What Type of Clothes Do Skateboarders Wear?

Skateboarders look cool: there’s no way in denying that! Even though their clothing style has been around for some time, it always seems to be trendy. If you’re someone who’s getting into skateboarding, and you really like the fashion surrounding it, you’ve come to the right place!

Here we’ll talk about the types of clothes most skateboarders wear to help you find the perfect outfit when you hit the rink for the first time.

So, without any further ado, let’s get right to the bottom of it!

1. Skateboarders are all about practicality

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Baggy jeans, oversized graphic tees, and lightweight jackets aren’t just stylish – they provide comfort and allow for unrestricted movement, which is exactly what skateboarders need to perform their moves flawlessly.

The number one rule of dressing like a skateboarder is to choose comfort above all. The laidbackness of the style is probably what made it so popular in the first place, so there’s really no need to worry! Just choose what feels the most comfortable for you (but resembles what you’ve seen other skaters wear), and you’ll certainly fit in just fine.

Now, we’re not saying you can’t dress like a skater if you’re not actually skating – most skaters wouldn’t really care. Sure, a couple of gatekeepers may call you a poser here and there, but they don’t own the style. If you like it, nothing should stop you from wearing it!

2. They keep it casual

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You won’t see a skateboarder all dressed up in a formal wardrobe – it’s simply not their style. Their entire aesthetic revolves around „not caring“, which means you don’t really have to follow the conventional „rules“ of fashion. As long as it makes you feel like you own the place, you’re on the right track!

Again, there’s no need to think about it too much. Every skater has their unique personal style, hence the coolness of it all. Nobody is going to judge you for being dressed however you’re dressed once you get to the skate park, so feel free to experiment, especially if you’re a newbie skater. You need to feel comfortable in those clothes to be able to learn all of those complex skate tricks and moves, so dress like it!

We advise you to simply look at other skaters for inspo, especially if you’re new to the game. All it will take is a singular shopping spree for you to blend in perfectly (and even if you don’t, who cares)!

3. They wear skate brands

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The easiest way to dress like a skateboarder is to shop with streetwear brands that design their clothing lines according to the needs of professional skaters. Places like Gstreet have tons of these items ready, so you won’t be able to make a „mistake“. Everything you purchase in places like that will be in the skater style, in this way or another.

If you’re interested in learning more about skater brands, we advise you to simply do some quick google research. The most famous ones include Santa Cruz, Braindead, Dime, Supreme, Vans, and many others you’ve probably already heard about (or even wore).

If you’re buying your clothes for your skating needs and not just for fashion, we advise you to choose the brands carefully. The clothes you wear will impact your skating skills in more ways than you think. Make sure you find comfortable skating shoes and breathable clothing for the best possible results.

4. Wallet chains are quite popular among skaters

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Wallet chains aren’t for everyone – but they can be a practical (yet stylish) addition to your skater look. They’ve been extremely popular in the ’90s, but have since made a small comeback among the skateboarder crowd. As we’ve mentioned, they’re very practical for keeping your stuff secure while you skate. Again, they’re not something everyone can pull off or feel comfortable wearing, but as long as you combine it well, it can do wonders for your outfit.

We advise you to look for inspo online to see how these would fit your personal style. You can also find them in all kinds of sizes and colors, so keep on looking until you’ve found something that suits you the best.

5. There are many skateboarder styles you can choose from

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Even though skater style is quite recognizable, it’s not a one-size-fits-all by any means. There are punk skaters, hip-hop-inspired skater styles, even hesh/rasta skaters out there! They all dress casually and comfortably (and they all look cool), so look them all up to find what you like the best.

For example, punk skateboarder style is defined by unconventional accessorizing, bold colors, and wild hairstyles. Hip-hop skaters usually wear 2000’s inspired clothing such as oversized jeans, hoodies, and t-shirts, while rasta skaters dress like they truly don’t care about anything.

6. Baggy clothing is the norm, but it’s not the only way to rock the skater look

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As we’ve already mentioned before, baggy and oversized clothing is preferred by most skateboarders as it allows for free movement and comfort. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t look like a skater wearing fitted jeans or tight t-shirts. As long as you shop with the right brands, you won’t have any issues looking like a true skateboarder.

As you can see, there’s a way to incorporate your daily personal style into your skateboarder look. Their aesthetics are quite versatile and allow a lot of room for experimentation. The skate park is a no-judging zone – as long as you feel comfortable in it, your clothing is perfectly fine!

The bottom line

Overall, dressing like a skateboarder is not rocket science – it’s all about casual vibes, comfortable clothing, and streetwear. If you’re not sure where to start, look around for inspiration and remember: the right shoes are half the job done! Besides, don’t be afraid to experiment and try different brands until you’ve found what feels most comfortable to you.

We hope our article helped you understand the skateboarder style a bit more and we wish you the best of luck in all of your future endeavors.