Cool Things to Make with a Wood Router – 22 Creative DIY Ideas

A wood router is considered as the first choice among woodworkers due to its flexibility of use. Along with that, it has multiple advantages, which make it the first pick in various DIY and other large projects.

You can create creative things you can do with a router like patterns and even flawless edges that will be an eye smoothening experience for everyone. If you like creating stuff made from wood using your imagination, you just came to the right place.

Following the article, you will find out various cool things that you can make by using this marvelous equipment. Check all of it because every one serves a different purpose, and you will need a unique approach to get your job done for each project. So, the kind of experience that you have will also play a critical role.

Cool Things to Make with a Wood Router – Easy DIY

Before you dive into this article, make sure that you have a moisture meter in your possession. This modern equipment will help you out in picking the perfect wood that will give you the kind of outcome that you have envisioned in the first place. Without further ado, let’s get started.


things you can do with a router

To make the cabinet, you will require some expertise and extra effort, as this one is not that easy as it looks. After you are finished with the cabinet, you will be able to put all of your necessary kitchen stuff onto it without hesitation. This will turn out as an added benefit to your kitchen.

Desk Organizer

cool things to do with a router

You can make this one for yourself and also for your kids. You should check the images of it from the website and decide which one you should go for. With the organizer in hand, you can put your pencil, pens, and small notebooks, etc. With the additional colors and design, your kids will love it for sure.

Wooden Frame

You will be able to make wooden frames with different designs using the router. The task is very easy if you know how to make designs in wood using a router. Besides, the frame will look very attractive as a mirror or even a photo frame.


This whole package will increase the beauty and class of your home. You never know, you might even get some compliments from friends and family members because of your masterpiece.

TV Stand

­TV stands come with different designs, and the majority of them are made with metals. You can make an exception by building a wooden one with the router.


Make sure the size is more than enough to safely put your TV on the place. Also, apply some creativity to enhance the decoration of your room. If you can complete it successfully, you will surely get positive reviews from the guests and others.

Wine Rack

This cool stuff is very easy to make with the router and will look very attractive in your kitchen. If you are having a hard time finding a way to hang your beloved wine bottles safely, a wood router will be the ultimate equipment to fulfill your criteria.

You will be able to adjust it to the kind of height that your kids won’t be able to come in contact with easily.

Cutting Board

This board is very famous among woodworkers due to its high demand. If you watch some cooking videos or look into the internet, you will see this kitchen tool in every place.

The board can be designed in different ways, and with its beauty and strength, you can chop your favorite fruits or vegetables without damaging your table.

Box Drawer

This one is very handy because of its size. You can make it big or small according to the kind of space that you are going to provide in your kitchen. This drawer is highly beneficial in storing your knife and other sharp objects. With this feature, you and the kids will be safe from getting injured.

Name Texture


This task requires your creativity and expertise. You can create your name or some quotations that you can fit into your room or entrance. Every time you get to look at this, your mind will be filled with happiness.


This one is very stylish and classy if you can make it precisely along with a unique design. You can put all of your cups in a single spot safely, and with the strength of the board, you can easily carry it from one place to the other.

Corner Stand

Corner stand is unique and will look very different than normal in your kitchen. You should make it in a circular form so that it can easily fit in any corner.


The main advantage of it is that if you are cooking and some of the food gets spilled out of the blue, the stand will shield the shelves from getting stained. You can also put stuff on it to save some additional space for other purposes.



The stool can be used for multiple purposes. You can use it to pile up your books, or you can even put your showpiece to highlight it. If you are up for making a seating arrangement for a single person, you can also do that.


You might have seen plastic trays, but how would you feel if you can make a wooden tray with the router? The feeling will be heavenly for sure.


With a minimum budget, you can create this beautiful tool that you can use as serving foods. If you store it in your kitchen, you will notice the change of beauty in that room.

Clay Pots

If you are the kind of person that loves gardening, then clay pots will surely ease your work. You can align all the beautiful flowers with this pot, and you can even hang it if you can attach a hook onto it.

Toy Car/Boat

Your kids will be very excited if you gift them with the DIY toy car or boat made with the wood router.


They can easily play without breaking it into pieces, and it is highly predictable that you will win their heart for your creative ideas about these toys. Not only that, you can use it as a showpiece to brighten up the beauty of your home.


Suppose your kid has an upcoming birthday, and you are planning to gift different stuff, a homemade dollhouse will top it off. With careful accuracy and patience, the birthday gift will be a thing that your kid will never forget. The house will be a perfect place to store most of the toys and other playful stuff.

Finger Rings

This kind of wooden ring is unique and rare, and if you can make one, you will be the center of attention among various people. It will look beautiful on your finger, and the good thing is that it will be durable and sustainable. You won’t have to think about any kind of rust issues. Cheers!


What a nice way to make a baby crib with the help of a wood router, right? If you can make it successfully, you don’t need to go to the baby shop and spend money. You can even customize it to level the beauty of the room.


Making a bench is a challenging and tough project. So, you should be mentally prepared for it. It is a very clever approach that you use the best router table for the money.

With this table, you can safely use the router from different angles without letting it slide out from your hand. Wooden bench suits best in the garden area. With the vitality and freshness of nature, you can sit back and relax without dwelling on any kind of stress.

Painting Board

Making a painting board is a masterpiece, and painting on it is another one. Both of them are considered as a perfect combination that can lighten up your mood and lift your spirit.


You can paint unique designs or even hire a painter to make one. With this beautiful thing in your hand, you can use it to decorate your room or the garden area.

Shoe Rack


Wooden shoe rack looks very beautiful if you can store it in a perfect spot. You can put your shoes and other footwear’s all in a single place. With proper knowledge and skill, you can customize it according to your wish.

Coin Banks

Coin banks can be made very easily if you have all the necessary equipment along with the wood router. If you have spare coins that you prefer to save for future purposes, this wooden bank will come in handy.



As a DIY project worker, you will need tools that you can easily carry from one place to another. It gets tough if you don’t have a box that carries all of it securely. In this situation, a toolbox will be your savior. The portability and lightweight will make your work a relaxing one.


These are all the cool stuff that is very famous worldwide, and you should check all of them so that you can pick the best one that will suit your needs. Try to find a good wood router that will assist you in making the wooden things that are mentioned above.

Always take some precautions like wearing safety gear before you start the work. Have a good day.