6 Benefits Of Using Microsoft For Your Business

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Microsoft is one of the leading providers of cloud computing. Their innovations in the field have already transformed it numerous times. Right now, Azure is one of the most used cloud computing platforms in the world, and for a couple of very good reasons. Let’s take a look at those reasons now.

  1. Cost-efficiency

Let’s start with one of the most obvious benefits of Azure, and that’s cost-efficiency. Azure is a great choice for many businesses because it allows you to only pay for what you use. This presents businesses with an opportunity to access resources on-demand when they really need them or not use them at all if they don’t, and what’s more important – pay for both of those scenarios accordingly.

  1. Scalability

Businesses change in size all the time. They gain new employees or let go of the old ones. Projects scale up and down. Even though those changes seem insignificant, they really are not. These ever-changing circumstances can easily affect a company’s performance, so you need to make sure you have a mighty tool on your side. Fortunately, Microsoft Azure is that mighty tool. Azure can easily adapt to any changes on a scaling basis, both automatically and manually.

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  1. Integration With Other Microsoft Tools

Most companies use Windows as their primary operating system. As such, they are most likely to use Microsoft tools in their day-to-day operations. To ensure the entire operation’s smooth sailing, companies rely on Microsoft Azure Interconnect to integrate all of their on and off-premise tools and products, like Microsoft Office 356 or SharePoint, and create a perfectly interconnected business environment.

  1. Hybrid Capabilities

Unlike other cloud computing platforms, Azure has hybrid capabilities that allow it to operate slightly different than the rest. Azure provides its users with effortless mobility and a reliable connection between on-premise and public cloud networks. In addition to that, hybrid connectivity integrated into Azure allows businesses to access virtual private networks or VPNs, caches, content delivery networks and more.

  1. Data Security

As a tech giant, Microsoft knows a thing or two about security. In the world of business, data is more valuable than money, and with Azure, you can be sure that your data will be protected at all times. Azure is arguably the most secure cloud computing network, and that can be easily proven. Not only are they the recipients of various certifications, but they’re the most common choice in high-risk industries, and that alone speaks volumes on just how secure Microsoft’s cloud computing platform is.

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  1. Adaptability

One of Azure’s biggest advantages lies in the fact that it’s the mothership to specific applications for specific industries and applications. As we mentioned earlier, Azure is often a top choice for high-risk industries like the military, health care, financial industry and so on. Due to their nature, Microsoft has adapted Azure to provide special services and features for those industries. Features like offline cloud services or specialized security needs are just some of many that Microsoft Azure offers.


Microsoft Azure is definitely one of the most useful tools in the business, and we hope to have helped you realize why.