How Long Can You Stay on Meal Replacement Shakes?

There are different situations in life when a person needs to change diet. Sometimes it is obesity, sometimes it is a health condition that urgently requires a certain diet, and sometimes it is our intention to detoxify the body. Nowadays, various possibilities are available for us to put our idea and need into practice. There are various, balanced meals on the market, already prepared that save you time and money, and offer top results. One of the most popular forms of nutrition, nowadays, is shakes and various liquid meals. And it is great that you can use them even without having any type of problem.

Weight loss shakes


They usually contain a significant amount of protein, amino acids, supplements, and vitamins. Their goal is to burn your body fat, get everything it needs, increase muscle mass, and give you enough energy. It is not that easy to find such meal replacement shakes, so you should definitely read more on the Internet until your find the best shakes, instead of buying ones that can’t provide you with everything your body needs.

Shakes during illness or recovery


This type of shake is very specific. It belongs to the so-called medical functional nutrition. The composition of such shakes varies, depending on the disease being treated. For example, a kidney patient must consume a certain amount of protein, because it is necessary for him, but it should not be too much. Then, he must not ingest potassium, too much salt, and yet he needs everything in minimal quantities, which is almost impossible to prepare alone, at home. That is why this type of medical shake is ideal. They are also very useful in recovery after surgery, heart disease, stroke, polytrauma, head injuries, and other serious conditions.



Detoxification is very popular nowadays. Detox shakes usually consist of water, fruits, vitamins, vegetables, various types of plants, and algae. After them, the digestive system functions better, skin, hair, and nails look better and certainly contribute to good health.

However, all these substitutes for classic meals also have their drawbacks. There are people who overdo it by drinking only shakes, sometimes because they believe that it is a healthier way of eating, sometimes because they work too much, so it is easier for them to buy or plan a meal. There are also categories of people obsessed with healthy food and training, who stopped for normal meals. It already belongs to a type of disorder and is called orthorexia.

How long can you stay on meal replacement shakes?


It is necessary to know that the diet based on shakes is healthy, but it shouldn’t be your only type of meal for an extensive period of time. Either replace 1-2 meals a day or practice for a couple of weeks and then stop. The reasons for this are many like digestive disorders since a too long intake of liquid food will certainly cause constipation or too fast passage, then the impossibility of complete absorption of nutrients as well as heartburn and some similar.


Moderation in the intake of liquid meals and shakes is definitely needed. The best combination is quality food and occasional liquid meals, well balanced, well prepared.

As in everything, balance is the best and most effective and provides good health, good looks, enviable energy levels, and psychophysical stability. Any exaggeration and extreme, too monotonous diet, training, exhaustion in any way, certainly cannot bring anything good. The man was created for certain functions, so nature constructed him and that should not be disturbed.