What Are Stage Trusses And Their Benefits?

You might have often seen that a structure like a stage has bars to support it. However, it is not easy for about two to four bars to support the entire structure, especially if there are movements and consistent reverberations. To support the bars, there are nodes attached to them. Trusses are triangular connectors along these bars. They provide rigidity to the bars and allow them to hold heavier weights.

Common Materials That Trusses Are Made From

Trusses are often made up of lightweight metals when it comes to stages for concerts, shows, events, or movies. For other purposes like bridges and buildings, it is inconvenient to use lightweight metals every time. Iron and steel are preferred for those purposes owing to the exceptional strength they have to offer.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Even Weight

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A Stage Truss is often used over other alternatives because of the convenient manner in which it helps to absorb jerks and weight on the bars. If any portion of the bar is under greater pressure, the trusses spread it across a larger surface area. This reduces the pressure despite the weight force remaining the same.

  • Increased Support

The trusses that are used for stages not only increase the load they can bear but also help in increasing the distance till which bars can be extended. The longer the bars are, the weaker they get. Trusses help in eliminating this basic issue. Stages can therefore be more extensive. Even for the lights that are to be used, it is easier to mount them vertically as they are well supported.

  • Portability

Stage trusses are often made out of aluminum alloys. Alloys allow the entire structure to be light enough for a single man to handle it without the need for heavy machinery. At the same time, it is rigid enough. Owing to the lightweight nature of the metal, these trusses can be transported from place to place quite easily. It incurs lower tariffs to carry them around. This feature is essential in the case of bands who have shows at different venues.

  • Flexibility

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Stage trusses made out of aluminum are easy to bend. This malleability allows the stage to be made in various possible shapes. The desired dimensions can be obtained by bending them around. Bars usually do not support if bent all by themselves. But, with trusses, it is sturdier. Trusses are not only flexible in nature but also in terms of stage designs.


In the days when concerts are on the rise, lately, stage trusses offer lots of benefits to individuals and organizations. Different materials offer distinct properties. Most trusses are coated in hydrophobic chemicals and can hence withstand rain and snow. They will not rust as easily. There are many other ways of adding rigidity to the stage. Blocks of solids can be used widely, but that turns out to be unfeasible for everybody.