What Type of Wood Router Will Be Best for the Wood Workshop?

Do you wish to explore your creativity in woodworking projects? If you are in carpentry, you already know that wood router and wood lathe are basically manufactured for shaping or cutting a particular wood piece, right?

A wood router is an excellent tool to meet your expectations for woodworking tasks. This power tool hollows out a wood or plastic workpiece. It is essential and well known for its versatility in a woodwork shop.

On the other hand, the lathe machine helps in different cutting or grooving. For more details about it, you can check out wood lathe reviews. However, today’s article will be focusing on the best wood router to help you make unique intricate patterns on your cabinetry tasks. Let’s have a look at that now.

Types of Wood Routers

Most commonly, there are three types of wood routers available in the market. For better understanding, all three types are described below along with suggesting the best one:


Fixed Base Routers

This type of router is suitable for amateur woodworkers as this router is quite easy to use. You can fit in it perfectly if you are using the best router table. It will ensure better performance in the process.


You can sharp edges and perform molding tasks through this machine. This type of router is perfect in making straight lines on the workpiece. Additionally, this router is lightweight and small-sized, which makes it easier to use. But unfortunately, the blade depth cannot be adjusted with a fixed router.

After setting the depth of the blade, you will have to use the same depth for each task. Hence, with this unit, you cannot gouge or over cut the workpiece. But this type of router is excellent for repeated applications.

Plunge Router

If you are an experienced or professional woodworker, then this router is applicable to you. This type of router can execute various applications inclusive of free hand jobs and template-based tasks. It is easy to operate because of the soft-start system. This system ensures a controlled and stabilized operation.


Unlike a fixed router, you can adjust the depth of the cut as per the need with this router. With the machine switched on, you can plunge the router to a perfect depth. Here, you can cut incised motives, letters, grooves, and stopped dados. This router is an ideal one if you want to create center cuts in your workpiece.

In contrast to the fixed router, a plunge router is a bit heavier because of its mechanism unit. It is undoubtedly safer to use, but it takes time for a user to operate the machine perfectly.

Combo Router Kits

Combo routers are also known as interchangeable bases. This means you can change the bases for most of the woodworking tasks. It is a combo kit because this offers both plunge and fixed base options. You can simply remove the motor from one base and fix it onto the other base.


Moreover, this router is lighter to use, and you can carry it anywhere, unlike other routers. This has only one disadvantage, and that is, you need to change bases, which may create a hassle while working frequently.

But in the meantime, this tool offers versatile functions of both a plunge and fixed routers. One of the tools can be attached to the router table while the other can be carried around.

Which One Is the Best Type?

We think you are already assuming which one could be the best for the wood workshop. Out of all three, we would recommend you to choose the combo type of the router. The reason for this type of router’s being the best choice is somewhat obvious.


Firstly, you can expand your creative woodworking ideas through this combo kit since this provides the functionality of both plunge and fixed routers. Secondly, you can enjoy the benefits of two bases without purchasing different routers.

Moreover, this combo router is applicable to every level of users. An amateur, intermediate, and also an experienced carpenter can operate this machine.

However, do not be worried about the cost of this router. It is available in the market at low prices. Lastly, you can also purchase a different styled base at a low price rather than buying a new one. Therefore you can consider it as one of the best router types since it provides all the features at a low price.

Final Words

We tried to help you to know the best type of wood router through this informative article. And the combo pack router is well suited for your wood workshop. If you have any queries, feel free to knock us.

We appreciate your time for reading this. Thank you.