What’s the Difference Between Laser Projector and Normal Projector

In the past, lamp projectors have had a very wide application for various purposes, and their popularity is still not waning. They can be found in a large number of companies where they enable successful meetings and presentations, as well as in schools and other institutions. However, in recent years the popularity of laser projectors has been growing. More and more manufacturers are now focusing heavily on producing this type of projector, so people are starting to get curious. Is it really worth investing in laser projectors, or are those with lamps enough? What is the difference between these two types of projectors? You can find out below.

1. They provide different range of colors

Source: theverge.com

The first and main difference between laser and ‘normal’ projectors is that they provide a completely different range of colors. Laser projectors provide a much wider range of colors and greater contrast between them, which eventually leads to a much better visual effect. If this factor is very important to you, we suggest you choose the optimal 3D Laser Show Projector that will provide a very impressive color palette and amazing videos.

But in case this ability is not crucial to you and you are not ready to set aside a larger amount of money for it, then a lamp projector will be quite sufficient for your needs. Think about what the final purpose of using the projector will be and how important color sharpness is to you, and then make the final decision.

2. Each type is suitable for different levels of brightness in the room

Depending on how bright the room you are using the projector is in, different types will suit your needs. If your goal is to use the projector for presentations in smaller halls at work, then a normal lamp projector will suffice. It provides a lower level of illumination, but it is quite sufficient for darker rooms intended for presentations and meetings. However, if you need a higher degree of brightness of the projector (up to 20,000 lumens), you will want to invest in a laser projector that will provide it. A 3D Laser Show Projector will be a better option for large conference rooms that are very bright, so you need to achieve greater contrast in order to see the image perfectly on the projector.

3. Their lifespan differs significantly

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One of the obvious and significant differences between a laser and a lamp projector is their lifespan. Laser projectors can usually work uninterrupted for up to 20,000 hours, while their lamp analogues have almost 10 times shorter lifespan. And of course, there is the issue of practicality, because with a lamp projector you have to constantly change the lamps in order to keep it going. A good question you can ask yourself here is how often and for how long will I use the projector. If you plan to use the projector frequently and for a long time, then we advise you to opt for a laser one, as it will provide you with many more benefits in this regard.


Lamp projectors were a great choice in the past, but today on the market you can find their laser analogues, which offer a completely different set of benefits. Think about what features you expect the selected projector to have and accordingly decide which type best suits your needs.