What is a Solvent Trap Cup?

A Solvent trap is a firearm cleaning accessory designed to catch cleaning solvent to be disposed of efficiently. A solvent trap has cups, also known as dividers, that trap products from the cleaning process. Thus, solvent trap cups are a part of the solvent trap and aid in the efficient functioning of the solvent trap. Keep on reading to understand what a solvent trap cup is, and what it does.

What is a solvent trap cup?

A solvent trap cup is a solvent trap feature used to catch the cleaning solvent. Solvent trap cups come in different forms. These include; dry storage adaptive cups, dry storage K cups, and dry storage standard cups. Mostly, these cups do not have any dimples or center markings. This is so because solvent traps are sold strictly for cleaning purposes. Thus, no recommendations for modification of the products. So how are solvent trap cups used? They are commonly used for 3 purposes: cleaning, storage, and safety.

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For cleaning purposes, solvent trap cups are inserted to allow adequate space at the muzzle size of the solvent trap for the trapped solvent to gather. During the cleaning process, solvent trap cups can be used to keep small items like screws and store cleaning supplies. The solvent trap cups can also be used to store small-like screen filters. This is done using the sealed end-cap side of the solvent trap. Filtering is done to remove debris from the cleaning solvent so that it can be reused again. When deciding on a solvent trap, dry storage k cups are a great choice. This is because of their unique base which helps in trapping solvent and transporting more than one type of solvent.


In matters of storage, solvent trap cups can be used to store prepper supplies, medications when on a hunting trip over a long weekend with friends and to store disposable earplugs. Most solvent traps are airtight when closed and sealed. This makes them conducive for storage purposes. They can keep moisture and other elements out of the cup compartments when inside the solvent trap tube. Any type of dry solvent cup can do that.

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Solvent traps are made of stronger and quite expensive grade 5 titanium and aircraft-grade aluminum. This is because when you transport firearms with solvent traps already screwed onto the barrel of your firearm or even store them in your home, you add an extra layer of safety. Similarly, if a round is accidentally discharged with a solvent trap installed, it will be very hard for the bullet to pierce through the cups.

In conclusion, solvent trap cups are an important component of a solvent trap. They ensure the maximum functioning of the solvent trap. Solvent trap cups also do great in ensuring proper firearm cleaning, storage, and safety. The recommended solvent trap cups are dry storage cups made of high-quality products such as titanium and aluminum. Thus, in your next firearm cleaning session remember to include a solvent trap kit. Visit the website to learn more.