Pokemon Unite Beginners Tips Guide: Mastering the Arena

A massive overhaul of Pokemon Go is imminent, and for those of you with a few hours of free time to spare, we have some tips that will help you avoid the common mistakes of those new to the game.

Pokemon is a game that has its root in Japanese culture, and its greatest popularity has come from North America. With a very detailed and entertaining storyline, the game is still very popular but there is a concern that it’s losing its popularity especially with the Poke-convention events. If you are a new player, or just want to master the arena, I’ve got some tips to help you.

Pokemon, one of the most popular video games of all time, can be played by anyone, regardless of age. With over 250 million copies sold in its nearly 20-year history, Pokemon is popular around the world. That is why it was only natural for two very popular companies, Nintendo and Google, to team up to incorporate the Pokemon franchise into their newest mobile game, Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Unite takes a fresh approach to the MOBA genre. It has a number of characteristics that are relevant to the world of Pokemon. Despite this, it follows many of the same rules as other MOBAs. It’s easy to be fooled by the “pick up and play” attitude.

But don’t be concerned. Our Pokemon Unite beginner’s guide is intended to assist new MOBA enthusiasts in gaining a foothold in the game. It won’t turn you become an expert overnight, but it will point you in the correct path.

Note: These instructions are for the primary 5v5 mode in Pokemon Unite. While they may (and should) be used in the shorter, fast match types (4v4, 3v3), they’re best used in regular fights.

Beginner’s Tips & Tricks for Pokemon Unite

Tip #1: Begin with well-balanced groups.


In Pokemon Unite, the greatest team is one that is well-balanced. While this may seem like a simple point to make, many gamers will always choose their favorite Pokemon. Given the franchise, this is to be anticipated.

However, one of the major reasons behind this is because newer players are unfamiliar with the Battle Type system in Pokemon Unite.

The strengths and weaknesses of a Pokemon are determined by its Battle Type. However, they aren’t intended to follow standard Pokemon guidelines. Water Pokemon aren’t weak to Fire Pokemon. Instead, it’s more akin to MOBA-styled positions.

There are five different types of battles in Pokemon Unite:

  • (Mage/Nuker) Assailant
  • (Assassin/Jungler) Speedster
  • Warrior/Initiator (All-Rounder)
  • Defendant (Tanks)
  • a believer (Healer)

Each Battle Type is roughly described in the following list. Attackers, for example, have little health but may inflict a significant amount of ranged damage. As a result, the “Mage” (or, in Dota 2, “Nuker”) nickname was born.

Speedsters are quick Pokemon that excel in hit-and-run maneuvers. All-Rounders have a knack for starting team battles. They aren’t as healthy as Defenders, but they can fight for longer periods of time and hit harder than their tanky counterparts. Supporters are excellent at boosting friends and debuffing foes.

In an ideal world, your team would choose Pokemon from each of these Battle Types. Having a supporter like Eldegoss heal you during a difficult battle may quickly swing the tide in your favor. Gengar is a cunning Speedster who can teleport around opponents, causing them to get confused before dispatching them. However, they may need assistance entering and exiting battles. That’s when Machamp, an All-Rounder, comes in.

It’s normal to mix and match, and it’s often encouraged. However, novices should avoid entering a battle with several Speedsters or without a Supporter in the hopes of overwhelming their opponents with a powerful attack.

Before attempting to use a more sophisticated team composition, you must first understand the dangers and benefits of an imbalanced squad.  

Tip #2: Act as though you’re in a movie.


You’ll lose no matter how excellent your team’s composition is if you and your teammates don’t perform their allocated duties. Thankfully, Pokemon Unite isn’t as severe in this regard as other MOBAs.

There are two lanes (Top and Bottom) and a central area in Pokemon Unite (Jungle). In each lane, there should be two players.

One may be an Attacker and Defender, while the other is an All-Arounder and Supporter. Speedster region is typically found in the middle of the map. Advanced players can use most Pokemon in any part of the map. However, for those of us who are just getting started, this is the usual arrangement.

The objective is to work together with a colleague to push your assigned lane. Rivals must be defeated, and Aeos Energy must be collected in order to score and level up. Defenders and Supporters will provide a hand to their attacking teammates. The Speedster player should glide around the jungle, capturing wild Pokemon for EXP and Aeos Energy while keeping an eye out for unwitting opponents in the top or bottom lanes.

Your role’s duties will grow as the game progresses. You’ll need to adapt your tactics in reaction to the shifting battlefield, whether it’s rotating to assist defend a goal against an aggressive assault, teaming together to kill a Boss Pokemon, or switching places with another player.

Take on a new Battle Type job, however, is something you don’t want to undertake.

