles, healers should heal, tanks should tank, and damage dealers should do damage. These are literally their roles so doing anything else than what your subclass is meant to do will hurt your team. If you like doing damage but have a healer, change your talents instead of trying to kill others with your healer character. This is why the role system was introduced so stick to it and respect others.

2. Get Better Gear

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Now, this is easier said than done especially in PVP where the better you perform the better gear you are able to win and buy. Before you can do that, you need to get the best gear available to you, or at least have the option to get it. Prior to doing a lot of high-end PVP, you will need to do some PVE content and light PVP each week so that you get rewards the next week. The more honor you earn from random battlegrounds, the more bosses you defeat on Mythic difficulty, and the more arena rating you get, the higher the level of your reward gear will be next week. Then just pick the item that replaces the worst part of your gear.

3. Make Macros

Every class in WoW has numerous spells and combinations of attacks to learn and master. It always feels overwhelming at the beginning and becomes easier with time. To make things as comfortable and familiar as possible, you should find a system that will allow you to cast the spells faster and make quicker moves overall. The macro system in WoW is very easy to set up and use, and you can map the keys to any sort of spell and action you need. This helps you cast them in the right order for maximum damage or the most optimal healing. Play with the system until you find the right combination. Soon you will no longer have to look at the spells and the keyboard to make a move.

4. Find Consistent Partners

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MMORPGs like WoW are based on team play. They are meant to be shared with others so the best type of experience you can get is if you play with friends. This is why guilds and communities are so important in the game, and why there are so many forums online where players can meet and talk. Communication is the key to success as you need to talk while you fight others. They will be too so you will be shorthanded if you lack quality communication. It is always best to play with your real world friends. If they are not interested in WoW, you can always find like-minded people in the game who are looking for a partner. Players are always looking for arena partners so make sure you find the right match for your class and start dominating together.

5. Lear About the Game

You cannot win in PVP if you lack the knowledge of everything in it. In order to improve, you need to know what every class does and how they can hurt you. More importantly, you need knowledge about how you can hurt them. You will fare far better once you learn how much damage Mages do with their spells, how many crowd control spells Warriors have, and how best to counter Paladins and their annoying shields and heals. Research and knowledge are your best weapons against any class and any combination of armor, stats, and talents.