5 Tips on How To Find The Best Citizenship By Investment Solution


In order to obtain second citizenship and passport quickly, easily, and safely, citizenship by investment is the best process. With this citizenship, you will become the economic citizen of that country and share the same freedoms as a born citizen.

In addition, you will receive a second passport by investment which lets you travel across the world and retain a double identity. The citizenship by investment programs will enable individuals to attain housing or citizenship of a specific country as a result of generating qualifying investments.

Why Citizenship By Investment Is The Best Solution

Here are four essential standards which will make it easy for you to understand why citizenship by investment solution is the best.

1. There Is A Quick Timeline To Citizenship

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There are alternative methods to become a citizen that is less expensive than citizenship by investment. However, they will take more time and effort from your end. The speed with which citizenship by investment can be obtained is a primary plus point.

You can anticipate obtaining your new citizenship and a second passport in nearly six months after submitting the application and making the investment. Currently, you can get citizenship by investment within months in almost all countries. However, in order to acquire a second passport by investment from Malta, it might need more than 12 months.

2. The Passport Is Commercialized

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Due to the fact that several citizenships by investment programs are commercialized, it is possible for anyone to become an economic citizen, regardless of their race, country, religion, or language.

It does not matter whether you are from India, Australia, Canada, or another country, you can obtain a Dominica passport for the same price. In addition, they will approve everyone the same as long as they meet the rightful persistence.

The main disparity is that due diligence on some specific country’s citizens may take one or two weeks longer than the applicant from the other countries. Aside from that, no one does not seem to mind where you are from. Citizenship by investment is simple: You will receive the passport by making an investment.

3. The Application Procedure Is Organized

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A clear structure will be present in any citizenship by investment program. It indicates that fixed investment payments and a precise path to citizenship are necessary. Any country that gives an uncertain way to a second passport comes under a different category.

Citizenship by investment programs will have a well-organized and streamlined procedure. Several governments will attempt to improve the agreement by removing some strict standards. For example, the necessity to move to or live in that country, learn the local language, pay tariffs, or meet virtually any other norms that ordinary citizenship applicants must fulfill. All you have to do is follow the government’s procedures, and you will be accepted.

4. Citizenship Program Is 100% Legal

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It may sound self-evident, but there are numerous economic passport frauds out there. Make sure not to believe people who claim to give you a passport in exchange for money. Genuine citizenship by investment program will be established in the country’s legislation or noted apparently in its laws.

Finding The Best Citizenship By Investment Solution

Here are some factors which will help you find the best citizenship by investment solutions:

1. Objectives

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There might be several reasons why people want to have a second passport. Some individuals think of it as a way to travel to other countries without visas, while others get citizenship for business openings. Similar to that, there could be various reasons, so make sure to think about why you want to get a second passport.

2. Total Duration To Secure Citizenship

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As we have mentioned before, countries have different processing times for giving you citizenship by investment. If you want to acquire a second passport immediately, you have to choose citizenship by investment programs that have less processing time.

3. Eligible Standards

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Another factor that helps you choose the best citizenship by investment program is the eligibility criteria. For example, many individuals would like to obtain a second passport with limited and less strict restrictions.

4. Extension Of Citizenship To Immediate Family

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There is some citizenship by investment programs that also give second passports to your spouse and children. Meanwhile, a few other investment programs will offer to only adults and your parents. In addition to that, there are a few citizenships by investment programs that will automatically give citizenship to your future generations, for example, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and more.

5. Choice For Visa-free Entry

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Obtaining visa-free access is quite beneficial if you have plans of expanding your business in other countries. Hence, before choosing any citizenship by investment programs, it is better to consider whether it allows visa-free entry or not.

Best Citizenship By Investment Solutions

Here are some of the best citizenship by investment programs currently available:

  • Antigua and Barbuda: You can get citizenship with a donation of $100,000 in 3 months
  • St Kitts and Nevis: You can get citizenship with a donation of $150,000 in 3 months
  • Vanuatu: You can get citizenship with a donation of $130,000 in 2 months
  • Grenada: You can get citizenship with a donation of $150,000 in 3 months
  • United States: You can obtain residency in 12 months by the business investment of $900,000
  • Malta: You can get citizenship with a donation of €750,000 in 12 months
  • Spain: You can get residency in 3 months by real estate investment of €500,000 in 3 Source: months
  • Egypt: You can get citizenship with a real estate investment of $250,000 in 3 months
  • Cyprus: You can obtain residency with a real estate investment of €300,000 in 3 months

Bottom Line

We can conclude that citizenship by investment programs is actually the easiest and fastest way to earn a second passport. We have incorporated the essential factors to determine the best citizenship by investment solution. Keep in mind to meet all the required criteria before applying for a second passport in any country.