Level 1 Certification – Excited Students

This is a post about a new certification for people studying to become IT professionals. It has been designed to put students on a track that will allow them to obtain a Level 1 (CompTIA Security+). The goal of this certification is to help students jockey to get to a better job within the industry, … Read more

Teff Recipe & Nutrition | ‘s Encyclopedia of Food

Teff is a super-nutritious Ethiopian grain made from a grain called “teff”, which is a type of millet. Teff is extremely high in protein, and it has a high gluten content, making it a very nutritious food. Teff is gluten-free and very low in cholesterol, fat, and sodium. Teff is a tiny seed that grows … Read more

All About Nutrition & Mercury Toxicity |

Do you have a nutritional dilemma? What about about mercury toxicity? Are you curious about many of the things you’ve heard or read but aren’t sure what they mean? Does the idea of “mercury toxicity” just make you feel overwhelmed and confused? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this blog is … Read more

Coach Krista Schaus |

Coach Krista Schaus is a professional athlete, writer, and fitness coach. You may have seen her on our show, Booty Call, or you may have seen her compete on the 2018 Crossfit Games Regional competition. Coach Krista Schaus is a certified personal trainer and certified weight loss coach who specializes in helping women lose weight. … Read more