Defenders should not be so focused on getting a kill that they neglect to protect their weaker teammates. Because speedsters don’t have a lot of HP, they shouldn’t be left to defend a goal by themselves. Basically, failing to adhere to your role/playing to your Pokemon’s abilities is a quick way to lose a battle that might have been won.

Tip #3: It’s All About the Last Hit

In most MOBAs, the player who hits an opponent the last time – whether it’s NPCs or other players – earns the most experience points. The same can be said with Pokemon Unite.

As a result, during the early stages of a battle, Defenders/Supports should allow Attackers/Speedsters to receive the final hit on Wild Pokemon. They will be able to develop and enhance their attack strength faster than usual as a result of this.

At lower levels, the supporting roles may still be useful; Snorlax can briefly stun opponents at Level 3 and Level 14. That isn’t the case with the Pokemon that are more offensive in nature. They’re all reliant on their offensive prowess. Players that use these Battle Types will aim to outlevel their opponents early in order to gain a significant advantage during team battles.

Managing Special Wild Pokemon is Tip #4.


The wild Pokemon aren’t all created equal. Some provide unique benefits to gamers as a reward. They’re more difficult to kill – one of them requires a concerted team effort – but they’re all well worth your time.

The regular mode of Pokemon Unite includes wild Pokemon that may buff a single player or a whole team. The following are the details:

Buffs on their own:

  • Normal Attacks of Bouffalant (Orange Buff) slow down opponent Pokemon.
  • Ludicolo – (Purple Buff) – Deals more damage to enemies with low health.

Buffs’ Team:

  • Rotom – reduces the power of the closest goal, enabling the score gauge to charge more quickly.
  • Dreadnaw – provides an EXP boost and shields to the squad.
  • Zapdos – provides the squad +20 Aeos Energy. All opponent goals are depowered, and scoring is likewise instantaneous for a brief period.

These unique Pokemon are similar to Halo’s powerful weaponry. You’ll want to keep them in mind while you battle and score, should the other team take advantage of your absence.

On opposite sides of the map, there are Bouffalant’s and Ludicolo’s. As a result, you won’t have to battle over them. The Rotom, Zapdos, and Dreadnaw only spawn at certain periods in open regions at the map’s top, middle, and bottom.

Expect a struggle, particularly when it comes to Zapdos; defeating the legendary Pokemon will give you a significant edge and may help you win a lost battle.

Tip #5: Scoring Is Simple


Due to the charging mechanism in Pokemon Unite, scoring points is easier said than done. Charging up before depositing Aeos Energy isn’t an issue if a goal is unopposed. However, a few strikes (or a disruptive ability) is all it takes to stop you from charging. You may find it tough to score since the charging rate is dependent on how much Energy you have.

However, some of the most difficult elements of charging may be avoided. The first has already been mentioned: taking away Rotom or Zapados will alleviate the pain of this mechanism. Another option is to use skills associated with status immune states.

Take, for example, Machamp. Submission is a move in which this Pokemon rushes at opponents, grabs them, and smashes them to the ground. Machamp is in a powered-up state that is resistant to negative status effects the whole time this is going on. Most abilities can’t stun, slow, or stop it, thus it can’t be stunned, slowed, or stopped.

You may charge up without worrying about being stopped if you used Machamp’s Submission ability and headed to a goal instead of racing at a Pokemon. You should be able to score if you finish charging before the move wears off.

Turn on Advance Controls (Tip #6)


It’s critical to match your controls to your playing style. In Pokemon Unite, this might mean turning off Automatic Basic Attacks to allow others to receive final hits, or turning off pursuit mode to prevent your Pokemon from chasing opponents while they’re out of range.

Advance Controls is the one option we suggest enabling. This will help you distinguish between your fundamental attacks in terms of button placement.

Normally, you’d use the “A” button to fight both wild Pokemon and opposing players. With Advance Controls enabled, you may use the “B” button to fight wild Pokemon and the “A” button to attack other players. That way, if you’re attempting to take down a fleeing opponent with low health, you won’t mistakenly strike an NPC.

Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to cancel special moves by pressing “B” as usual.

7th tip: Have a good time.

Pokemon Unite is a game in which players compete against one other. It does, however, have Nintendo’s beloved characters. While we realize that the drive to win battles is great, that desire should not blind people to the fact that they are all fighting adorable Pokemon; it’s difficult to be cranky when you’re racing around an arena as Pikachu.

Basically, remember to have a good time. Don’t take this (or any other game) too seriously, or you’ll spoil what might be a fun experience. Also, if you want to learn more about this game, you may go at our other Pokemon Unite tutorials.   

Pokemon are a huge part of our childhood and the games are still popular today. Pokemon Unite brings all the Pokemon games together, including the latest Pokemon Go game. If you are new to Pokemon, it is great for you to start building your own team. Here’s what we recommend you do:. Read more about pokemon unite guide and let us know what you think.

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