8 Things to Look for When Buying Firewood

A fireplace or an outdoor fire pit is a great place where you can chill with your friends in the winter season and have fun. It keeps you warm in cold weather. This is why it is paramount to pay attention to the quality whenever purchasing firewood. There are certain things that one needs to look for when buying firewood. Let us have a look at these points one by one:

1. Space to store it:

Space to store it
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Prior to choosing where to purchase firewood or the amount to get, sort out where you’ll store it. You might be enticed into purchasing it in mass to get a more ideal deal and to have enough so that it can last longer, but you have to be realistic about how much of it you actually require and the space you have to keep it. You must store it in such a place where your logs are allowed to stay dry and where there is no risk of rotting.

2. Moisture content:

While consuming firewood, you must only burn logs that have very low moisture content in them. Ideally, the moisture content should be less than 20 percent to burn the logs. Consuming wet wood is awful for the environment and terrible for your apparatus because of the degrees of smoke, debris, and contaminants that it emanates.

Wet wood is priced at very low costs and if you buy it, you have to prepare it by trying to use it in your fire pit. If you have any desire to season the wood yourself, guarantee that you have space and time for at least 1 – 2 years before you really want to utilize it. It needs a dry and covered spot to stay away from the moisture.

3. Pick the best type of firewood:

Pick the best type of firewood
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Another thing that you need to keep in mind is to pick the firewood that is suitable for you. If you generally burn the logs in an outdoor fire pit, then the type of firewood doesn’t matter. However, if you burn it inside your house in some wood stove or fireplace, then you should consider purchasing dense firewood such as maple and oak. Softwood like poplar wouldn’t be beneficial for you as it burns faster and does not produce very long-lasting coals to provide you with the warmth that you desire.

If you utilize firewood for cooking food, then we would suggest you go for fruitwoods and maple because they infuse pleasant flavors in your food. You should stay away from woods like spruce and pine for producing indoor fires because they can cause chimney fires by creating creosote. Some other woods that you need to avoid include particleboard and plywood as they release toxic gases into the environment. In case you are looking for high-quality firewood at reasonable costs, consider checking out the Wood face cord.

4. The packaging:

Generally, you will find that the smaller quantities of firewood are packed in two types of packaging: plastic nets and plastic bags. You know how harmful these plastic bags are for marine life when they are not properly disposed of but did you know that it is even harmful to your wood? When the wooden logs are packed tight in the plastic bags, it will cause them to sweat and get moldy. This is not the quality of wood that you can burn in the fireplace.

5. A small and less intense fire:

A small and less intense fire
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Softwoods are a great choice if you are thinking of getting a quick burn fire. A study has been conducted on the topic called which type of firewood creates more creosote in the chimney and it has been found that softwood burns in a cleaner manner than hardwood. It does not produce as much heat as hardwood and therefore, it is suitable for the regions that require small and less intense fire to get warmth.

6. Pleasant aroma:

If you have any desire to consume logs that produce a lovely fragrance, there are a few you can browse. Applewood, cherry, pear, and other organic product trees produce fruity, fragile aromas. For a sharp fragrance, juniper and cedar are great. An exceptionally rich fragrance is created by white oak, and black walnut has a pleasingly nutty smell. Fir, tidy, and pine can fill your home with the smell of a Christmas tree, yet these logs contain a ton of tar, which creates a creosote in your chimney.

7. Do not use poor quality kindling:

Do not use poor quality kindling
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No matter how dry your firewood is, it will require a few decent firelighters and exceptionally dry and good quality kindling in order to burn it appropriately. Kindly don’t burn through cash on great quality wood and afterward attempt to light it with paper and a few twigs you found in the nursery. We favor natural firelighters which are produced using wood fleece dunked in paraffin wax. They are not only good for the environment but also so much pleasure to light your flame with.

8. Look for a vendor in the off-season:

Many individuals hold on to purchasing their firewood just before they mean to utilize it. Nonetheless, making your buy during the off-season of the year like Summer will allow your wood an opportunity to dry out and make it easier to burn. Contingent upon the seller, buying early may even prompt lower costs since business is not at its peak during the off-season.

To Sum Up

There are various types of firewoods available in the market. But you have to be very careful while choosing the right ones for you. The major factor that decides which type of wood is best for you is whether you want to burn it in the outdoor pit fire or inside your home in a wood stove or fireplace. Check out the above points to understand all things you need to know before purchasing suitable firewood to get desirable warmth in the cold season.