3 Things You Should Look for When Buying a Projector Screen – 2024 Guide

Depending on the project you planned, whether you need it for educational purposes, or you need it for setting up a place in your home for watching movies, you will need a good projector screen for it. If you thought that you can use the maximum benefits and display everything on the wall, that is not it. Getting a projector and a projector screen should go parallelly because they complement each other and you should choose them to suit your conditions the best.

There are many different options that you can choose from, and with that, many places where you can screw some things up. Whether you get a screen that I smaller than you had expected, or it does not reflect the image good enough. To avoid problems like these, we have made this article to help you with some things to look for when buying portable projector screens because before you go out to purchase something, you have to know what are you looking for specifically.

1. How big do you want your projector screen to be

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This is maybe the most important thing, so you might have to measure this first. Having a screen that is too big, and displaying something using all of it, will make you uncomfortable because there is a ratio that considers the distance where you will be sitting and the size of the image that you should see. Make sure that you don’t go too big, or too small as well because your experience afterward is what is most important.

You can do this by calculating the distance, and also having the projector bought beforehand so you can place it somewhere where you have planned, and see how big the image is, measure that, and go with those dimensions to the store.

If you don’t measure anything, and purchase it using your eyes only, you can get a projector screen that is too small for your situation, and the image can go past the edges leaving you with an uneven display.

2. The dimensions of the projectors screen are important as well

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This is highly dependent on what you plan on using your pull up projector screen for. If you plan on using it strictly for watching your favorite movies and nothing else, you should get the wider screens because that is how they display it in the theater. In case you plan on using it instead of a tv, and plan on watching anything on it, starting from videos on the internet, watching your favorite team play, playing your favorite games and etc., you should get the standard ratio so you can enjoy everything that you do while using it.

3. What is the screen made of

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Thirdly, and as much important as the previous ones, you should understand what material you want your screen to be made of. You should consider the color and the reflectivity of the material. For example, to go with a secure option, you should use a white screen that has no shine on it. That way it will transfer the image that is sent from the projector to you in the best quality so you can enjoy your time watching your favorite things.