6 Coolest Mounts You Can Get in World of Warcraft

When a video game is on the market for more than 17 years and without any signs of ever stopping, the content it offers has to be vast. In the case of World of Warcraft, this is absolutely true. Over the course of eight expansions and numerous changes in gameplay, world-building, and in-game systems, one thing has remained the same. If you want prestige as a WoW player, to be recognized for your skills at the game and your dedication to it, you need to collect mounts.

Like many other MMORPGs and RPGs, World of Warcraft offers the players mounts that allow them to travel faster both on land and in the air. Some can even swim or dive underwater. Every new expansion introduces dozens of new mounts that the players can collect. There have been close to 900 different mounts in the game, an unreal number when compared to any other video game out there. However, only a small portion of them are valuable, hard to obtain, or even cool. In this article, we talk about the coolest mounts you can still obtain in the game and how you can do this.

Getting the Mounts in WoW

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There are a few different ways through which you can increase the size of your proverbial stables. First and foremost, you can buy them for gold from NPC vendors or from the Auction House. Those you get from vendors often come with certain prerequisites like maxing out a reputation, earning enough rating of some sort, or completing some kind of progress in the game. Basically, if you cannot buy them right away, you need to keep playing the game and eventually, you will get them. Those on the Auction House are sold by other players. They were lucky enough to get the drop somewhere and they are now selling it to others because they probably already have it themselves.

Speaking of drops, certain raids, dungeon, and world bosses, and rare monsters drop exclusive hard-to-obtain mounts. Most of the best ones have extremely low drop rates, around 1%, meaning only a few lucky people will ever see it among the loot let alone get it. Luckily, you do not have to worry about this because there are players who offer special boosting services to others looking to obtain or do something difficult in the game. Therefore, you can basically buy WoW mounts no matter how hard or impossible the actuality of getting them is. You can pay either with in-game gold or with real-world money, and those offering the service will get the mount for you or help you get it.

You can also get some mounts as achievements after you do something special in the game. After completing certain things in the game, you get a free reward in the form of a mount. There are quite a few of these so make sure to check them out. Some mounts are quest rewards, and others you can obtain only if you have certain professions.

6 Coolest Ones to Get Right Now

At the moment, World of Warcraft is in its eighth expansion, Shadowlands, which has brought some very cool mounts to the already rich and diverse collection. However, some older mounts are only available in WoW Classic and will always prevail over the new additions so let us see what the coolest mounts currently are. Read on to learn about both the new game and Classic mounts that are the coolest to own. They are not ranked in any particular order of coolness.

1. Ashes of Al’ar

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One of the earliest exclusive mounts that guild members fought over and friendships were broken for, the glorious phoenix drop is still available in the game. It’s from the legendary Kael’thas Sunstrider after you down him in The Eye. In the lore, the phoenix is its loyal pet. The drop rate is somewhere around 1%, which means it drops once for every 100 times you run the raid. There are other phoenix mounts that came later, but nothing beats the OG.

2. Deathcharger’s Reins

The infamous Baron Rivendere in Stratholme drops this skeletal horse mount that looks quite similar to the Undead race mount. However, it is different in color and a few other details. The real reason why it is so rare and popular is that it is the only undead horse available for the Alliance races. The drop rate is under 1%, and it is said to be among the rarest drops in the game. It certainly is the rarest in Classic WoW and was back in the Vanilla days.

3. Silent Glider

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The iconic flying manta ray mounts of WoW have always been among the rarest, but this one really takes the cake. Its drop rate is only 0.58% and it is obtainable from Soundless in Nazjatar. Numerous players camp the world boss who only drops loot once per day. It will take you a long time to get it even if you do it daily.

4. Swift Zulian Tiger

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What the Deathcharger is to the Alliance, this amazing armored tiger is to the Horde players. The only big cat mount they can ride drops from High Priest Thekal in the original, 20-man Zul-Gurub raid. It is also the only mount resembling a real-world tiger. Players are now back at it in WoW Classic trying to build their Zandalari reputation and down the boss who drops this elusive cat.

5. Swift Spectral Tiger

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Sadly, one of the most iconic, sought-after, and rarest mounts WoW has ever seen can only be obtained through the card game. This means spending money in the real world on cards to get it. Luckily, there are people on sites like eBay who offer it, but the prices are astronomical. There are not many see-through mounts in the game, and tigers are always cool to ride though!

6. Raven Lord

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From the moment it was available, everyone wanted to mount up this giant magnificent blue and black bird with gold armor pieces. Although it is not a flying mount, it is among the coolest in the entire game. A bird boss in Sethekk Halls, Anzu, might drop this glorious feathery mount. If you want to ride one of the status symbols of World of Warcraft and enjoy recognition for your skill no matter where you bring it, look no further than the Raven Lord.